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Peace pole

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Peace pole near Hiroshima, Japan. The Japanese text is arranged vertically in the traditional Masahisa Goi's handwriting.

A peace pole is a monument that displays the message "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in the language of the country where it has been placed, and usually 3 to 13 additional translations. The message often is referred to as a peace prayer.

The idea of peace poles was first thought up by Masahisa Goi in 1955 in Japan. The peace pole project today is promoted by The World Peace Prayer Society as well as other groups and individuals. The first peace poles outside Japan were constructed in 1983.[1] Since then, more than 200,000 have been placed around the world in close to 200 countries.[1]

Peace poles are made of many materials; most are made of wood, while others are made of limestone, copper, plastic or stainless steel. The text might be painted, carved, etched, welded, pasted, or riveted on, or it might simply be a plastic plaque attached with screws. In other cases, it is the careful work of an artist or sculptor.

Sometimes the word prayer is avoided so that peace poles are not regarded as religious objects therefore violating zoning restrictions. For example, a Quaker group in New York City ran into this problem year after year, and did not get permission to plant a peace pole in a park.[citation needed] Some manufacturers refer to the wording as a Peace Message for this reason.[2]

Peace poles have been placed in such notable locations as the north magnetic pole, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, the site of the Egyptian pyramids in Giza, and the Aiki Shrine in Iwama, Japan.[3] Peace poles are commonly installed at high-profile public gathering places, such as community parks or near the entrances of churches or schools. In one case, a garden, created for a wedding, was designed around the peace pole that was its centerpiece. The Republic of Molossia, a micronation, has a peace pole in eight languages.[4] The University of California, Los Angeles has a limestone peace pole with 14 languages directly in front of Kerckhoff Hall.

The initial inspiration for planting a peace pole often is as a response to a local historic hate crime, incident or issue. The world's second-largest peace pole, at 52 feet (16 m),[5] is located in Janesville, Wisconsin, at the site of a 1992 KKK rally (Saturday, May 30).[6][7][8] Another of the largest peace poles in the world, as measured in tons, is the granite peace pole[9] in Beech Acres Park[10] near Cincinnati, Ohio, inspired by hate literature left in the driveways of Jewish residents.

In September 2016, the World Peace Prayer Society and the Little Free Library project announced a collaboration to offer a new peace pole library structure. It features the standard peace pole message of peace – "May Peace Prevail on Earth" – in a six-foot library. Some of these new libraries were installed at locations significant to the civil rights movement, such as the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.[11][12]

A former grain elevator in Minneapolis is painted as a gigantic peace pole

The message in each language


The multilingual inscription of a peace pole constitutes a parallel text with top-to-bottom sentences. Each one is usually shown:

  • rotated clockwise in languages using LTR scripts (English, Latin, ...)
  • rotated counterclockwise in languages using RTL scripts (Arabic, Hebrew, ...)
  • arranged vertically in languages using East Asian scripts (Japanese, Chinese, ...)

They can be set in different case styles (sentence case, title case all caps, small caps), even on a single pole.

Language Inscription (description)
Afrikaans Mag Vrede Seëvier Op Aarde
Albanian Paqe mbretëroftë në botë[13][14]
Algonquin Quenohteau Ohke woh aquené omskauau[13]
Amharic ሰላም በሞላ ዓለም ይስፈን።[14]
Anishinaabe Gidaa Awiibaa Mashkawisi Dakiiminan
Arabic السلام للعالم أجمع[13][14]
Armenian խաղաղություն ամբողջ աշխարի մարդկությանը։[14]
Aymara Aka uraqinxa suma jakaña utjpa[14]
Chukiago marca sumalaca ken sisiñani
Azerbaijani (Latin) Yašasın sülh bütün dünyada[15][13][16]
Bafut Àyǝʼǝtɨ anɨ mǝ tá mbɔɔnǝ kwɛrɨ nsɨe ntsɨm
Bambara Nyesuma ka ladamu dukukolo kokan[14]
Belarusian Няхай будзе мір чалавецтву ва ўсім свеце[14]
Bengali বিশ্বে শান্তি বিরাজ করুক ।[14]
Bislama Bambae pis i stap long wol[13][14]
Bulgarian Нека пребъде мира по света.[14]
Burmese ကမ္ဘာ့လူသားများငြိမ်းချမ်း၇း၇၇ှိပါစေ ။[14]
Cambodian សូមឲ្យពិភពលោកបានសន្តិភាព ។[14]
Cape Verdean / Kabuverdianu Pa pas ka kaba na mundu[14]
Catalan / Valencian Que la Pau Prevalgui a la Terra
Que la pau prevalgui a la terra[14]
Cherokee ᎡᎶᎯᏃ ᏙᎯᏱ ᎨᏎᏍᏗ[13][17]
Chichewa / Nyanja Mtendere ukhale pa dziko la pansi[13]
Mtendere ukhale padziko la pansi[14]
Chinese ?[13]
Chinese (Traditional) 我們祈願世界人類的和平[21]
Chinese, Mandarin 我们祝愿世界人类的和平[15][22][14][16][21][13][17]
Chinese, Mandarin (Latin)? keyi xia gan wu shi le zai diqiu shang
Comorian Amani oharimwa ye duniya kamili[14]
Creole (Haitian) Pou lapè simaye dan lemond antye[14]
Creole (Seychellois) Ki lape i rennyen dan lemonn[14]
Croatian Neka mir zavlada na zemlji
Czech Ať mír vždy vládne na Zemi[14]
Dakota Makasitomniya wodakota ni[13]
Makȟasitoniya wodakȟota ni[13]
Danish Må fred herske på jorden[13][14]
Dari / Afghan Persian برقرار باد صلح در جهان[14]
Divehi / Dhivehi / Maldivian ދުނިޔޭގައި އަމާންކަން ދަމަހައްޓަވާދޭވެ.[14]
Douala / Duala Ese̱le̱ musango mu be̱ O wase[13]
Dutch / Flemish Moge vrede heersen op aarde[13][14]
Dzongkha འཛམ་གླིང་འདི་ནང་ལུ་ བདེ་སྐྱིད་ཕུན་གསུམ་ཚོགས་ཅུ་ཚིག།[14]
English May Peace Prevail On Earth[13][17] (title case)
May peace prevail on earth[15][14] (sentence case)
May peace prevail on earth (small caps)
Esperanto PACO REGU SUR LA TERO[13][17]
Paco regu sur la tero
Estonian Olgu maailmas rahu[14]
Filipino / Pilipino Sana'y Manatili ang Kapayapáan sa Mundo[13]
Kapayapaan sa mundo[13] (shorter)
Finnish Vallitkoon Rauha Maailmassa
French Puisse la Paix régner dans le Monde
Puisse la paix régner dans le monde[13][14]
Paix sur la terre![24] (abbr.)
Galician Que a paz prevaleza na Terra[14]
Georgian დაე იყოს მშვიდობა მთელ მსოფლიოში[14]
German Möge Friede auf Erden sein[13][17][14]
Friede auf Erden![25] (abbr.)
Greek Εύχομαι να Επικρατήσει η Ειρήνη στον Κόσμο
Εύχομαι να επικρατήσει η ειρήνη στον κόσμο[13][14]
Guarani Toiko Py'aguapy Tenondete Ko Arapy Rehe
Toiko py'aguapy tenondete ko arapy rehe[14]
Hausa Zaman lafiya ta tabbata a duniya[14]
Hawaiian E Ho'omaluhia Me Ka Honua[13]
Hebrew ישרה שלום עלי אדמות[15][13][14]
Hmong Kom kev thaj yeeb mauj rau ntiaj teb no[13]
Hopi Tuwa kwatsi es looma eyesni[13]
Hungarian Legyen béke a földön[13][14]
Icelandic Megi friður ríkja á jörð[13][14]
Igbo Ka udo diri n'uwa[14]
Ikiribati Ke e teimatoa te rau i aonnaba[14]
Indonesian Semoga damai di dunia[13][14]
Irish (Gaelic) Go raibh síocháin ar domhain[13][14]
Italian Che la pace regni sulla terra[13][17][14]
Japanese 世界人類が平和でありますように[13][14] (as Masahisa Goi's handwritting)
Kazakh Адамзатқа бүткіл дүниеде бейбітшілік болсын[14]
Kikongo Nbota luvuvamo luakala mu nsy ya wonssono[13]
Kikuyu Thayú v́iyv́re thiine wa thi yothe[13]
Kituba Ngemba kuvanda na n'toto[14]
Klingon tera'Daq taHjaj roj[26]
Korean 세계인류의 평화가 이룩되도록[15][13][14][16][21]
Kurdish (Iraq) ئاشتی بوهه موو جیهان[14]
Kyrgyz Дүйнөдө тынчтык болсун[14]
Lakota Makasitomniya wolakota ni[13]
Makȟasitoniya wolakȟota ni[13]
Unci Maka akan wolakota unkagapi kte[13]
Lao ຂໍໃຫ້ສັນຕິພາບຈົ່ງມີຢູ່ໃນໂລກ[14]
Latin Regnet Pax Omnem Per Terram[13]
Pax in orbem praevaleat[13]
Et in terra pax hominibus[21]
Latvian Lai būtu miers pasaulē[14]
Lingala Kimia ezala na mokili[14]
Lithuanian Tebūna pasaulyje taika[13]
Luxebourgish Fridden op de Äerd[13]
Fridden mat allen Mënschen op der Welt[13]
Macedonian Нека мирот завладее на земјата[14]
Malay Semoga damai di dunia[13][14]
Malagasy Enga anie hanjaka eran'izao tontolo izao ny fandriampahalemana[14]
Malayalam ഭൂമിയിൽ സമാധാനം നിലനിൽക്കട്ടെ
Maltese Jalla l-paċi ssaltan fid-dinja[14]
Maori He maungārongo ki runga i te whenua[13][14]
Kia tau te rangimarie kei te whenua
Mapudungún Ti anülen ta doyürpupe mapu mew
Marshallese Ainemon en bed ion lol in[14]
Romanian, Moldovan Fie pace pe Pământ[14]
Mongolian ?[14]
Mongolian (Cyrillic) Даян дэлхий энх амгалан байг[14]
Mungaka Mboni Ma Cie[13]
Nauruan Enim mek iow eat eb[14]
Navajo Nahasdzáán bikáaʼgi tʼáá ałtsogóó hózhǫ́ǫ dooleeł
Nepali विश्वमा शान्ति फैलिरहोस ।[14]
Norwegian Måtte det være fred på jorden[13]
Noongar Coer nagal nyjininyj Ngulla Boodja
Mah Noh Tah Bison Tam Got-e-mah Ahkeeng Kognik
Palauan A budech bol mesisiich era belulachad[14]
Pashto تل دی وی سوله په نړۍ کښی[14]
Persian برقرار باد صلح در سراسر جهان[14]
Pidgin Pis mas istap long wol[14]
Polish Niech będzie pokój na Ziemi[14]
Niech ludzkość świata żyje w pokoju[13]
Pokoj na ziemi![28] (abbr.)
Portuguese Que a Paz Prevaleça na Terra
Que a Paz Prevaleça no Mundo
Que a paz prevaleça no mundo[13][14]
Potawatomi Nojma jag gégo gdokmeshen edjedéyag[13]
Quechua Kusi Kausay Kachun Kay Pachapi
Quechua (Bolivia) Kay pachapi allin kawsay kachun[14]
Quechua (Peru) Tiqsimuyupi allin kawsay kachun[14]
Romansch Possia la pasch reger en il mund[14]
Russian Да будет мир человечеству во всём мире[13][17][14]
Да будет мир на земле![13] (shorter)
Kinyarwanda Amahoro n'aganze kw'isi hose[13][14]
Kirundi Amahoro yosasagara mw'isi yose[14]
Samoan la malo pea le filemu i le lalolagi[13][14]
Sangho Siriri a douti na ndo ti sesse[14]
Sanskrit पृथिव्यां शांति अस्तु
Scottish Gaelic Gum buadhaich sìth anns gach ceàrn dhe 'n t-saoghal[13]
Seminole Hee-łom cho-bee po-baa-nom[13]
Seneca Ja-wë-on Tha-yö-jeoK Yoë-dza-geh[13]
Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/Macedonian (Cyrillic) Нека мир завлада на земљи[14]
Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/Macedonian (Latin) Neka mir zavlada na zemlji[14]
Sesotho Khotso e be teng lefatšeng[14]
Setswana A kagiso e nne teng mo lefatsheng[14]
Shona Runyararo ngaruveko pasi rose[14][16]
Northern Ndebele Ukuthula kube semhlabeni[14][16]
Sinhalese රී ලංකාවේ සාමය පවතීවා[14]
Sioux Wo' wa'hwa la ma'ka a'kan u'num'we[13]
siSwati Kuthula akube semhlabeni[14]
Slovak Nech pokoj vždy vládne na Zemi[14]
Slovene Naj mir zavlada svetu[14]
Somali Dunidu nabad ha ku waarto[13][14]
Spanish Que la Paz Prevalezca En La Tierra[17]
Que la paz prevalezca en la tierra[15][13][14]
Swahili Amani na iwepo duniani[13][14]
Swedish Må fred råda på jorden[13][14]
Tagalog Sana'y manatili ang kapayapáan sa daigdig[13]
Sana'y manatili ang kapayapaan sa daigdig[14]
Kapayapaan ay maghari sa daigdig[13] (shorter)
Kapayapaan sa mundo[13] (shorter, with Spanish loanwords)
Tajik Барқарор бод сулҳ дар ҷаҳон[14]
Tamil உலகில் அமைதி நிலவட்டும் [14]
Tetum Dame ba mundu tomak[14]
Thai ขอให้สันติภาพจงมาสู่โลก[14]
Tigrinya ሰላም አብ ምልእቲ ዓለም ትስፈን።[14]
Tongan Fakatauange ke toka 'a e melino 'i mamani kotoa[14]
Tshiluba Bupole buikale pa buloba[14]
Turkish Dünyada barış daim olsun[13][14]
Yurtta Bariş Dünyada Bariş[13] (motto of Turkey; 'peace at home, peace in the world')
Turkmen Дүнйәде парахатчылык болсун[14]
Tuscororan Rih Wharaku Ahske-ne Ticunuwehne[13]
Tuvaluan Ke tumau te filemu ite lalolagi[13][14]
Twi Asomdwoe nka wiasefo[14]
Ukrainian Хай буде мир людству у всьому світі[14]
Urdu دنیا میں امن قائم رہے[14]
Uzbek Dunyoda tinchlik bo'lsin[14]
Vietnamese Nguyện xin hòa bình đến với toàn thể nhân loại trên thế giới[13]
Cầu chúc hòa bình cho toàn nhân loại trên thế giới[14]
Cầu hoà bình cho toàn nhân loai tren thế giới
Welsh Mai Dangnefedd Prevail acha Briddo
Tangnefedd ar y ddaear[13]
Wolof Na jàmm yàgg ci aduna[14]
Yoruba Alàáfíà fún gbogbo àgbáyé[14]
Yugambeh Duraiangah baugull gulli jagundah[29]
(Language labels) [English, French, ...][30]
Music (score)

\header {
  title = "Let There Be Peace on Earth" % = piece
  \relative c' {
     \set Staff.midiInstrument = #"tubular bells"
    % \override Score.SpacingSpanner.strict-note-spacing = ##t % spacing not influenced by bars
    % \override Score.SpacingSpanner.uniform-stretching = ##t
    \set Score.proportionalNotationDuration = #(ly:make-moment 1/3) % proportional notation
    % \override Score.SpacingSpanner.base-shortest-duration = #(ly:make-moment 1/8) % shortest duration (default=1/8)
    \time 3/4
    \once \set Score.proportionalNotationDuration = #(ly:make-moment 1/2)
    c2 b4
    c2 d4
    e2 f4
    \once \set Score.proportionalNotationDuration = #(ly:make-moment 1/8)
    g4 c,4 a'4
    g2 c,4
    % \once \set Score.proportionalNotationDuration = #(ly:make-moment 1/3)
    \once \set Score.proportionalNotationDuration = #(ly:make-moment 1/2)
    d2 r4
  \addlyrics {
    \override LyricText.font-family = #'sans
    \override LyricText.font-shape = #'italic
    % \override LyricText.font-size = #-4
    Let | there be | peace on | earth and
    let it be -- | gin with | me. __

from "Let There Be Peace on Earth" song[31]

\header {
  title = "Imagine" % = piece
  \relative c'' {
    \set Staff.midiInstrument = #"acoustic piano"
    % \override Score.SpacingSpanner.strict-note-spacing = ##t
    \set Score.proportionalNotationDuration = #(ly:make-moment 1/8)
    \key f \major
    \override Staff.TimeSignature.style = #'numbered
    \time 4/4
    r8 d8[ f8 d8] f4 a8 a8
    g16( f16 d8) r4 r2
    e8 e4. e4 f8 g8~
    \set Score.proportionalNotationDuration = #(ly:make-moment 1/2)
    g2 \bar "||"
  \addlyrics {
    \override LyricText.font-family = #'sans
    \override LyricText.font-shape = #'italic
    % \override LyricText.font-size = #-4
    I -- ma -- gine all the peo -- | ple __ __ |
    li -- ving life in peace. __

from "Imagine" song[31]

(Animal tracks / Paw prints) [🐾][32][33] (alligator, badger, bear, beaver, bison, bobcat, caribou, deer, dog, elephant, grasshopper, heron, kangaroo, mountain goat, opossum, otter, penguin, skunk, turkey, turtle, wild boar)[13]
(Human feet prints) [👣][34][35]
(Leaf prints) [🍁][34]
(Dove with olive branch) [🕊][32]
(Earth) [🗺][30][32]
(Voice recordings / Audio) (audio in many languages)[36]
(Audiovisual) (video in many languages)[37]

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Further reading


Translation sources: https://web.archive.org/web/20170511155434/http://www.peace-pole.com/translations_for_peace_poles.htm or http://www-peace.sakura.ne.jp/pages/_Earth.htm


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