Peaceable Kingdom

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Peaceable Kingdom may refer to

  • Peaceable Kingdom (theology), an eschatological state inferred from texts such as the Book of Isaiah, the Book of Hosea, and the Sermon on the Mount


  • Peaceable Kingdom, a series of 61 paintings by Edward Hicks started in 1820
  • "The Peaceable Kingdom", a 1936 choral work by Randall Thompson (inspired by the Hicks paintings)
  • The Peaceable Kingdom, a 1954 poetry collection by Jon Silkin
  • Arrangements of peaceable animals, such as the lamb and lion, in heraldry, etc.


Film and television[edit]


  • "Peaceable Kingdom", a song from Vapor Trails (2002) by Rush
  • "Peaceable Kingdom", a song from Trampin' (2004) by Patti Smith