Peachy Keens

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Peachy Keens
Industry Cuisine
Headquarters Birmingham, United Kingdom
Number of locations
Key people
Nishil Nathwani

Peachy Keens is a chain of restaurants operating in Nottingham and Birmingham in the United Kingdom.[1]


Peachy Keens operates an all-you-can-eat buffet style of cuisine, serving dishes from six cultures: Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Italian and Indian.[2] The restaurants employ chefs to cook some dishes to order as a live demonstration; the rest of the dishes are cooked behind-the-scenes and then served in warmed containers on a buffet-style counter.[3]


As of April 2017, the Manchester location had disappeared from the companies website, and according to Companies House the Nottingham location had been put into liquidation with Phoenix Corporate Recovery named as the appointed liquidator.[4] It is not clear, however, if the restaurants are still trading. Manchester restaurant was open today 18 Aug 2017.


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