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Developer(s)Systat Software, Inc.
Stable release
4.1.2 / 2007
Operating systemWindows
Typenonlinear peak separation and analysis software

PeakFit is an automated nonlinear peak separation and analysis software package for scientists performing spectroscopy, chromatography and electrophoresis.

It automatically finds and fits up to 100 peaks to a data set, at a time, enabling users to characterize peaks and find the best equation that fits their data. PeakFit can also enhance the data obtained from traditional numerical methods and lab instruments.

PeakFit was originally developed by Ron Brown of AISN Software and distributed by Jandel Scientific Software in the late 1980s but by January 2004, Systat Software acquired the exclusive worldwide rights from SPSS Inc. to distribute SigmaPlot and other Sigma Series products.[1]


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