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Peak School
Photograph of Peak School, Hong Kong
Main gate of Peak School
20 Plunkett's Road

Coordinates22°16′2″N 114°9′10″E / 22.26722°N 114.15278°E / 22.26722; 114.15278Coordinates: 22°16′2″N 114°9′10″E / 22.26722°N 114.15278°E / 22.26722; 114.15278
PrincipalBill Garnett

Peak School (Chinese: 山頂小學; pinyin: Shāndǐng xiǎoxué; Jyutping: Saan1 Deng2 Daai6 Hok6) is an coeducational preparatory school , located on Plunkett's Road on Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. The school is one of around twenty institutions in Hong Kong operated by the English Schools Foundation (ESF).[1]

The school opened in 1911, on the site of what is now the Victoria Peak Fire Station. In 1954, the school moved to its current premises located on Plunkett's Road.[2]

Peak School teaches students from Year One to Year Six, and offers the International Baccalaureate programme. The principal of Peak School is Bill Garnett.[3]

Accreditations and Authorizations[edit]

The Peak School is accredited, authorized, or a member of the following organizations:

Notable alumni[edit]


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