Peanut Butter Wolf Presents Stones Throw: Ten Years

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Peanut Butter Wolf Presents Stones Throw: Ten Years
Compilation album by
Various artists
ReleasedJanuary 23, 2007
GenreHip hop
LabelStones Throw Records
Peanut Butter Wolf
J Dilla
Cut Chemist
L.A. Carnival
Ira Raibon
Genie Jackson
Aloe Blacc
Gary Wilson
Monty Stark
Mr. Magic
Jeff Jank
Various artists chronology
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Peanut Butter Wolf Presents Stones Throw: Ten Years
Hella International

Peanut Butter Wolf Presents Stones Throw: Ten Years is a compilation album released by Stones Throw Records. The album celebrates the founding of Stones Throw ten years earlier. Many songs were taken from past Stones Throw releases to demonstrate growth over the 10-year period, however, there are also unreleased tracks found on this album. On January 23, 2007, this album has been re-issued as a 2/CD featuring the 2nd disc as a mix CD by J-Rocc of the Beat Junkies.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Red"
  2. "In Your Area"
  3. "Low Class Conspiracy"
  4. "America's Most Blunted"
  5. "Two Can Win"
    • Performed by J Dilla
    • Produced by J Dilla
  6. "Knicknack"
  7. "Blind Man [L.A. Carnival Remix]"
    • Performed by M.E.D., Cut Chemist
    • Produced by Cut Chemist
    • Remix produced by L.A. Carnival
  8. "Take Me"
    • Performed by Fabulous Souls featuring Ira Raibon and Alicia Coates
    • Produced by Ira Raibon
  9. "What About You? [Alternative Version]"
    • Performed by Co Real Artists
    • Produced by Genie Jackson
  10. "My World Premiere [12" Single Version]"
    • Performed by Charizma, Peanut Butter Wolf
    • Produced by Peanut Butter Wolf
  11. "Bang Ya Head"
    • Performed by M.E.D.
    • Produced by Madlib
  12. "Move, Pt. 2"
    • Performed by Oh No, Roc 'C', J Dilla
    • Produced by J Dilla
  13. "The Payback"
    • Performed by Madlib
    • Produced by Madlib
  14. "Falling"
    • Performed by Dudley Perkins
    • Produced by Madlib
  15. "A.V.E.R.A.G.E."
    • Performed by Kazi
    • Produced by Madlib
  16. "Be With"
    • Performed by Koushik
    • Produced by Koushik
  17. "Sunrays"
  18. "Arrive"
    • Performed by Aloe Blacc
    • Produced by Aloe Blacc
  19. "Figaro [Madlib Remix]"
    • Performed by Madvillain
    • Produced by Madlib
    • Remix produced by Madlib
  20. "Survivin' The Game"
    • Performed by Homeliss Derelix
    • Produced by G-Luv
  21. "Whenimondamic"
    • Performed by Lootpack
    • Produced by Madlib
  22. "Gary's In The Park"
  23. "Comrades & Dreams [Peanut Butter Wolf Mix]"
    • Performed by Stark Reality
    • Produced by Monty Stark
    • Remix produced by Peanut Butter Wolf
  24. "Coast To Coast [Edan Edit]"
    • Performed by Mr. Magic
    • Produced by Mr. Magic
    • Remix produced by Edan
  25. "Bootay"
    • Performed by Funkaho
    • Produced by Jeff Jank


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