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Peanut punch is a beverage popular in the Caribbean and it is made with peanut butter, milk, sugar and sometimes spices. It is also available commercially in supermarkets and grocery stores as well to cater those markets. In Trinidad and Tobago, peanut punch is a popular drink that is often sold on sidewalks or in established food stores. The drink is traditionally marketed as an energy drink and made with a variety of ingredients according to the vendor.

The main ingredients of the drink include peanuts/peanut butter, milk and sugar. However, variations occur whereby regular milk is often replaced or added to a mixture including condensed milk, spices (dominantly nutmeg and cinnamon), corn flakes, Angostura bitters, glucose powder and quite often granola mix. The drink is often regarded by some to be an aphrodisiac due to its high fat, protein and overall energy content.[1]

Peanut Punch Drank is a variation of the official drink inspired by former Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers CB Charles Tillman, whose nickname is "Peanut", and his penchant for punching the ball loose and forcing fumbles.[2] This variation of the original drink adds the additional ingredients of Early Times (amount varies based on desired strength of the drink and taste) and a splash of pickle juice. The drink was first introduced in 2009, and is a popular drink at tailgates around the Chicago area.

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