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Peard Bay is a bay in the Chukchi Sea, in Alaska's North Slope. It is located at 70°50′43″N 158°48′39″W / 70.84528°N 158.81083°W / 70.84528; -158.81083. This bay lies just a few miles northeast of Wainwright. It was named by Frederick William Beechey in 1826, after one of his officers.[1]

Peard Bay is relatively small and it is limited by Point Franklin on its western side.

Peard Bay Airport (WQJ) is close to the bay area.

In some documents this bay is named erroneously as "Pearl Bay". Its correct name has always been "Peard Bay".

Kugrua Bay is a smaller bay to the southeast, accessible through an opening in the shoreline of Peard Bay.


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