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ProductsCycling and triathlon apparel and footwear

PEARL iZUMi is a company that produces sports apparel, primarily focusing on road cycling, mountain biking and triathlon.[1]

It was founded more than 60 years ago in Tokyo. PEARL iZUMi USA, Inc., is its U.S. distributor.

Ownership and distribution[edit]

DASH America (trading as PEARL iZUMi USA) purchased the trademark from Dave Jacobs (founder of Spyder, and the original distributor of PEARL iZUMi in the USA). A subsidiary of Shimano America, Inc.[2], it holds the rights to do business as PEARL iZUMi in the US.[citation needed] After several years of growth PEARL iZUMi USA, Inc., was purchased by Shimano for $70M in 2008.[3] It holds the rights to distribute the product everywhere in the world except Asia.[citation needed]


PEARL iZUMi has sponsored many cycling teams, including the 1984 USA Olympic team. Other sponsored athletes include:


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