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Tour Series
Race details
Date May / June
Region Great Britain
Discipline Road
Type Criterium series
Organiser Sweetspot
Race director Mick Bennett
First edition 2009 (2009)
Editions 9 (as of 2017)
First winner Team Halfords Bikehut
Most wins JLT–Condor (4 wins)[a]
Most recent JLT–Condor

The Tour Series is an annual series of cycling criterium races which started in 2009. It was sponsored by cycling retailer Halfords from 2010 – 2012 and televised by ITV4 in the UK. The competition emphasises team effort with individual wins deemed less important.[1]

The races are held over 1 hour of racing plus 5 laps. The team standings for each round are calculated by adding together the positions of the top three riders of each team (5 riders start for each team) and the team with the lowest score wins, and get 10 points for the overall championship. Each team gets 1 point less than the one in front of them, so second gets 9, third gets 8, and so on. In addition, there is the sprint competition. There are three sprints every race, and the top five riders are awarded points based on place: 1st, 5; 2nd, 4; 3rd, 3; 4th, 2 and 5th, 1. There is a competition each round, as well as an overall competition for the whole series.[2]

2009 Series[edit]

The first series had 10 rounds across England. The first ever round was held in Milton Keynes, and the final round was held in Southend. Halfords BikeHut had the strongest team, made up largely of powerful sprinters who were suited to the criteriums. Few of the circuits were hilly, which was seen to aid Halfords.


Round Date Location Team winner Individual winner Sprint winner
1 21 May Milton Keynes CandiTV–Marshalls Pasta Graham Briggs Matt Cronshaw
2 28 May Exeter Rapha Condor Dean Downing Ed Clancy
3 2 June Woking Plowman Dean Downing Malcolm Elliott
4 4 June Peterborough Team Halfords Bikehut Ian Wilkinson Russell Downing
5 9 June Blackpool Team Halfords Bikehut Rob Hayles Russell Downing
6 11 June Southport Team Halfords Bikehut Ed Clancy Tony Gibb
7 16 June Stoke-on-Trent Rapha Condor Russell Downing Dean Downing
8 18 June Colchester Team Halfords Bikehut Tom Southam Russell Downing
9 23 June Chester CandiTV–Marshalls Pasta Darren Lapthorne Darren Lapthorne
10 25 June Southend-on-Sea Team Halfords Bikehut Rob Hayles Russell Downing
Series winners Team Halfords Bikehut None Russell Downing

2010 Series[edit]

The series was now sponsored by Halfords, who no longer had their own team. There were again 10 rounds, including the round at Durham with its steep cobbled climb. This time Motorpoint, led by veteran Malcolm Elliott came out as victors, with Malcolm himself winning in Durham.


Round Date Location Team winner Individual winner Sprint winner
1 25 May Canary Wharf Rapha Condor–Sharp Tony Gibb Liam Holohan
2 27 May Durham Motorpoint–Marshalls Pasta Malcolm Elliott Kristian House
3 1 June Portsmouth Motorpoint–Marshalls Pasta Ian Bibby Liam Holohan
4 3 June Exeter Rapha Condor–Sharp Dean Downing Graham Briggs
5 8 June Southport Endura Racing Alexandre Blain Graham Briggs
6 10 June Kettering Rapha Condor–Sharp Kristian House Graham Briggs
7 15 June Peterborough Rapha Condor–Sharp Dean Downing Dean Downing
8 17 June Stoke-on-Trent Motorpoint–Marshalls Pasta Ian Bibby Graham Briggs
9 21 June Chester Endura Racing Jack Bauer Kristian House
10 24 June Woking Rapha Condor–Sharp Dean Windsor Jefte de Bruin
Series winners Motorpoint–Marshalls Pasta None Graham Briggs

2011 Series[edit]

The series was cut to only 8 rounds. The early stages were dominated by Rapha Condor–Sharp who won all of the first four rounds, both individually and as a team. This run was broken by Team Endura in the next two rounds, firstly winning the individual race, and then in the 6th round in Oldham, winning individually and overall.


Round Date Location Team winner Individual winner Sprint winner
1 24 May Durham Rapha Condor–Sharp Zak Dempster Kristian House
2 26 May Aberystwyth Rapha Condor–Sharp Ed Clancy Kristian House
3 31 May Peterborough Rapha Condor–Sharp Graham Briggs Marcel Six
4 2 June Colchester Rapha Condor–Sharp Dean Downing Jeroen Janssen
5 7 June Stoke-on-Trent Rapha Condor–Sharp Scott Thwaites Scott Thwaites
6 9 June Oldham Endura Racing Rob Partridge Rob Partridge
7 14 June Woking Endura Racing Ian Wilkinson Steven Lampier
8 16 June Canary Wharf Motorpoint Pro–Cycling Team Jonathan McEvoy Jonathan McEvoy
Series winners Rapha Condor–Sharp None Steven Lampier

2012 Series[edit]

There were 11 rounds in the 2012 series. The early stages were dominated by Endura Racing who won all of the first four rounds as a team.


Round Date Location Team winner Individual winner Sprint winner
1 15 May Kirkcaldy Endura Racing Scott Thwaites Marcel Six
2 17 May Durham Endura Racing Kristian House Kristian House
3 22 May Oxford Endura Racing Scott Thwaites Marcel Six
4 24 May Redditch Endura Racing Niklas Gustavsson Bernard Sulzberger
5 25 May Aberystwyth Team UK Youth Kristian House Marcel Six
6 29 May Peterborough Team Raleigh–GAC Ed Clancy Marcel Six
7 31 May Canary Wharf Endura Racing Zak Dempster Yanto Barker
8 5 June Torquay Node 4–Giordana Racing Marcin Bialoblocki Bernard Sulzberger
9 7 June Colchester Endura Racing Graham Briggs Graham Briggs
10 12 June Woking Endura Racing Zak Dempster Zak Dempster
11 14 June Stoke-on-Trent Rapha Condor–Sharp Team Time Trial
12 Node 4–Giordana Racing Bernard Sulzberger Bernard Sulzberger
Series winners Endura Racing None Bernard Sulzberger

2013 Series[edit]

There were 12 rounds in the 2013 series.


Round Date Location Team winner Individual winner Sprint winner
1 14 May Kirkcaldy Team Raleigh Yanto Barker Mike Northey
2 16 May Durham Team Raleigh Kristian House Kristian House
3 21 May Stoke-on-Trent Team UK Youth Yanto Barker Tom Scully
4 24 May Aberystwyth Team UK Youth Ed Clancy Alexandre Blain
5 28 May Torquay Team UK Youth Ed Clancy Alexandre Blain
6 30 May Colchester Team UK Youth Jon Mould Richard Lang
7 4 June Redditch Metaltek-Knights of Old Tom Scully Tom Scully
8 6 June Canary Wharf Team UK Youth Chris Opie Chris Opie
9 11 June Woking Team UK Youth Ed Clancy Tom Scully
10 13 June Aylsham Team UK Youth Chris Opie Dean Downing
11 14 June Ipswich Team UK Youth Team Time Trial
12 Team UK Youth Tom Scully Kristian House
Series winners Team UK Youth None Tom Scully

2014 Series[edit]

NFTO Pro Cycling's Jon Mould winning Round 6 of the Series in Edinburgh. Mould tied the record of three wins during a season, equalling Ed Clancy.

There were 10 rounds (and 12 races) in the 2014 series.


Round Date Location Team winner Individual winner Sprint winner
1 13 May Stoke-on-Trent Rapha Condor–JLT Team Time Trial
Madison Genesis Jon Mould Jon Mould
2 15 May BAE Systems, Barrow Madison Genesis Graham Briggs Tom Scully
3 20 May Peterborough Rapha Condor–JLT Matthew Gibson Mike Northey
4 23 May Aberystwyth Rapha Condor–JLT Felix English Tom Scully
5 27 May Durham Team Raleigh Jon Mould Jon Mould
6 29 May Edinburgh Team Raleigh Jon Mould Jon Mould
7 3 June Redditch Rapha Condor–JLT Matthieu Boulo Kristian House
8 5 June Canary Wharf Rapha Condor–JLT Tobyn Horton Kristian House
9 10 June Woking Madison Genesis Tom Stewart Jon Mould
10 13 June Gorey, Jersey Rapha Condor–JLT Matthieu Boulo Hill climb
Madison Genesis Tom Stewart Kristian House
Series winners Rapha Condor–JLT None Jon Mould

2015 Series[edit]

Kristian House celebrates winning Round 4 of the Series in Motherwell.

There were 10 rounds (and 12 races) in the 2015 series.


Round Date Location Team winner Individual winner Points winner
1 14 May Ryde ONE Pro Cycling Team Time Trial
ONE Pro Cycling Tom Scully Tom Stewart
2 19 May Redditch Madison Genesis Jon Mould Morgan Kneisky
3 22 May Aberystwyth ONE Pro Cycling George Harper Hill climb
Madison Genesis Ed Clancy Ed Clancy
4 26 May Motherwell Madison Genesis Kristian House Chris Opie
5 28 May Durham ONE Pro Cycling Richard Handley Richard Handley
6 29 May Barrow Madison Genesis Chris Lawless Morgan Kneisky
7 2 June Croydon ONE Pro Cycling Marcin Białobłocki Tom Stewart
8 4 June Canary Wharf ONE Pro Cycling Steele Von Hoff Jon Mould
9 9 June Peterborough ONE Pro Cycling Ed Clancy Morgan Kneisky
10 11 June Bath Madison Genesis Marcin Białobłocki Marcin Białobłocki
Series winners Madison Genesis None Morgan Kneisky

2016 Series[edit]

Jon Mould celebrates victory in Round 2 at Motherwell. Mould set records for most wins in a single Tour Series (6), and surpassed JLT–Condor teammate Ed Clancy for most wins in the competition's history.

There were 10 rounds (and 11 races) in the 2016 series.


Round Date Location Team winner Individual winner Points winner
1 12 May Ramsey, Isle of Man JLT–Condor Team Time Trial
JLT–Condor Chris Lawless Morgan Kneisky
2 17 May Motherwell JLT–Condor Jon Mould Albert Torres
3 19 May Edinburgh Madison Genesis Graham Briggs Rory Townsend
4 26 May Redditch Pedal Heaven Jon Mould Jon Mould
5 27 May Aberystwyth JLT–Condor Jon Mould Tom Stewart
6 31 May Durham Team Raleigh–GAC Jon Mould Chris Lawless
7 2 June Stoke-on-Trent JLT–Condor Chris Lawless Chris Lawless
8 6 June Stevenage JLT–Condor Jon Mould Chris Lawless
9 7 June Croydon Madison Genesis Jon Mould Sebastián Mora
10 9 June Portsmouth Pedal Heaven Alexandre Blain Chris Lawless
Series winners JLT–Condor None Rory Townsend

2017 Series[edit]

There were 10 rounds (and 11 races) in the 2017 series, condensed into the month of May and including Saturday night races for the first time.[3]


Round Date Location Team winner Individual winner Points winner
1 9 May Redditch JLT–Condor Team Time Trial
JLT–Condor Chris Opie Sebastián Mora
2 11 May Stoke-on-Trent Madison Genesis Brenton Jones Sebastián Mora
3 12 May Northwich Madison Genesis Enrique Sanz Jonathan McEvoy
4 16 May Wembley JLT–Condor Steele Von Hoff Sebastián Mora
5 18 May Croydon JLT–Condor Graham Briggs Sebastián Mora
6 20 May Bath Madison Genesis Connor Swift Sebastián Mora
7 23 May Motherwell JLT–Condor Brenton Jones Brenton Jones
8 25 May Aberdeen Bike Channel–Canyon Jack Pullar Harry Tanfield
9 27 May Durham JLT–Condor Tom Pidcock[b] Connor Swift
10 29 May Stevenage Madison Genesis Connor Swift James Lowsley-Williams
Series winners JLT–Condor None Sebastián Mora

2018 Series[edit]

The 2018 series was announced in April, with a scheduled eight rounds and 10 races due to take place from 10 to 31 May.[4]


Round Date Location Team winner Individual winner Points winner
1 10 May Redditch JLT–Condor Gabriel Cullaigh James Lowsley-Williams
2 15 May Motherwell Madison Genesis Matthew Gibson Matthew Gibson
3 17 May Aberdeen Canyon Eisberg Ed Clancy Harry Tanfield
4 22 May Durham Madison Genesis Jack Pullar Hillclimb
Madison Genesis Andy Tennant Matthew Gibson
5 26 May Aberystwyth
6 28 May Stevenage Team time trial
7 29 May Wembley Park
8[c] 31 May Salisbury
Series winners


  1. ^ The team won as Rapha Condor–Sharp in 2011, Rapha Condor–JLT in 2014 and JLT–Condor in 2016 and 2017.
  2. ^ Pidcock was the first guest rider to win an individual race. The highest-placed rider eligible for points was second-placed Connor Swift.
  3. ^ Denoted by the Series as the "Grand Final".


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