Pearl Meister Greengard Prize

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The Pearl Meister Greengard Prize
Logo of the Pearl Meister Greengard Prize.jpg
Awarded for Accomplishments of outstanding women scientists.
Country United States
Presented by The Rockefeller University
First awarded 2004
Official website Pearl Meister Greengard Prize

The Pearl Meister Greengard Prize is an award for women scientists in biology given annually by the Rockefeller University.[1]

The Prize was founded by Nobel laureate Paul Greengard and his wife Ursula von Rydingsvard in honor of Greengard's mother, Pearl Meister Greengard, who died giving birth to him. Greengard began funding the award in 1998. Greengard donated the full share of his 2000 Nobel Prize to the fund, and was able to use his new publicity to attract additional funding for the award, which was launched in 2004.[2] The award is to combat discrimination against women in science, since, as Greengard observed, "[women] are not yet receiving awards and honors at a level commensurate with their achievements."[3]

Two recipients of the Prize, Carol Greider and Elizabeth Blackburn, have gone on to receive the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.


Source: Rockefeller University


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