Pearl Theatre (New York City)

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Pearl Theatre, 2015

The Pearl Theatre Company, commonly referred to as the Pearl Theatre, was a theatre in New York City. It was established in Chelsea by Shepard Sobel in 1984,[1] with David Hyde Pierce part of the company's first season.[2] The company focused on producing classic works performed by their resident acting company.[3][4] After moving to St Mark's Place and then to City Center, the company moved in 2012 into their first permanent home, a 160-seat theatre at 555 West 42nd Street between Tenth and Eleventh Avenue in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan.

After 33 seasons, the company closed in June 2017, filing for bankruptcy.[2] Members of the company then formed The Resident Acting Company,[5] performing a similar repertory program at the Players Club in Gramercy Park South.


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