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VdgB flag.

The Peasants Mutual Aid Association (German: Vereinigung der gegenseitigen Bauernhilfe, VdgB) was an East German mass organization for peasants and farmers (later also gardeners.) It was founded in the 1945-1946 period and was a participant in the National Front. From 1950 to 1963 and again in 1986 it had representation in the Volkskammer.[1]

In 1989 a GDR publication put the membership of the VdgB at 632,000 persons.[2] During the Peaceful Revolution the VdgB suffered due to its extensive connections with the ruling Socialist Unity Party.[3] In February 1990 it changed its name to the Farmers Association of the GDR, but was unable to make the transition from East German society to that of a reunified Germany.


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