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Pease Dean

Pease Bay is a bay in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland, close to the border with East Lothian as well as Cockburnspath, Cove and Dunglass. The area is notable as a holiday destination, for surfing in Scotland, and also for the large static caravan park at the bottom of the bay.

Pease Dean[edit]

Pease Dean is a Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve. It consists of Pease Burn and Tower Burn.

Pease Bridge[edit]

Pease Bridge was opened in 1786. At that time it was the highest bridge in the world. Comprising four tall arches, it is 300 ft (91.5m) long, 16 ft(4.9m) wide, and 139 ft(39.6m) high. The parapet is surmounted by an iron railing.

Pease Dean footbridge

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