Pebbles, Volume 8 (CD)

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Pebbles, Volume 8
Compilation album
Released 1996
Recorded Mid-1960s
Genre Garage rock, psychedelic rock
Label AIP
Pebbles, Volume 7 (CD) Pebbles, Volume 8 (CD) Pebbles, Volume 9 (CD)

Pebbles, Volume 8 is a compilation album among the CDs in the Pebbles series; it is subtitled Southern California 1. The next CD in the series, Pebbles, Volume 9 also feature bands from Southern California; while Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 1, Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 2, and Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 3 showcase music from Los Angeles specifically.

Release data[edit]

This album was released on AIP Records in 1996 as #AIP-CD-5025. Despite the similar catalogue number, there is no relation between the tracks on this CD and the tracks on the corresponding LP.

Notes on the tracks[edit]

The Dovers are highly regarded in the garage rock community; this is the A-side of their fourth single. Other Dovers songs were included on the first two LPs in the Pebbles series. "I Never Loved Her" by the Starfires is one of the most valuable garage rock singles. The Hysterics' "Won't Get Far" is included on the Pebbles, Volume 9 CD.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Terry Randall: "S.O.S."
  2. The Gigolos: "She's My Baby"
  3. The Starfires: "I Never Loved Her"; Rel. 1965
  4. The Grains of Sand: "She Needs Me"; Rel. 1966
  5. The Humane Society: "Knock Knock (Who's There)"; Rel. 1967
  6. The Cindermen: "Don't Do It Some More ('Cause It Hurts So Good)"; Rel. 1966
  7. The Hysterics: "Everything's There"; Rel. 1965
  8. The Rumors: "Hold Me Now"; Rel. 1965
  9. The Colony: "All I Want"
  10. Byron and the Mortals: "Do You Believe Me"; Rel. 1966
  11. The Dirty Shames: "I Don't Care"; Rel. 1966
  12. Cloudwalkers: "Sunglasses"; Rel. 1965
  13. The Beckett Quintet: "No Correspondence"; Rel. 1965
  14. The Dovers: "She's Not Just Anybody"; Rel. 1966
  15. The Roosters: "One of These Days"; Rel. 1966
  16. The Avengers: "It's Hard to Hide"; Rel. 1966
  17. Sean and the Brandywines: "She Ain't No Good"; Rel. 1965
  18. The Rogues: "Wanted: Dead or Alive"; Rel. 1965
  19. The Last Word: "Sleepy Hollow"; Rel. 1966
  20. The Green Beans: "Don't Give Me No Friction"; Rel. 1965
  21. The Green Beans: "Who Needs You"; Rel. 1966
  22. The Bush: "Got Love If You Want It"; Rel. 1966
  23. Limey & the Yanks: "Guaranteed Love"; Rel. 1966
  24. Limey & the Yanks: "Out of Sight, out of Mind"; Rel. 1966
  25. The Caretakers of Deception: "X + Y = 13"