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University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee is a doctoral-degree granting public research university that consists of 14 colleges and schools, and 70 academic centers, institutes and laboratory facilities. It offers a total of 180 degree programs, including 94 bachelor's, 53 master's and 32 doctorate degrees.[1] The School of Freshwater Sciences is the only graduate school of freshwater science in the U.S. and the third in the world.[2][3][4] The School of Architecture and Urban Planning, the College of Nursing and the College of Health Sciences are the largest in Wisconsin.[5][6]

The university is categorized as an RU/H Research University (high research activity) in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.[7] Per US News & World Report 2012, the University is ranked 121st nationally by America's Best High School guidance counselors as offering the best undergraduate education to their students.[8]

Colleges and schools[edit]


US News & World Report rankings
Program Ranking Year
Archives and Preservation 9 2009[8]
Biological Sciences 144 2010[8]
Chemistry 107 2010[8]
Clinical Psychology 70 2012[8]
Computer Science 110 2010[8]
Education 67 2012[8]
Engineering 131 2012[8]
English 52 2009[8]
Fine Arts 62 2012[8]
Library and Information Studies 15 2009[8]
Mathematics 104 2010[8]
Nursing 36 2012[8]
Occupational Therapy 28 2008[8]
Part-time M.B.A. 78 2012[8]
Political Science 62 2010[8]
Psychology 103 2009[8]
Physics 102 2010[8]
Physical Therapy 28 2012[8]
Public Affairs 59 2012[8]
Rehabilitation counseling 62 2011[8]
Social Work 52 2012[8]
Speech-Language Pathology 73 2012[8]

Based on the statistical analysis by H.J. Newton, Professor of Statistics at Texas A&M University in 1997 on the National Research Council report issued in 1995, the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee was ranked 72nd among public universities in the U.S. in the NRC Rankings.[9][10] It was also ranked among the top 100 universities in the U.S. by Vanguard College Ranking,[11] 247th by Washington Monthly[12] and one of the best Midwest colleges by Princeton Review.[13] The University ranked 189th in the US by research expenditure in 2007.[14]

The university ranks 98th in the world in the Professional Ranking of World Universities conducted by the École des Mines de Paris in 2011[15] and ranked as one of the top 500 world universities in the Academic Ranking of World Universities compiled by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.[16] The SCImago Institutions Rankings rated UW-Milwaukee 759th among 3,042 universities and research institutions worldwide in term of research output, international collaboration, normalized impact and publication rate in 2011.[17] The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities ranked UW-Milwaukee 200th worldwide[18] and 96th in North American.[19]



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