Peck Seah Street

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Peck Seah Street, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore.

Peak Seah Street (Chinese: 柏城街; pinyin: Bǎi chéng jiē) is a street located in Tanjong Pagar on the boundary between Outram Planning Area and the Downtown Core in Singapore. The road connects Gopeng Street and Tras Street to Maxwell Road, and is intersected by Wallich Street.

Etymology and history[edit]

Peck Seah Street was named after Seah Peck Seah (Chinese: 佘柏城; pinyin: Shé Bǎi Chéng), the youngest son of Seah Eu Chin and brother of Seah Liang Seah (Chinese: 佘连城; pinyin: Shé Lián Chéng). He was the proprietor of Ho Hong Steamship Company and a partner of the Chin Huat Hin Oil Trading Company. He also served as a Justice of Peace. The Seah family was prominent in the Ngee Ann Kongsi and controlled it for many years.


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