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Pecom 64 was an educational and/or home computer developed by Elektronska Industrija Niš of Serbia in 1985.


Pecom 64
Pecom 64 PCB
  • CPU: CDP 1802B 5V7 running at 2.813 MHz
  • ROM: 16 KB, with optional 16 KB upgrade containing enhanced editor and assembler
  • RAM: 32 KB
  • Secondary storage: cassette tape
  • VIS: (Video Interface System) CDP1869/CDP1870
    • Text modes: 40 columns x 24 lines
    • Character set: 128 Programmable characters
    • Character size: 6x9
    • Graphics modes: None, but the character-set was re programmable to simulate a 240x216 High Resolution display
    • Colours: A total of 8 foreground colours are available (with a limited choice of 4 per character and 1 per line of that character) and 8 background colours (defined for the whole screen).
  • Sound: 2 channels: one for tone generation with a span of 8 octaves, and 1 for special effect/white noise. Volume programmable in 16 steps.
  • I/O ports: cassette tape storage, composite and RF video, RS-232 and expansion connector
  • Power supply: 220 V AC, 0.02 A, 4.5 W (built-in transformer)

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