Pecong (play)

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Written by steve carter
Date premiered January 9, 1990
Place premiered Victory Gardens Theatre
Chicago, Illinois
Original language English
Subject Retelling of the Medea (play)
Genre Drama
Setting c.1890s; Fictional Caribbean island.

Pecong is a 1990 play by American playwright Steve Carter. Set "well in the past" on a fictional Caribbean island, the play tells the story of a sorceress who falls madly in love with a shallow womanizer.

Original production[edit]

  • Directed by Dennis Zacek
  • Produced by Victory Gardens Theatre
  • Artistic Director: Dennis Zacek
  • Set designer: James Dardenne
  • Costume designer: Claudia Boddy
  • Lighting designer: Robert Shook
  • Sound designer/stage manager: Galen G. Ramsey
  • Composer/percussionist: Willy Steele
  • Choreographer: TC Carson
  • Assistant director: Sandra Jean Verthein

Opened: January 9, 1990 at the Ruth Page Dance Center[1]


  • Pat Bowie - Granny Root
  • Celeste Williams - Mediyah
  • Gary Yates - Cedric
  • Catherine Slade - Persis
  • Wandachristine - Faustina
  • Ernest Perry, Jr. - Creon Pandit
  • Diane White - Sweet Bella
  • Daniel Oreskes - Jason Allcock
  • Feleccia C. Boyd
  • Shanesia L. Davis
  • Lydia R. Gartin
  • Shawn Goodwin
  • Thomas W. Greene V
  • Alison Halstead
  • Dexter L. Warr
  • Christopher Williams

– Oppidans

Awards and nominations[edit]

  • 1990 Jeff Award, Best New Work
  • 1993 Bay Area Drama Critics Award, Best Choreography (Halifu Osumare)[2]


Pecong is published by Broadway Play Publishing Inc.

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