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Pecoraite, Eden Vermont.jpg
Pecoraite from Eden, Vermont
CategorySilicate mineral
(repeating unit)
Strunz classification9.ED.15
Crystal systemMonoclinic
Unknown space group
ColorGreen, blue-green yellow-green
Mohs scale hardness2.5-3
LusterWaxy, earthy
StreakPale green
Specific gravity3.084

Pecoraite is a nickel silicate mineral and a member of the serpentine group. It was named after geologist William Thomas Pecora. It is monoclinic and has a chemical composition of Ni3(Si2O5)(OH)4. It is associated with the weathering-and-or oxidation of meteorites or nickel sulfide minerals such as millerite. It is also found in altered ultramafic rocks.[1] Pecoriate is typically a green, lime green, or bluegreen mineral with a waxy, or earthy luster and a mohs hardness of 2.5.[2] Common textural habits associated with Pecoraite are curved plates, spirals and tubes. It can also be granular and massive.


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