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Pedersen Danish pronunciation: [ˈpeðɐsn̩], is a Danish and Norwegian patronymic surname, literally meaning "son of Peder". It is the fourth most common surname in Denmark, shared by about 3.4% of the population.[1] and the sixth most common in Norway. It is of similar origin as the surname Petersen.

Listing of people with the surname Pedersen[edit]

Pedersen as a middle or hyphenated name[edit]

Other references[edit]

  • Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) is an international architectural design firm located in New York, London and Shanghai
  • .276 Pedersen, experimental 7 mm cartridge developed for the U.S. Army and used in the Pedersen rifle
  • 3312 Pedersen (1984 SN), Main-belt Asteroid discovered in 1984
  • Pedersen bicycle, bicycle designed by Mikael Pedersen
  • Pedersen Device, attachment developed during World War I for the M1903 Springfield rifle that allowed it to fire a short 0.30 (7.62 mm) caliber intermediate cartridge in semi-automatic mode
  • Pedersen index, measure of electoral volatility in party systems
  • Pedersen rifle, United States semi-automatic rifle designed by John Pedersen
  • Pedersen's law, named after Danish linguist Holger Pedersen, is a Balto-Slavic accent law which states that the stress was retracted from stressed medial syllables in Balto-Slavic mobile paradigms
  • Pedersen v. Office of Personnel Management, United States lawsuit


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