Pedestrian Bridge over Segre River

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Lleida pedestrian bridge over Segre River
Pedestrian bridge over Segre River in Lleida, Spain.JPG
Bridge view
Carries Pedestrians
Crosses Segre River
Locale Lleida (Spain)
Owner Lleida Municipality
Maintained by Lleida Municipalily
Material GFRP translucent deck panels
Designer Pedelta Structural Engineers
Opened 2010

Pedestrian Bridge over Segre River is a bridge in Lleida, Catalonia, Spain. In 2000, Lleida City Council organized an open competition for a new pedestrian bridge. The pedestrian bridge outstands with sober lines, landscape architectural features and delicate details. It is meant to mark the doorway into The Campus and achieves a double function: communication and public space.


The best balance of aesthetics, cost and performance in service (vibrations) has been reached through the selection of a four spans frame long embedded into three slender piers of reinforced concrete. Abutments are integrated into, either existing or new, walls defining a continuous with the built environment of the city. In this way, an integral bridge (without joints at piers) is obtained, in which the deck is fixed elastically and which enables an elegant and slender structure.

Translucent composite materials (GFRP)-(Fiberglass) have been used in the form of structural floor panels and wall panels for both the railing and the flooring. This high performance structural material requires little maintenance, it is lightweight and self-finished, and has been designed to allow backlighting.[1]


The structure is designed with double composite action. The steel box girder was assembled using temporary supports.

Translucent composite materials


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