Pedestrian Drama

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Pedestrian Drama
Artist Janet Zweig
Year 2011 (2011)
Type kinetic sculpture
Location East Wisconsin Ave. and North Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Coordinates 43°2′21.258″N 87°54′0.037″W / 43.03923833°N 87.90001028°W / 43.03923833; -87.90001028Coordinates: 43°2′21.258″N 87°54′0.037″W / 43.03923833°N 87.90001028°W / 43.03923833; -87.90001028
Owner City of Milwaukee

Pedestrian Drama is a site-specific public art work by American artist Janet Zweig, located on the east end of Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[1] The artwork consists of a series of mechanical flaps, like signage associated with public transportation, that present animated narratives.[2] The mechanical flap displays are installed on five kiosks on existing light poles.[3]

The $300,000 work was commissioned by the City of Milwaukee and Wisconsin Department of Transportation.[1] Zweig collaborated with 200 local actors, film makers, and fabricators throughout the process of creating the work.[2]

The site of Pedestrian Drama, near Northwestern Mutual, connects Milwaukee's lakefront with downtown.

Zweig is based in Brooklyn, and she is primarily a public artist. Pedestrian Drama is her first art commission in Milwaukee.

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