Pedra Azul National Park

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Pedra Azul in the national park

Pedra Azul State Park is a state park of the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil. The park is in Domingos Martins, a Brazilian city colonized by immigrants from Italy and Germany, located 62 miles (100 Km) away from the State Capital, Vitória. The area can provide a European feeling in Brazil with nice coffee shops, local crafts shops, and authentic German restaurants.

The State park was created in 1960 by the Brazilian government to preserve the forest and the ecosystem around it, and is located within the Atlantic Forest. The mountain climate is comfortable with average temperatures around 68°F. The surrounding area is very green and has excellent air quality, measurable by various lichens that grow around the peak.

A small part of park is open to the public; and with some pre-scheduling, hiking and climbing are also possible. Pedra Azul is well known by its color and also by Lizard Rock, attached at the side, giving the impression of a lizard climbing Blue Rock. The color changes depending on weather conditions and the amount of light, with the potential for displaying more than 30 different colors throughout a day. These shades of blue come from the moss that covers the surface of the rock.

If you would like to schedule a visit, you may call the Visitors Center, CAVI (Centro de Apoio ao Visitante), at +55 27 3248-1156, from 8 am until 5 pm.

The blue Rock
Lizard Rock attached to the Blue Rock
The lizard Rock attached to the Blue Rock
Natural Pool on Blue Rock

Coordinates: 20°24′47″S 41°01′23″W / 20.41306°S 41.02306°W / -20.41306; -41.02306