Pedro I Coloma, Baron of Bornhem

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grave in the church of Bornem

don Pedro Coloma, Baron of Bornhem and Lord of Bobadilla (1587 - 1656)[1] was a Flemish noble Lord and member of the famous House of Coloma.

He was born as son of Juan IX Coloma and doña Maria Fernadez, Lady of Bodabilla. He was baptisez in the cathedral of Brussels: his godfather of the Count of Mansfeld. He did mary to Jeanne l' Escuyer, Viscountess of Dourlens. He had three sons and was succeeded by his son Pedro II Coloma, 3rd Baron of Bornhem, Viscount of Dourlens, who was the grandfather of Jean Alphonse, 1st Count de Coloma.


He inherited the Lordship of Bodabilla of his grandfather Pedro Fernandez. Later he became Escrivano - Mayor (Scrivener)[2] of the Kingdom of Cordoba and War council of the Spanish Netherlands in service of the King of Spain. In 1586 he bought the Heerlijkheid of Bornhem in Flanders, owned by the Marquess of Pescara, and rebuilt Bornem Castle after the war.[3] He was of great importance for Bornem and had a monastery constructed, that later became Bornem Abbey. He had in 1592 important and historical water works constructed to control the river Schelde, today one of the oldest water works of Belgium. He sold the Heerlijkheid of Bobadilla to his nephew Juan de Bustamante.


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