Pedro Domingos

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Pedro Domingos
Residence Seattle, WA
Alma mater University of California, Irvine (PhD 1997, MS 1994)
Instituto Superior Técnico (MS 1992; Licentiate 1988)
Awards SIGKDD Innovation Award (2014)
AAAI Fellow (2010)
Sloan Fellowship (2003)
Fulbright Scholarship
Scientific career
Fields Artificial intelligence
machine learning
data science
Institutions University of Washington
Thesis A Unified Approach to Concept Learning (1997)
Doctoral advisor Dennis F. Kibler

Pedro Domingos is Professor at University of Washington. He is a researcher in machine learning and known for markov logic network enabling uncertain inference.


Domingos received an undergraduate degree and M.S. from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). And then at University of California, Irvine, he received an M.S. and Ph.D. After spending two years as an assistant professor at IST, he joined University of Washington in 1999 and now is a professor.


Markov logic network[edit]

Awards and honors[edit]

for his foundational research in data stream analysis, cost-sensitive classification, adversarial learning, and Markov logic networks, as well as applications in viral marketing and information integration.
For significant contributions to the field of machine learning and to the unification of first-order logic and probability.

Selected works[edit]



  • 2015. (with Abram Friesen). Recursive Decomposition for Nonconvex Optimization. IJCAI 2015 Distinguished Paper Award.
  • 2011. (with Hoifung Poon). Sum-Product Networks: A New Deep Architecture. UAI 2011 Best Paper Award..
  • 2009. (with Hoifung Poon). Unsupervised Semantic Parsing. EMNLP 2009 Best Paper Award.
  • 2005. (with Parag Singla). Object Identification with Attribute-Mediated Dependences. PKDD 2005 Best Paper Award.
  • 1999. (with Parag Singla). MetaCost: A General Method for Making Classifiers Cost-Sensitive. SIGKDD 1999 Best Paper Award for Fundamental Research.
  • 1998. (with Parag Singla). Occam's Two Razors: The Sharp and the Blunt. SIGKDD 2005 Best Paper Award for Fundamental Research.


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