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Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez.jpg
Born Ramiro Gonzalez-Gonzalez
(1925-05-24)May 24, 1925
Aguilares, Texas, U.S.
Died February 6, 2006(2006-02-06) (aged 80)
Culver City, Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Occupation character actor
Years active 1953–1998
Spouse(s) Leandra (1942–2006; his death; 3 children)

Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez (May 24, 1925 – February 6, 2006) was an American character actor best known for his appearances in a number of John Wayne movies.

Life and career[edit]

Born Ramiro Gonzalez-Gonzalez in Aguilares, Texas to an American father and a Mexican mother with identical surnames, Gonzalez-Gonzalez grew up in a talent-filled home. His father was a trumpet player, and his mother was a dancer. His brother was actor Jose Gonzales-Gonzales (1922-2000).[1] He left school at the age of seven to join a family act called "Las Perlitas" that toured southwest Texas. As a result, he was functionally illiterate for all of his life. As a result of his illiteracy, he memorized scripts by having his wife read them to him. Gonzalez-Gonzalez married at the age of seventeen and served in World War II. After the war he performed stand-up comedy for Spanish-speaking audiences.[2]

In 1953, he appeared on the Groucho Marx quiz show You Bet Your Life under the name Ramiro G. Gonzalez, where his banter with Marx attracted notice. Marx asked him: "What does the 'G' stand for?" to which he replied "Gonzalez", and explained that both his parents had been surnamed "Gonzalez" before being married. So Marx asked: "What does your wife call you: Ramiro or Gonzalez?" He replied "She calls me 'Pedro'", triggering audience laughter. After Gonzalez performed a 15-second comic dance to strong applause, Marx complimented his guest's comedic skill, saying: "Pedro, we could do a great act together. We could make a fortune in vaudeville, you and I. What -- what would we call our act, you know, if we went out together? 'The Two Hot Tamales'?" After Pedro deadpanned "Gonzalez-Gonzalez and Marx", Groucho made an aside: "That's nice billing. Two people in the act, and I get third place!" [3]

John Wayne saw his appearance on the program and cast him as comic relief in a number of movies including Rio Bravo, The High and the Mighty and Hellfighters. He also made guest appearances in shows such as The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, Gunsmoke and Wanted: Dead or Alive, as well as the Jerry Lewis film, Hook, Line & Sinker. Wayne also had Burt Kennedy write a TV series for Gonzalez-Gonzalez that was never made.[4]

Gonzalez-Gonzalez played extra characters behind Mel Blanc in a number of Speedy Gonzales cartoons, including "A Taste of Catnip" and "Go Go Amigo," billed generally as Gonzalez Gonzalez.

As a result of playing comic relief roles, he was accused of perpetuating negative stereotypes about Hispanic men.[citation needed] However, Edward James Olmos said of Gonzalez-Gonzalez at the time of his death that he "inspired every Latino actor."[5]

He died at his home of natural causes, and was survived by his wife Leandra and three children.[6]

He is the grandfather of actor Clifton Collins Jr.



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Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Shorts[edit]


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