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Pedro Hinojosa de la Garza Falcón (31 January 1822, Matamoros, Tamaulipas - 5 March 1903, Matamoros) was a Mexican politician and military general who combated in the Mexican–American War, the Reform War, and in the French intervention in Mexico.[1] In addition, Hinojosa was governor of Durango, Nuevo Leon, and Chihuahua, and served as Secretary of War and Navy.[2]

Military career[edit]

Pedro Hinojosa was born in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, and eventually enlisted in the National Guard of Tamaulipas at the age of 18.[3] It was in Tamaulipas where he fought the Texan rebels and the Apache and Comanche tribes, who maintained determined against the government. In 1848, during the Mexican–American War, Hinojosa ascended in military rankings and became a lieutenant. He continued to defend Tamaulipas through its national guard until 1854, the year he was elected lieutenant colonel due to his efforts in protecting local territories from the Texan military and the native tribes.[4]

Reform War[edit]

French intervention in Mexico[edit]

Rebellions of La Noria and Tuxtepec[edit]

Secretary of War and Navy[edit]


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