Pedro Madruga

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Pedro Álvarez de Soutomaior
Count of Caminha
Full name
Pedro Álvarez de Soutomaior
Father Fernán Yáñez de Sotomaior
Mother Constança Gonçalves
Born c. 1430
Pontevedra, Castile
Died 1486
Alba de Tormes, Castile

Pedro Álvarez de Soutomaior, Count of Caminha, popularly known as Pedro Madruga (c. 1430 - 1486), was one of the most notable figures of Medieval Galicia and an example of the typical European feudal knight.

According to one theory,[1] Christopher Columbus and Pedro are the same person. Pedro's death in 1486 may have been a rumour spread to disguise a pact between his former enemies, the Catholic Monarchs and himself. There are documents that suggest that Pedro was still alive after 1486 and that a son of Columbus was the same person as a son of Pedro.


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