Pedro Montañez

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Pedro Montañez
Pedro Montanez.jpg
Montañez in 1985
Nickname(s) El Torito De Cayey (The little Bull from Cayey)
Height 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
Reach 68 in (170 cm)
Nationality Puerto Rican
Born April 24, 1914
Cayey, Puerto Rico
Died June 26, 1996(1996-06-26) (aged 82)
Stance Orthodox
Boxing record
Total fights 103
Wins 92
Wins by KO 56
Losses 7
Draws 4

Pedro Montañez (April 24, 1914 – June 26, 1996) was a boxer from Cayey, Puerto Rico.[1] Also known as El Torito De Cayey (The Little Bull of Cayey), he has been considered by many to be one of the best boxers in history never to win a world title. In his career, he was 92–7–4.[2]


Montañez was recognized by Ring Magazine as one of history's most prolific knockout winners with 56 knockout wins, and one of the Latinos with the most knockout wins—while only being knocked out twice himself.[2] He also ranks as number 14 in boxing history, also recognized by Ring Magazine, among boxers with most wins in a row, totalling 88 wins in a row.

Montanez began boxing in 1931, and captured the Puerto Rican lightweight title in 1933. A European tour followed, and he registered victories in Spain, France, England, and Italy. He was next showcased in New York, and scored wins over Aldo Spoldi and Frankie Klick among others. That set up a non-title bout with lightweight king Lou Ambers, which Montanez won in a 10 round decision—he was thereafter dubbed the “uncrowned champion.” Impressive wins over formidable foes Eddie Ran, Wesley Ramey, and Freddie “Red” Cochrane set up a title bout with Ambers on the September 23, 1937, “Carnival of Champions” show at the Polo Grounds in New York City. Although he was defeated for the first time (L 15), observers say he deserved the decision against Ambers. Montanez bounced back to continue his winning ways in bouts with Jackie “Kid” Berg and Young Peter Jackson.[3]

Montañez went for the world title three times, losing to Henry Armstrong and Lou Ambers on points. and then to Armstrong in a rematch by a knockout in round 9.

Montañez reached great popularity in Puerto Rico, New York City, and Latin America, and his collection of photos with celebrities is considered one of the largest in Puerto Rico. He had well over 250 pictures with celebrities such as Celia Cruz, Joe Louis, Jersey Joe Walcott, Cantinflas and some former Puerto Rico Governors and other famous people displayed on his house's walls.

Montañez was elected to the Salon de la Fama del Deporte Cayeyano in July 2004.

Montañez has a stadium named after him, the Pedro Montañez Municipal Stadium in Cayey. It is the home of the Toritos de Cayey Double A baseball team, and the Benigno Fernandez Garcia Jr. High School's field day competitions.[4]

Hall of Fame[edit]

In December 2006, Montañez was elected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame and in 2007 he was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame located @ 360 N Peterboro St, Canastota, NY 13032

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