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Pedro and Frankensheep is an animated BBC television series set in Lake Poopo, Bolivia. It was created by BBC producer Philip Cooper for BBC Children's. Cooper worked closely with filmmakers The Brothers McLeod[1] who designed, co-wrote, and animated the series. The series follows the misadventures of Pedro, a supersmart guinea pig scientist, and his home-made cyborg sheep, Frankensheep. Each episode has a scientific concept at the heart of it. The first appearance of the characters was in fact on the CBBC website, when they were featured on the site's 2007 Christmas Advent Calendar.

Meanwhile, Frank's microscopic Mariachis, The Brain Ticks (madcap musical duo Hector & Hugo), provide a string of scathing remarks and outrageous songs to accompany the shenanigans.

The series comprises 10 5-minute episodes, which are:

  • 1. "In Deep Poopo" (CBBC Channel air date 25 February 2008)
  • 2. "Sleep Guinea Pig Sleep" (26 February 2008)
  • 3. "What a Nugget" (27 February 2008) (This episode was featured in the Doctor Who episode "Silence in the Library".)
  • 4. "Fool Moon" (28 February 2008)
  • 5. "Icky Sticky Web" (29 February 2008)
  • 6. "Red Hot Poopo" (3 March 2008)
  • 7. "The Sheepinator" (4 March 2008)
  • 8. "The Big Sneeze" (5 March 2008)
  • 9. "Pedro's Bright Idea" (6 March 2008)
  • 10. "Flower Power" (7 March 2008)


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