Pedro de Quevedo y Quintano

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Pedro de Quevedo y Quintano

Pedro Benito Antonio Quevedo y Quintano (Villanueva del Fresno, 1736 - Ourense, 1818) was a Spanish Roman Catholic clergyman and politician.

Named a bishop in 1776, he founded the Seminary of Ourense in 1803, and was one of the five people chosen for the Council of Regency that operated as the executive body of Spain's Supreme Central Junta during the Peninsular War. He was also, at the time, the last Grand Inquisitor, until the Spanish Inquisition was abolished by the Cádiz Cortes. In 1816 Pope Pius VII named him a cardinal.

His sepulchre in the Cathedral of Ourense was designed by sculptor Antoni Solà.

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