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Peek-a-boo is a boxing style where the hands are placed in front of the boxer's face,[1][2] like in the baby's game of the same name. It offers extra protection to the face and makes it easier to jab the opponent's face. Peek-a-boo boxing was developed by legendary trainer Cus D'Amato.

Peek-a-boo boxing utilizes relaxed hands with the forearms in front of the face and the fist at nose-eye level.[3] Other unique features include side-to-side head movements, bobbing, weaving and blind siding the opponent.[4]

A fighter using the peek-a-boo style is drilled with the stationary dummy and on the bag until the fighter is able to punch by rapid combinations with what D'Amato called "bad intentions". The style allows swift neck movements as well quick duckings and bad returning damage, usually by rising uppercuts or even rising hooks.[citation needed]

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