Peel Football League

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Peel Football League
Sport Australian rules football
Founded 1992
President Barry Butterworth
No. of teams 8
Most recent
Baldivis (League)
Waroona (Reserves)
South Mandurah (Colts)

The Peel Football League (PFL) is a country football league based in the Peel region of Western Australia. The competition was formed in 1992 when teams from the Metropolitan Football League and Murray Districts Football League merged. There are currently eight league and reserves teams and nine colts teams.

The formation years[edit]

The Metropolitan Football League (MFL) was a predecessor to the PFL and competed from 1988 to 1991 under the administration of the Sunday Football League. The six founding MFL teams in 1988 were Kwinana, Manning, Midland, Mosman Park, North Fremantle and Cockburn. In 1989, the MFL grew from 6 teams to 8 teams with the inclusion of Mundijong Centrals and Pinjarra. These two teams were previously competing in the Murray Districts Football League (along with Harvey Town, South Mandurah and Waroona).

The MFL gained another two teams in 1990, with the admission of South Mandurah and Waroona, who were forced to join the league when the Murray Districts Football League disbanded at the end of the 1989 season. Cockburn also did not compete in 1990, but re-entered for the final year of the MFL in 1991.

In 1992, the ten MFL teams broke ties with the Sunday Football League and combined with Mandurah (from the Sunday Football League) and Belmont to form the new Peel Football League (PFL). In 1994, Midland, Mosman Park, Manning, North Fremantle, Cockburn and Belmont left the PFL to form Division 2 of the Sunday Football League (along with a new club from Kingsley). However, the loss of these six teams was offset by the admission of Rockingham (from the WA Amateur Football League) and a new team from Harvey.

Note: The information above was sourced from Sunday Football League Yearbooks and Westside Football Newspapers.

Merger rumours and the loss of the Bulls[edit]

The end of 2008 saw the end of neighbouring competition the Sunday Football League. This fuelled rumours that 4 of their clubs would be joining the competition in 2009. There were many mixed reactions throughout the competition, with majority of the people and clubs involved, against the idea. Even though clubs rejected the offer, rumours fuelled that the WAFC were going to over rule the clubs and input the new clubs in by themselves. The Harvey Bulls reacted immediately. With playing numbers already at a dangerous low, and coming off a poor season, the input of the four clubs would increase travel time and therefore playing interest would tumble further. So in an effort to increase interest in the club, it held a meeting within the community to decide on their future. There were two options decided to vote upon. Move to the South West Football League or fold. In an overwhelming decision it was voted to create a submission to become the tenth team in the SWFL.

While all this was happening the PFL decided to try to fight of the merger. All clubs voted against it, but it was up to the WAFC to decide on their fate. Meanwhile, the SWFL decided to look into the Bulls submission. The Bulls had a meeting with the SWFL board and both parties came out of the meeting happy, and it was now up to the other clubs in the SWFL to vote upon the Bulls in a months time. The bulls needed to get 7 or more votes out of 9 to enter the competition.

The SWFL voted late December on 2008. 8 of the clubs voted in favour of the Bulls with the only club against it was neighbouring and now rival team Harvey-Brunswick-Lecshanault Lions. In their 15 years in the PFL the Bulls played in 6 Grand Finals, winning 3 premierships, and played in 12 finals series.

Later it was decided that the SFL teams were better suited to enter in the amateur Perth competition. However Armadale were nevertheless admitted to the PFL to replace the Bulls.

Current clubs[edit]

Baldivis Brumbies Yellow, Red and Navy Blue Baldivis Oval, Baldivis 2006
Halls Head Lightning Navy Blue and White Merlin Street, Falcon 2008
Mandurah Mustangs Red and White Rushton Park, Mandurah 1992
(Mundijong) Centrals Blues Navy Blue and White Mundijong Oval, Mundijong 1992
Pinjarra Tigers Yellow and Black Sir Ross Mclarty Oval, Pinjarra 1992
Rockingham Rams Red, Black and White Anniversary Park, Rockingham 1994
South Mandurah Falcons Yellow and Blue Falcon Oval, Falcon 1992
Waroona Demons Red and Black Waroona Oval, Waroona 1992

Former clubs[edit]

Armadale Demons Red and Black 2009 2009 Joined from the Sunday FL when it disbanded; joined the WAAFL in 2010
Belmont Bombers Red, White and Black 1992 1993 Joined the Sunday FL Division 2 in 1994
Cockburn Saints Blue and White 1992 1993 Joined the Sunday FL Division 2 in 1994 (as Cockburn Eagles)
Harvey Bulls Red, Black and Green 1994 2008 Joined the SWFL, to reduce travel factors and gain more exposure through a better competition
Kwinana Knights Red, Blue and White 1992 2005 Left competition 3 games into 2005, after poor results, lack of players and financial difficulties
Manning Maroons Maroon and Yellow 1992 1993 Joined the Sunday FL Division 2 in 1994
Midland Tigers Black and Yellow 1992 1993 Joined the Sunday FL Division 2 in 1994
Mosman Park Mossies Red and Black 1992 1993 Joined the Sunday FL Division 2 in 1994
North Fremantle Magpies Black and White 1992 1993 Joined the Sunday FL Division 2 in 1994

Grand final results[edit]


1992 Mundijong Centrals 17.12.114 d Mandurah 10.9.69

1993 Mandurah 9.11.65 d Pinjarra 8.7.55

1994 Pinjarra 16.9.105 d Mandurah 8.6.54

1995 Mandurah 19.22.136 d Harvey 18.14.122

1996 Harvey 9.9.63 d Rockingham 8.12.60

1997 Rockingham 14.17.101 d Pinjarra 7.5.47

1998 South Mandurah 16.6.102 d Mundijong Centrals 12.15.87

1999 Mundijong Centrals 13.10.88 d Harvey 8.8.56

2000 Mundijong Centrals 14.10.94 d Harvey 10.6.66

2001 Pinjarra 14.11.95 d Mundijong Centrals 7.7.49

2002 Pinjarra 9.9.63 d Mandurah 6.13.49

2003 Mandurah 11.8.74 d Pinjarra 9.9.63

2004 Harvey 14.10.94 d Pinjarra 9.5.59

2005 Harvey 16.17.113 d Rockingham 3.15.33

2006 South Mandurah 15.14.104 d Waroona 9.7.61

2007 Mundijong Centrals 13.7.85 d South Mandurah 8.8.56

2008 South Mandurah 26.16.172 d Mundijong Centrals 5.5.35

2009 Waroona d South Mandurah

2010 Waroona 20.18.138 d Mandurah 7.2.44

2011 Waroona 16.7.103 d Rockingham 8.7.55

2012 Waroona 8.7.55 d Rockingham 7.9.51

2013 Pinjarra 15.14.104 d Waroona 12.7.79

2014 Pinjarra 14.7. 91 d Mundijong Centrals 12.13. 85

2015 South Mandurah 13.6. 84 d Waroona 10.5. 65

2016 Baldivis 10.7. 67 d Waroona 9.8. 62



Club Years Won Total
Waroona 2009-2012 4
Centrals 1992, 1999, 2000, 2007 4
Harvey 1996, 2004, 2005 3
Mandurah 1993, 1995, 2003 3
Pinjarra 1994, 2001, 2002, 2013, 2014 5
South Mandurah 1998, 2006, 2008, 2015 4
Rockingham 1997 1
Baldivis 2016 1


Team Years Won Total
Rockingham 1995–1999, 2001, 2005, 2006 8
Mandurah 1992–1994, 2003, 2004, 2010 6
Harvey 2000, 2002 2
South Mandurah 2007, 2009, 2013 3
Centrals 2008 1
Pinjarra 2011 1
Waroona 2012 , 2016 2
Halls Head 2015 1


Team Years Won Total
Mandurah 1993, 1994, 1999, 2001–2003, 2005, 2012 8
Rockingham 1998, 2000, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 6
South Mandurah 1995, 1997, 2007, 2016 4
Halls Head 2009, 2011, 2015 3
Pinjarra 1996 1
Baldivis 2013 1

Honour board[edit]


Premiers Premiership Coach Runners Up Minor Premiers Wooden Spoon B/F R/U B/F GF BOG Leading Goal Kicker Budget Player Of The Year/ Mandurah Mail
1992 Centrals Ric Ellard Mandurah Mandurah Kwinana Ric Ellard (Centrals)
1993 Mandurah Pinjarra Mandurah Manning Des Hayward (Mandurah)
1994 Pinjarra Mandurah Mandurah Kwinana Brad Perry (Mandurah)
1995 Mandurah Haydn Bunton Harvey Mandurah Centrals Peter Humes (Kwinana) Brendon Baker (Rockingham) Kurnutt Thorne (Kwinana) N/A
1996 Harvey Mark Bayliss Rockingham Harvey Centrals Clinton Dennis (Mandurah) Ned Fimmano (Harvey)
1997 Rockingham Mark Watson Pinjarra Rockingham Brendan Baker (Rockingham)
1998 South Mandurah Bob Maher Centrals South Mandurah Bruno Italiano (Harvey) Aaron Jeffery (Centrals) Rod Tregenza (South Mandurah) (161)
1999 Centrals Terry Richardson Harvey Aaron Jeffery (Centrals) Kieren Ugle (Rockingham) Brad Oldfield (Centrals)
2000 Centrals Terry Richardson Harvey Harvey Kwinana Cam Allen (Harvey) Brendon Braithwaite (Rockingham), Patrick Young (Waroona) Clarry Green (Centrals) Mark Bayliss (Harvey) Bruno Italiano (Harvey)
2001 Pinjarra Troy Wilson Centrals Pinjarra Kwinana Rob Lawson (Mandurah) Phil Gilbert(Pinjarra)
2002 Pinjarra Phil Gilbert Mandurah Pinjarra South Mandurah Bruce Briene (Pinjarra) Todd Nancarrow (Pinjarra) Todd Nancarrow (Pinjarra) Leon Harris (kwinana) Cam Allen (Harvey)
2003 Mandurah Bill Lawler Pinjarra Mandurah Richard Leigh(Pinjarra) Peter Miller (Pinjarra) Matt Liddell (Mandurah) Joe Smith (Waroona) (75) Ricky Jetta (Kwinana) and Leon Demarte (Mandurah)
2004 Harvey Ned Fimmano Pinjarra Harvey South Mandurah Nathan Burridge (Harvey) Ryan Redfern (Harvey) Nathan Burridge (Harvey) Sam Hart (Kwinana) (98) Ricky Jetta (Kwinana)
2005 Harvey Ned Fimmano Rockingham Rockingham Pinjarra Ryan Redfern (Harvey) Dean Taylor (Waroona) Ryan Redfern (Harvey) Sam Hart (Rockingham) (65) Mark Cherubino (Harvey)
2006 South Mandurah Sean Wrigley Waroona Rockingham Harvey Greg Sanders (Rockingham) Scott Simister (South Mandurah) Rod Tregenza (South Mandurah) (172)
2007 Centrals Aaron Jeffery South Mandurah South Mandurah Pinjarra Jason Morgan (Centrals) Rowan Arnott (South Mandurah) Jason Morgan (Centrals) Rod Tregenza (South Mandurah) (124) Scott Franklin (Rockingham)
2008 South Mandurah Sean Wrigley Centrals South Mandurah Mandurah Matthew Ware (Rockingham) Matthew Giumelli (Waroona) Rod Tregenza (South Mandurah) (223) Daniel Wilson (Centrals)
2009 Waroona Paul Pannell South Mandurah Waroona Rowan Arnott (South Mandurah)/Paul White (South Mandurah) Dustin Roberts (Waroona) Rod Tregenza (South Mandurah) (132)
2010 Waroona Paul Pannell Mandurah Waroona Halls Head Rowan Arnott (Rockingham) Ben Matthews-Herrald (Waroona) Rod Tregenza (South Mandurah) (100)
2011 Waroona Paul Pannell Rockingham Waroona Halls Head Matthew Giumelli (Waroona) Rod Tregenza (South Mandurah) (122)
2012 Waroona Craig Callaghan Rockingham Rockingham Halls Head Rod Tregenza (South Mandurah) (130)
2013 Pinjarra Matthew Templeton Waroona Pinjarra Mandurah Eddie Dann (Rockingham) Brock O'brien
2014 Pinjarra Rob Smith Centrals Centrals Mandurah Tim Bruce (Halls Head)/Tom Harper (Pinjarra) Daniel Griffin (Pinjarra)
2015 South Mandurah Daniel Haines Waroona South Mandurah Mandurah Blair Bell (South Mandurah) Brent Johnson (South Mandurah)
2016 Baldivis Michael McCann Waroona Baldivis Mandurah Rocky Collins (Rockingham) Robert Young (Baldivis)

AFL players who originally come from PFL clubs[edit]

- Paul Bower (South Mandurah)- Carlton

- Daniel Haines (South Mandurah)- Fremantle

- Matt Riggio (Waroona) - North Melbourne

- Daniel Wells (Kwinana) - North Melbourne

- Hayden Ballantyne (Baldivis) - Fremantle

- Farren Ray (Mandurah) - Western Bulldogs/ St Kilda

- Brock O'Brien (Pinjarra) - Fremantle

- Nathan Wilson (Mandurah) - GWS Giants

- Brad Walsh (Rockingham) - Carlton

- Harley Bennell (Pinjarra) - Gold Coast/ Fremantle

- Ben Newton (Baldivis) - Port Adelaide/Melbourne

- Josh Schoenfeld (Rockingham) - Gold Coast

- Bradley Lynch (Mandurah) - Western Bulldogs