2014 Peel Region municipal elections

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Elections were held in the Regional Municipality of Peel of Ontario on October 27, 2014 in conjunction with municipal elections across the province.

Mayoral campaigns were won by Allan Thompson in Caledon, Linda Jeffrey in Brampton, and Bonnie Crombie in Mississauga. Newly re-elected Mississauga councillor Frank Dale was voted by 14 of 24 Regional councillors as the new Chair of the Region of Peel.

Peel Regional Council[edit]

Position Elected
Chair Frank Dale
Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey
Brampton Wards 1 & 5 Elaine Moore
Brampton Wards 2 & 6 Michael P. Palleschi
Brampton Wards 3 & 4 Martin Medeiros
Brampton Wards 7 & 8 Gael Miles
Brampton Wards 9 & 10 John Sprovieri
Caledon Mayor Allan Thompson
Caledon Ward 1 Barb Shaughnessy
Caledon Ward 2 Johanna Downey
Caledon Ward 3 & 4 Jennifer Innis
Caledon Ward 5 Annette Groves
Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie
Mississauga Ward 1 Jim Tovey
Mississauga Ward 2 Karen Ras
Mississauga Ward 3 Chris Fonseca
Mississauga Ward 4 Frank Dale
Mississauga Ward 5 Carolyn Parrish
Mississauga Ward 6 Ron Starr
Mississauga Ward 7 Nando Iannicca
Mississauga Ward 8 Matt Mahoney
Mississauga Ward 9 Pat Saito
Mississauga Ward 10 Sue McFadden
Mississauga Ward 11 George Carlson

Regional chair[edit]

The list of individuals interested in candidacy include:

  • Steve Mahoney, former MP, MPP, Mississauga Regional councillor[1]
  • Pat Mullin, former Mississauga Regional councillor[1]
  • Richard Paterak, former Caledon Regional councillor[1]
  • John Sanderson, former Brampton Regional councillor[2]
  • Shelley White, CEO, United Way of Peel[3]
  • Frank Dale, Mississauga City Councillor Ward 4

Hazel McCallion has cautioned current Mississauga councillors from seeking the seat, or voting for a current Regional councillor, as this would trigger a $500,000 by-election or an appointment.[4] Frank Dale won the appointment by a single vote over John Sanderson which he cast for himself.


2014 Brampton mayoral election
← 2010 October 27, 2014
  Mayor Fennell warms up the crowd for cheering.JPG Johntruck.jpg
Candidate Susan Fennell Linda Jeffrey John Sanderson

Mayor before election

Susan Fennell

Elected Mayor

Linda Jeffrey

The 2014 Brampton municipal election was held on October 27, 2014 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, to elect the Mayor of Brampton, Brampton City Council and the Brampton members of the Peel District School Board (Public) and Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board. The election is being held in conjunction with the province wide 2014 municipal elections.

Mayor of Brampton[edit]

There are currently eleven Mayoral candidates in Brampton.

Candidate [5] Vote % Notes
Linda Jeffrey 51,061 49.33 Former Brampton City Councillor (1991–2003), MPP for Brampton Centre and Brampton—Springdale (2003–2014), Minister of Natural Resources, Labour, Seniors and Municipal Affairs and Housing, and Chair of Cabinet
John Sanderson 22,336 21.58 Officially lending their support are City Councillors Bob Callahan, John Hutton, and Grant Gibson and Regional Councillors Elaine Moore and John Sprovieri.[6]
Susan Fennell (X) 12,975 12.54
Gurjit S. Grewal 3,464 3.35
Donald McLeod 2,782 2.69 Scrap metal broker, owns company. In an interview with The Brampton Guardian, his focus was on accountability. Roads, urban sprawl, and quality of life were also mentioned.[7]
Jacqueline Bell 2,187 2.11
Ranjit Singh 2,085 2.01
Muhammad Haque 1,848 1.79
Baljit Bobby More 1,304 1.26
Sukhjinder S. Gill 878 0.85
Hargurnar Randhawa 749 0.72 Ran in the 2010 election for Mayor of Brampton, placing fourth of five.
Devinder Sangha 731 0.71
Miriam Wylie 473 0.46


  • John Ish Ishmael, withdrew in February
  • Fazal Khan, now registered as a candidate for Wards 2 & 6 on city council.
  • Sewak Singh Manak


Forum Research for The Toronto Star, January 18, 2014[8][9]

31% 34% 19% 16%
Susan Fennell John Sanderson Navdeep Bains Don't know

Forum Research for The Toronto Star, April 27, 2014[10]

18% 26% 39% 17%
Susan Fennell John Sanderson Linda Jeffrey Don't know

Forum Research for The Toronto Star, August 7 and 8, 2014 (1178 Brampton voters):[11]

13% 24% 39% 24%
Susan Fennell John Sanderson Linda Jeffrey Undecided

Forum Research for The Toronto Star, September 27, 2014 (928 Brampton voters):[12]

17% 17% 42% 5% 3% 3% 13%
Susan Fennell John Sanderson Linda Jeffrey R. G. S. Undecided

Initials refer to candidates Hargy Randhawa, Gurjit Grewal, and Devinder Sangha.

Mainstreet Research, October 2, 2014:[13]

13% 20% 36% 5% 27%
Susan Fennell John Sanderson Linda Jeffrey Baljit More Undecided

Mainstreet Research, October 2, 2014, of only those certain to vote:[14]

12% 24% 38% 4% 22%
Susan Fennell John Sanderson Linda Jeffrey Baljit More Undecided

Forum Research for The Toronto Star, October 16, 2014 (1,020 Brampton voters):[15]

14% 27% 42% 14%
Susan Fennell John Sanderson Linda Jeffrey Other

Mainstreet Research, October 21, 2014 (1,602 Brampton voters):[16]

11% 27% 34% 5% 5% 19%
Susan Fennell John Sanderson Linda Jeffrey Baljit More Someone Else Undecided

Regional council[edit]

Candidate Vote % Notes
Wards 1 & 5
Vidya Sagar Gautam 1158 6.87
Elaine Moore 8784 52.07 Incumbent.
Krishawn Thompson 707 4.19
Paul Vicente 6219 36.87 Promoted a livable city; supported transit initiatives; pledged to hold regular town hall meetings for improved resident engagement; maintain employment lands for jobs; pledged to advocate for completion of Peel Memorial Phase 2.[17]
Wards 2 & 6
Victoria Colbourne
John Hutton Hutton was the incumbent for these wards as a City Councillor.[18]
Mandeep Jassal Brampton School Traffic Safety Council member.[19]
Sean Kean
Jai Naraine
Michael Paul Palleschi
Wards 3 & 4
Amir Ali
Penelope Batey
Divina De Buono
Shan Gill
John Raymond Grant Aims to change the Region's waste to energy plan by building plasma gasification plants; by doing so, he expects the lower hydro rates will return manufacturing to Brampton. Other priorities are to develop new revenue streams for the City, improve the City's delivery of services.[20]
Steve Kavanagh Served five terms as a Peel District School Board trustee. On registration he noted that the municipal audit spurred him to run, saying he has built a reputation on following policy and being frugal.[21]
Joseph Kus Ran for Councillor, Ward 6 of Oakville, 2006. His only campaign priority provided to the Brampton Guardian is Parks and Recreation programs for people aged 35 to 55. He did not provide the Guardian with a photograph of himself, his occupation, or an explanation of why he was running for council.[22] Parks and Recreation is run by the City of Brampton, not the Region.
Robert Lackey
Sean Leiba Management and e-commerce consultant; small business mentor, math tutor, man who rips off people that work for him. Platform includes accountability, gridlock, platform includes scrapping the LRT, businesses and jobs, education, community building.[23]
Robert Mall Finished four of five candidates in the 2010 election for City Councillor, Wards 3 & 4.[24]
Garnett Manning
Martin Mederios Senior Policy Advisor, Province of Ontario; volunteering for Portuguese community organizations, health fundraising, his church. Platform includes transparency, accountability, job opportunities, transportation, education, training opportunities.[25]
Kevin Montgomery
Evie O'Malley
Lynda Sacco
Raguhbir Singh
Wards 7 & 8
Mir Ali
Christine Allen
Logan Anderson Previously registered for city council.
Gael Miles Incumbent. Miles is the only incumbent endorsed by Mayor Fennell.[26]
Blair Nicholson
Cheryl Rodricks
Manjit Bhondhi Saini
Jotvinder Sodhi
Wards 9 & 10
Paramjit Singh Birdi
Jagdip Hayer
Julie McPhee
Michelle Shaw
Gurratan Singh
JD Singh
John Sprovieri Incumbent.
Harkanwal S. Thind Thind was the runner up in the 2010 election with 7071 votes (31.7%).[27] He is a local business owner and community activist involved with many local organizations including as a director of iRock Pink (a cancer awareness and fundraising group that donates annually to Wellspring Chiguacousy), a founder member of Indo-Canadian Friends of Osler (a group pledging to raise $1 Million for William Osler hospitals), and is a member of the Brampton Board of Trade and Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce.


  • Wards 3 & 4: Janice Gordon, Ryan O'neil Knight
  • Wards 7 & 8: Jacqueline Bell (became a candidate for Mayor), Clement Osei Tutu
  • Wards 9 & 10: Gugni Gill Panaich (became the NDP candidate for Brampton West)[28][29]

City council[edit]

Candidate Vote %
Brampton Wards 1 & 5
Grant Gibson 7378 44.2
Steve Kerr 3063 18.35
Maureen Harper 1553 9.3
David Lozowsky 1257 7.53
Inderjit Sidhu 943 5.65
Reg Ewles 906 5.43
Munir Amir 637 3.82
Mustafa Omarkhail[30] 445 2.67
Prakash Harpal 376 2.25
Shiv Sibal 133 0.8

Incumbent Grant Gibson won with a healthy margin, as did his close ally, Regional Councillor Elaine Moore. Gibson endorsed the candidacy of John Sanderson for mayor.[6] Gibson and Elaine Moore were the only councillors to post their expenses online before the public focus on accountability.[31] Gibson's top challengers were Steve Kerr, a certified youth counselor/education liaison and entrepreneur, and Maureen Harper, a veterinarian, recently retired from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Candidate Vote % Notes
Brampton Wards 2 & 6
Ojie Eghobor
Ros Feldman
Ralph Irving Greene Formerly a trustee, current campaign asks for voters to "re-elect" Greene.
Sukhminder Hansra [32]
Terrence Harrison [33]
Cassian Joseph
Usman Khalid
Fazal Khan Previously registered as a candidate for mayor.
Lawrence Manickam
Gurpreet Pabla
Drew Riedstra Ran for Halton Hills Town Council in 2006, placing third; he had run once prior.[34][35]
Sushil Tailor
Doug Whillans Son of the late Mayor of Brampton Ken Whillans. One of eight candidates for this seat in 2010 coming in second after John Hutton; Hutton is no longer running for city council and is instead running for regional council.[36]
Linda Zanella Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board trustee for Brampton Wards 2, 5 and 6 for 16 years. Zanella has considered city politics for "some time", but wasn't comfortable running against incumbent Hutton. Hutton is now running for Regional council.[18]
Brampton Wards 3 & 4
Jeff Bowman
Nisar Butt
Michael Freeman
Parminder Singh Grewal
Robert Donald Gallie Lee
C. Jean Jamieson
Andre Levy Levy is an electro-mechanical engineer, automation & robotics tech. Five of his priorities are accountability, mayor/council salary, transparency, jobs, poverty.[37]
Maria Peart Finished 4th of 8 in the 2006 election for City Councillor, Wards 3 & 4.[38]
Frank B. Raymond
Shivani Shiromany
Daniel Yeboah
Brampton Wards 7 & 8
Ajay Malhotra Volunteers call him the "Common-sense" Councillor. He talks about real common-sense solutions to City problems like "Facilities should be built at the rate and speed of housing development." and that Local taxes should remain local.
Khalid Alvi
Karla Bailey
Franca Blandino
James Drozdiak
Pat Fortini
Damindar Singh Ghumman
Amarjit Grewal
Manan Gupta
Subbiah Manickam
Pam Marwaha
Archibald Davie McLachlan
Roland Parsons
Cheryl Rodricks
Veenay Sehdev
Sohan Singh
Joseph Tanti
Brampton Wards 9 & 10
Allison Brown
Vicky Dhillon Incumbent.
Gurpreet Singh Dhillon
Avtar Singh Gill
Jarnail (Sunny) Singh


  • Wards 1 & 5: Wesley Rampersad, a former Region of Peel case worker, terminated in August 2013. Peel Regional Police Fraud Bureau investigations found a total of $189,000 was paid to what police allege were fake client claims. Detectives arrested Rampersad on charges May 1, 2014, laying multiple charges.[39]
  • Wards 3 & 4: Adam Holly, Kevin Montgomery (re-registered as a Regional Council candidate)
  • Wards 7 & 8: Logan Anderson (re-registered as a candidate for Regional Council), Joseph Tanti



  • January 7: The Star also runs an editorial critical of Fennell, suggesting that it is "becoming near-impossible to ignore Fennell's spending scandals and her attempts to keep the information secret, which have tainted her reputation as mayor and dominated city council," expressing concern that she is a distraction to the City, during its continued growth.[40]
  • February 10: John Sanderson registers as a candidate for mayor. The Globe notes Sanderson as the first "experienced challenger", highlighting his "extensive six-part platform".[41]
  • March 23: Brampton-Springdale MPP Linda Jeffrey (Liberal) confirms that she will resign as both a Member of Provincial Parliament and Municipal Affairs Minister on the March 25. She did not confirm that she was running for Mayor of Brampton, stating to The Star that she was the nominated candidate for the riding. Jeffrey is a former Brampton councillor. Both Fennell and Sanderson were quick to issue statements connecting her with Liberal government issues like eHealth, Ornge, and gas plant cancellations.[42]
  • March 24 and 25: A leaked memo reveals that Mayor Fennell asked the city treasurer to initiate a "stop of salary", at the end of October, before a salary report release. The move effectively dropped her from the position as Canada's highest paid mayor, by refusing acceptance of her November and December pay. Council must approve changes to the mayor's salary, and many councillors suggested the move was illegal. Sanderson questioned the act of cutting salary in the lead up to an election. Group Citizens For a Better Brampton questioned whether she can reverse the decision after the election, and receive the back owed pay.[43][44]
  • March 26: Susan Fennell issues a statement that she will be stepping aside from duties as mayor for an undisclosed period, as her husband has been admitted for open heart surgery.[45] Regional Councillor John Sprovieri serves as acting mayor in a session of council. He will hold the position for the remainder of March; Bob Callahan was to by acting mayor in April.[45][46] Later in the day, Fennell's spokesperson announces she will return by the next meeting of council.[47]
  • April 2:
    • Former Councillor and MPP Linda Jeffrey enters the Mayoral race.[48]
    • Toronto Star runs a front-page story on Fennell and her staff's charges to City credit cards.[49] An editorial says either Jeffrey or Sanderson "would be a better mayor than the incumbent."[50]
  • May 1: Linda Jeffrey launches her campaign.[51]
  • May 21: Fennell's privately run Mayor's Gala has only dispersed $442,005 to community groups in 2012 and 2013 combined, from $1,710,106 raised, little over a quarter of funds raised, Toronto Star reports.[52]
  • May 27: Toronto Star reports that a company owned by a "close personal friend" of Fennell has received 453 City contracts since 2001, all under the competitive tendering process minimum, totalling $1.1 million. The company, MeriMac, has also been paid by Fennell's own organization to organize its charitable gala and golf tournaments since 2008. Ching lives in a house owned by Fennell.[53] An editorial the same day suggests that the Mayor's "years of misrule warrant a crushing defeat".[54]
  • May 28: A result of the Star article, City Council votes to replace Integrity Commissioner Donald Cameron, who had cleared Fennell. Once a new Commissioner is hired, councillors intend to file an immediate complaint on the grounds that the previous investigation was misled.[55]
  • May 29: Fennell goes on CBC Metro Morning to defend her actions, saying the Star story is "filled with inaccuracies"; the Star reiterates that Fennell and Ching refused to reply to repeated questions before the story was published. She assured host Matt Galloway she does not mix personal life and business. Also on CBC, Fennell commented that various councillors have been displaying "outrageous, shameful conduct".[56][57] She described the tactic as "silly season" to get in the way of Brampton receiving a university campus.[58]
  • September 5: Social Justice Collaborative holds Brampton's first debate of the campaign, at the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives. Coverage of the debate focused largely around spending practices by Fennell and council.[59][60]
  • September 10
    • Before the final council meeting of the term, Fennell calls a press conference to announce she is pursuing legal action against critical councillors, the Toronto Star, and Deloitte Canada, which was hired by the City to do a forensic audit. "I've had it up to here with the lies the innuendo and the smears."[61][62][62]
  • September 12: Susan Fennell threatens to boycott the Brampton Board of Trade's debate, after several candidates suggested the event was anti-democratic and discriminatory. BBOT members were asked to vote on which candidates should attend. Jaipaul Massey-Singh, Board of Trade chair-elect, responded that the selection process was "in order to properly engage candidates in discussion of their platforms.[63] The BBOT is concerned that if all candidates are invited to speak, individuals will then simply state their positions with little or no opportunity for them to challenge one another or for panelists to hold them accountable in their answers. Recent local debates that have invited all candidates to participate have shown this to be the case."[64] If anyone does not participate, the BBOT will replace them with the candidate with the next highest number of votes.[63]
  • September 16: BBOT drops Susan Fennell from the BBOT debate. Self-employed farmer Jacqueline Bell will take the fourth spot, joining Jeffreys, Sanderson, and McLeod. Hargy Randhawa is also added.[65] Devinder Sangha issues a press release calling their actions "knee jerk", suggesting Randhawa was "invited directly by the BBOT in spite of his entering the Mayoral race at the last minute and being the lowest voted candidate in the previous Mayoral election."[66] Randhawa received over 13% of the vote in 2010, finishing fourth of five candidates.[67]
  • September 24: Brampton CAO John Corbett confirms that Deloitte has decided to "stop providing advice to the city." A new auditing firm must be hired to determine repayment amounts. Councillors talking to the media suggest that, due to legal action, the issue is impossible to revisit before the election.[68]
  • September 29: The BBOT debate at Sheridan College happens as scheduled. While Fennell remained uninvited, she talked to media outlets including CP24, and tweeted responses to the debate.[69][70]
  • October 2: Attention moved from Fennell to Jeffrey in the Brampton Young Professionals Forum debate, with the incumbent, Sanderson, and Sangha suggesting that the Province didn't help the City. Jeffrey suggested the City missed opportunities: "sat on the bench and did not chase the puck".[71]
  • October 5: A senior solicitor for Brampton, Colin Grant, is revealed to be no longer with the City.[72]
  • October 6:
    • Fennell, Sanderson, and Jeffrey appear on CP24 program LeDrew Live.[73] Fennell dubs the controversy as "manufactured scandals".[74] Sanderson suggests Jeffrey double crossed him, suggesting during the ice storm that she was not interested in running for Mayor of Brampton.[75]
    • An anonymous attack ad, directed at Jeffrey, is released on YouTube. Citing its production values and professional narration, Jeffrey's campaign suggests that it is connected to a "well financed individual or group."[76]
  • October 16: A poll conducted by Forum finds 68% of voters want Fennell to resign, up from 63% in September.[15]
  • October 24:
    • Arbitator Janet Leiper released a report, finding that the amount to be owed by Fennell as $3,522.97, less than the roughly $34,000 indicated in the audit.[77]
    • After a press conference held by Fennell on the porch of her Terra Cotta Crescent house, supporters throw room-temperature coffee in the face of Toronto Star reporter San Grewal.[78]
  • November 26: United Way of Peel officials say they are looking into code of ethics complaints, related to CEO Shelley White's endorsement of Jeffreys.[79]


List of Debates
Date Hosted by Participants Location Moderator Ref
September 4 Social Justice Collaborative Fennell, Jeffreys, Sanderson,[80] Sangha, four others; the debate also included two Caledon Mayoral candidates[59] Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives [81]
September 29 Brampton Board of Trade Bell, Jeffreys, McLeod, Randhawa, Sanderson Sheridan College Davis Campus [63][65]
October 2 Brampton Young Professionals Forum Fennell, Jeffreys, Sanderson, Sangha Old Shoe Factory Jahmeelah Gamble [71]
October 9 Brampton Board of Trade and Rogers TV All candidates [63]
October 16 Central Peel Secondary School students Bell, Haque, Jeffrey, McLeod, Randhawa, Sangha; Fennell was announced but did not attend[82] Central Peel Secondary School [83]


Registration for the 2014 election in Caledon had a slow start compared to other municipalities; the first Council registration was incumbent Gord McClure, on February 14.[84]

Mayor of Caledon[edit]

There are currently two Mayoral candidates in Caledon.

Incumbent Marolyn Morrison is not seeking a fourth term in office; her husband intends to retire from teaching in 2015.[85] Morrison experienced continued intimidation from developers throughout her term of office, including an attack on her husband that caused temporary vision damage.[86]

Candidate [5] Vote[87] % Notes
Allan Thompson 7,822 48.48 First elected as Regional Councillor for Ward 2 in 2003.[88] Issues include managing sustainable growth.[89]
Ian Sinclair 3,091 19.16 Served as area and regional councillor between 1994 and 2003 in Ward 1, director and president of former Caledon Ratepayers Association between 1979 and 1986.[90] Issues include public consultation, tax rates, and urban design.[91]
Gary Cascone 2,898 17.96
Nancy Stewart 2,199 13.63
George Niras 123 0.76 Niras has dropped out of the election, but will remain on the ballot. He has endorsed Gary Cascone.[92]

Chris Harker, a former Ward 5 Regional Councillor, registered from August 13; he withdrew August 18, due to "a sudden and unforeseen personal matter".[93]

Regional Councillor[edit]

Those elected as a Regional Councillor serve both on Town of Caledon council and Region of Peel council.

Candidate Vote % Notes
Caledon Ward 1
Barb Shaughnessy 1442 49.50
Richard Paterak (X) 1103 37.86
Jim Pattison 368 12.63
Caledon Ward 2
Johanna Downey 2465 80.69
Mark Radford 590 19.31
Caledon Ward 3 & 4
Jennifer Innis 2752 57.45 Former executive assistant to Mayor Morrison, previously worked with various Progressive Conservative politicians.[94] Innis public addressed rumours of her candidacy in September 2013.[95]
Richard Whitehead (X) 1309 27.33 In municipal office 21 of the last 25 years. Wants to work on ongoing development plans for Bolton and Caledon East, safety issues in Palgrave, and a watershed master plan.[96]
Tony Viola 729 15.22 Previously ran in the 1988,[97] 2007,[98] and 2010 elections.
Caledon Ward 5
Annette Groves 2676 50.75
Patti Foley (X) 2597 49.25

Area Councillor[edit]

Those elected as an Area Councillor serve only on the Town of Caledon council, not the Region of Peel council.

Candidate [5] Vote % Notes
Caledon Ward 1
Doug Beffort (X)
Paul Revell
Caledon Ward 2
Yevgenia Casale
Gord McClure (X)
Caledon Ward 3 & 4
Pushpa Ashanagari
Romeo Jack Barbosa
Nick deBoer (X)
Doug Maskell
Caledon Ward 5
Andrei Belooussov
Kevin Junor
Adam Romasco
Rob Mezzapelli (X)
Trudy Valier


List of Debates
Date Hosted by Participants Location Moderator Ref
September 4 Social Justice Collaborative Ian Sinclair, Allan Thompson[99] Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives [81]
September 23 Caledon Chamber of Commerce all mayoral candidates, school board trustees and the candidates for Ward 5 Albion Bolton Community Centre [100]
September 25 Caledon Chamber of Commerce all mayoral candidates, school board trustees and the candidates for Ward 1, Ward 2, and Ward 3 and 4 Caledon Community Complex [100]


Mayor of Mississauga[edit]

2014 Mississauga mayoral election
← 2010 October 27, 2014 2018 →
  Bonnie Crombie at 2017 AMO Conference (cropped) (36541302906).jpg
Candidate Bonnie Crombie Steve Mahoney
Popular vote 102,346 46,224
Percentage 63.49% 28.68%

Mayor before election

Hazel McCallion

Elected Mayor

Bonnie Crombie

The mayoral race in Mississauga was noted for the retirement of Hazel McCallion, who had served as the city's mayor since 1978 and often faced only token opposition in past campaigns, thus giving rise to the city's first genuinely competitive mayoral race in many years.[101] The leading candidates were Bonnie Crombie and Steve Mahoney, both former Members of Parliament.[101] A third former MP, Carolyn Parrish, was widely believed to be a potential candidate as well, but instead confirmed her intention to run for a council seat rather than for mayor.[101]

Through much of the year, Mahoney and Crombie were effectively tied in public opinion polling; although Mahoney led slightly in most polls, his lead rarely exceeded the poll's margin of error.[102] Both candidates' platforms were nearly identical, with the only substantive point of distinction between them being Mahoney's proposal to implement high-occupancy vehicle lanes on some city streets as an interim measure, while working toward the longer-term implementation of rapid transit improvements that both candidates favoured.[102] In early October, however, McCallion made a speech in which, while stopping short of calling it an official endorsement, she appeared to favour Crombie as her successor;[103] the speech almost immediately vaulted Crombie into a 25-point lead over Mahoney.[102]

There were a total of 10 registered candidates.

Candidate [104] Vote % Notes
Bonnie Crombie 102,346 63.49 55. Former Mississauga Ward 5 councillor (2011-2014), former Mississauga—Streetsville MP (2008-2011).
Steve Mahoney 46,224 28.68 66. Former Mississauga Ward 8 councillor (1978–1987), former Mississauga West MPP (1987–1995), former Mississauga West MP (1997–2004). Initial platform is entirely fiscally themed; linking tax increases to inflation, core services review, seek outside advice on City spending, adopt participatory budgeting using social media and crowd sourcing.[105]
Dil Muhammad 2,429 1.51 75. Retired CEO of Pharm Canada and Vivo Canadian.[106]
Stephen King 1,874 1.16
Masood Khan 1,254 0.78
Donald Barber 1,225 0.76
Derek Ramkissoon 1,044 0.65 52. Resident of Orchard Heights. Owns "staffing, employment and investment companies." Founder of the non-profit In Christ Alone Ministry. Wants to bring skilled labour to Mississauga, For gridlock, wants to create peak period dedicated truck lanes.
Scott E. W. Chapman 868 0.54 24. born in Mississauga, resident of Meadowvale. Educated at Humber College (comedy writing and performance), Seneca College (television production). Quit his job at an alarm company to become a full-time candidate. Admires Hazel McCallion and her "fiscal responsibility". Issues include transit and emergency preparedness.[107] On announcing his nomination, he stopped tweeting.[108]
Riazuddin Choudhry 790 0.49 70. resident of Cooksville. Retired. As of April, Choudhry and his campaign team are going into the community to establish what the issues are, so that he can establish a platform.[109]
Paul Fromm 775 0.48 65. White nationalist racialist and perennial candidate.
Kevin Jackal Johnston 741 0.46 42. Resident of Meadowvale. Platform centres around reducing the number of by-laws, eliminating red light cameras, revitalizing the waterfront.[109]
Andrew Seitz 507 0.31 Finished second last of 16 challengers to McCallion in the 2010 election.
Joe Lomangino 415 0.26
Grant Isaac 392 0.24
Sheraz Siddiqui 315 0.20

Mike Shoss withdrew his nomination for mayor.



Forum Research, March[110]

22% 29% 49%
Bonnie Crombie Steve Mahoney Don't know

Forum Research, April[111][112]

25% 27% 48%
Bonnie Crombie Steve Mahoney Don't know

Forum Research, July[113]

29% 31% 40%
Bonnie Crombie Steve Mahoney Don't know

Forum Research, August[113]

26% 27% 47%
Bonnie Crombie Steve Mahoney Undecided
24% 24% 9% 43%
Bonnie Crombie Steve Mahoney Eve Adams (unregistered) Undecided

Forum Research, September 28 (557 respondents)[114]

36% 40% 9% 15%
Bonnie Crombie Steve Mahoney Steven King Undecided

Forum Research, October 16 (769 respondents)[102]

56% 31% 4% 9%
Bonnie Crombie Steve Mahoney Steven King Undecided
Awareness polls[edit]

In mid-September 2014, Mahoney commissioned a poll of 824 people using interactive voice response. Main Street Technologies added the names of the three Toronto mayoral front-runners to Mississauga front-runners' names, to demonstrate Mahoney's observation that many Mississauga residents were unaware of the municipal election or its candidates.[115] Mahoney's internal polling found that 63 to 66% of Mississauga residents are undecided as to their choice for mayor.[116]

30% 35% 23% 12%
Bonnie Crombie Steve Mahoney Doug Ford* Other
41% 29% 14% 16%
Bonnie Crombie Steve Mahoney Olivia Chow* Other
29% 33% 21% 17%
Bonnie Crombie Steve Mahoney John Tory* Other

City and Regional Council[edit]

Candidate Vote % Notes
Ward 1
John Burrows 1,939 17.44%
Winston Harding 243 2.19%
Khalid Mahmood 118 1.06%
Shane McNeil 601 5.40%
Harvey Mihalic 309 2.78%
Jim Tovey (X) 7,911 71.14% Jim Tovey died January 15, 2018 term was completed by appointee David Cooke
Ward 2
John Armstrong 1,121 8.87%
Laurence Kuysten 887 7.01%
Ram Mustafa 459 3.63%
Karen Ras (X) 3,544 28.03%
Sue Shanly 3,091 24.44%
Alvin Tedjo 2,310 18.27%
Ward 3
Roma Ahmed 366 2.62%
Chris Fonseca (X) 10,923 78.13%
Phil Poyton 993 7.10%
Elena Stoykovich 1,698 12.15%
Ward 4
Ahmad Abu-Qurah 562 3.85%
Frank Dale (X) 10,353 70.88% Elected as Peel Regional Chair after 2014 municipal elections triggering by-election April 27, 2015
Antoni Kantor 1,999 13.69%
Michael Madej 267 1.83%
Hardat Prasad Sookraj 330 2.26%
Barbara Tabuno 1,096 7.50%
Ward 5
Aayesha Arshad Aamir 128 0.83
Waseem Ahmed 1,597 10.38 President of the Mississauga East–Cooksville NDP riding association.
Samantha Angel 1,938 12.60
Dianne Douglas 2,762 17.96
Herman Hacikyan 482 3.13
Jas Mangat 199 1.29 Married to Amrit Mangat, Mississauga-Brampton South MPP. He withdrew from the race, but his name remained on the ballot, as the announcement came after the September 12 withdrawal deadline.[117]
Crystal Mark 552 3.59
Carolyn Parrish (X) 6,025 39.18 Former Liberal MP (1993-2006) and City Councillor for Ward 6 (2006-2010)
Harman Singh 1,310 8.52
Jayesh Trivedi 385 2.50
Ward 6
Rami Al Saedi 209 1.20%
Osmand Banguri 223 1.23%
Gary Dunlop 876 5.05%
Peter Ferreira (Withdrew) Catholic School trustee for Ward 6 & 11.
Rabia Khedr 2,593 14.94%
Ghada Melek 3,064 17.65%
Medhat Oweida 71 0.41%
Ron Starr (X) 10,322 59.47%
Ward 7
Zafar Ansari 1,134 8.14%
Bassam Esbeit 675 4.85%
Nando Iannicca (X) 8,421 60.48%
Louroz Mercader 3,693 26.52%
Ward 8
Amadeus Blazys 1,471 8.58%
Louis R. Girard 1,027 5.99%
Abbas Hussaini 157 0.92%
Gerald Jackson 379 2.21%
Mohammad Latif 1,120 6.54%
Matt Mahoney (X) 7,522 43.89% Son of previous councillor Katie Mahoney
Michael Miller 2,262 13.20%
Rose Streete 809 4.72%
Gen Volnyansky 191 1.11%
Saskia Wijngaard 1,257 7.33%
Cecil Young 943 5.50% Ran in Ward 5, Malton, in the September 2011 by-election.[118]
Ward 9
Delvon Greene 397 2.86% Ran in the 2011 municipal election.
Aman Khan 1,452 10.44%
Len Little 2,485 17.87%
Sidney Mondoux 244 1.75% Registered to run for council in Ward 9 on April 9, withdrawing the nomination on April 30. Registered to run in Ward 5 April 30, cancelled nomination September 10. Registered to run in Ward 10 on September 10.
Pat Saito (X) 9,065 65.20%
Angeline Lorna Sankar 261 1.88%
Ward 10
Delvon Greene 397 2.86%
Jamie Dookie 474 3.19% Ran in the 2011 by-election for Ward 5, receiving less than 1% of the vote. Did not complete legal financial returns following race and was banned from running for one term.
Kiru Kulendiren 1,592 10.71%
Sue McFadden (X) 11,477 77.24%
Paul Michael Preikschas 486 3.27%
Ward 11
George Carlson (X) 8,964 68.20%
Harlon Davey 451 3.43%
Peter Fay 629 4.79%
Imran Hasan 2,261 17.20%
Gurmail Singh Saggu 839 6.38%


  • Ward 3: Audrey Polanco
  • Ward 5: Loveen Kaur Gill, Cheryl Rodricks
  • Ward 6: Peter Ferreira
  • Ward 7: Amir Ali, Jozef Lech, Anwar Bilal Mughal
  • Ward 8: David Sousa, Albert Tan

Note that Sidney Mondoux was registered for Ward 9, then to Ward 5, and will appear on the ballot for Ward 9.


List of Debates
Date Hosted by Participants Location Moderator Ref
September 8 Mississauga Arts Council and six other arts organizations Scott Chapman, Bonnie Crombie, Kevin Johnston, Stephen King, Steve Mahoney, Derek Ramkissoon, Sheraz Siddiqui RBC Theatre at Living Arts Centre Khaled Iwamura [119]
September 11 Social Justice Collaborative All candidates have accepted, except for Mike Shoss Rogers Theatre at Living Arts Centre [120]
September 23 Greater Toronto NAIOP and SIOR Canada Central Bonnie Crombie and Steve Mahoney RBC Theatre at Living Arts Centre Ted Woloshyn [121]
October 1 UTM Debating Club and Mississauga City Youth Council Bonnie Crombie and Steve Mahoney CCIT Building, University of Toronto Mississauga [122]

School trustees[edit]

Peel District School Board[edit]

Janet McDougald was acclaimed as the chair of the Peel District School Board in a 1 December 2014 inaugural meeting.[123]


Wards 1, 5

Candidate Vote % Notes
Indre Daboo 107 0.90
David Green (X) 6382 53.61
Chris Piechocki 514 4.32
Rajbir Kaur Sidhu 897 7.53
Surinder Sandhu 9.43 7.92

Wards 2, 6

  • Janet Atherley[124]
  • Michael Benoit
  • William Davies[125]
  • Hardeep Kalirah[126]
  • Suzanne Nurse, incumbent
  • Brittany Savaille
  • Avtaar Soor
  • Ravichandran Subbaian[127]

Wards 3, 4

  • Gurdeep Kaur Bhachu
  • Lloyd Fournier
  • Daljit Gill
  • Rekha Joshi
  • Ryan-O'Neil Knight
  • Kathy McDonald
  • Jagmohan Singh
  • Stan Taylor[128]

Wards 7, 8

  • Devinder Singh Anand
  • Carrie Andrews
  • Shaheen Arshed
  • Handell Patrick Buchanan
  • Dezso Farkas
  • Virginia Finbow
  • Michael J. Gyovai
  • Satpaul Singh Johal
  • Christina MacLean
  • Sunny Punia
  • Amardeep Singh
  • Lynne Lazare[129]

Wards 9, 10

Candidate Vote % Notes
Gurpreet Chungh 906 4.59%
Albert Evans 3247 16.45%
Baljit Singh Ghuman 1593 8.07%
Harinderpal Hundal 1498 7.59%
Rose Mary Parfitt 1127 5.71%
Balpreet TJ Sandhu 1580 8.00%
Gitu Sandhu 504 2.55%
Meera Sharma 3139 15.90%
Harkirat Singh (X) 5548 28.10%
R A Syed Mohammed 599 3.03%


  • Wards 2, 6: Daniel Yeboah
  • Wards 3, 4: Steve Kavanagh


  • Stan Cameron (X)


Wards 1 and 7

  • Janet McDougald, incumbent
  • Greg Vosper
  • Stephen Warner

Wards 2 and 8

  • Yve Bernard
  • Sophia Brown Ramsay
  • Andrew Hamilton-Smith
  • Brad Hutchinson
  • Brad MacDonald, incumbent
  • Virinderpaul Singh
  • Muhammad Waris

Wards 3 and 4

  • Rita Bindra
  • Evan Engering
  • Sue Lawton, incumbent
  • Goran Saveski

Ward 5

  • Deepak Anand
  • Jason Benoit
  • Rita Bindra
  • Yasmeen Khan
  • Ranjit Kaur Khatkur
  • Karen Lin
  • Virinderpaul Singh
  • Rick Williams

Ward 6

  • Josephine Bau
  • Bernadette Chatwin
  • Robert Crocker
  • Marina Pedrosa Hrenar
  • Linden King
  • David Li
  • Sathyanithy Sadagopan
  • Ravi Sahni
  • Paramvir Singh Sekhon
  • Keval Shaw
  • Birinder Shergill
  • Farina Siddiqui
  • Pam Tomasevic
  • George Winter

Ward 9 and 10

  • Hussain A Asghar
  • Cameron Bogren
  • Sandra Clarke
  • Nokha Dakroub
  • Meredith Johnson
  • Iftikhar Malik
  • Shannon Pecore
  • Dani Schulze
  • Michael Sesek
  • Malih Siddiqi
  • Albert Tan
  • Allison Van Wagner
  • Kathy Vukobrat
  • Kathy Zhao

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board[edit]

Brampton wards 1, 3, 4

  • Mike Campeau
  • Anna Maria da Silva - Incumbent
  • Jefferson Huang
  • Devanand Ramsumair

Brampton wards 2, 5, 6

  • Darryl Brian D'Souza
  • Denaize Joseph
  • Thomas Joseph
  • Frank R. Turner
  • Carmen Wilson-Durston

Joseph Tanti withdrew his nomination, to run for Brampton City Council in Wards 7 & 8.

Brampton wards 7, 8, 9, 10

  • Sylvia Aiello
  • Mark Hoffberg
  • Abraham Joseph
  • Janice Gordon
  • Mark Hoffberg
  • Tara Elizebeth Nugent
  • Lesley-Anne Raymer
  • Shawn Xaviour


  • Krystina De Rose
  • Frank Di Cosola
  • Tony Meglio

Mississauga ward 1, 3

  • Mario Pascucci
  • Antu-Maprani Chakkunny

Mississauga ward 2, 8

  • Corey Henderson
  • Sharon M. Hobin, incumbent
  • Arnold Rego

Mississauga ward 4

  • Anna M. Abbruscato, incumbent
  • Miroslaw Ruta

Mississauga ward 5

  • Helene Burrowes
  • Joseph Joseph

Mississauga ward 6, 11

  • Josephine Bau
  • Natalia Kusendova
  • Luz del Rosario

Mississauga ward 7

  • Patti-Ann Finlay
  • Bruno Iannicca, incumbent

Mississauga ward 9, 10

  • Esther O'Toole, incumbent

Conseil scolaire Viamonde[edit]

The following candidates are running in all of Peel. Locally, the schools represented are École élémentaire Carrefour des jeunes, École élémentaire Horizon Jeunesse, and École secondaire Jeunes sans frontières.

  • Malika Attou, St. Catharines
  • Mark David de Pelham, Mississauga
  • Kris Nair, Mississauga
  • Yvon Rochefort, Brampton
Withdrawn: Ravi Sahni

Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud[edit]

Brampton and Caledon

École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc.
  • Geneviève Grenier
  • Tammy Knibbs
  • Blaise Liaki


Schools represented locally in École élémentaire catholique René-Lamoureux, École élémentaire catholique Saint-Jean-Baptiste, and École secondaire catholique Sainte-Famille.
  • Estelle Ah-Kiow
  • Innocent Legrand Watat

Additional debates[edit]

List of Debates
Date Hosted by/topic Participants Location Moderator Ref
August 12 Transit 14 candidates for Mayor of Brampton or Mississauga, or Regional council within Brampton or Mississauga
Brampton: Michael Freeman, Donald McLeod, Kevin Montgomery
Mississauga: Kevin Johnston, Masood Khan, Stephen King


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