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Peel Regional Council is the governing body of the Regional Municipality of Peel, Ontario, Canada.


Peel Council was formed in 1973 when the Regional Municipality of Peel was created to replace the old Peel County. It was created by the province to deal with counties with significant growth patterns. It is supposed to mimic the role of the former Metro Toronto Council.

Political Structure[edit]

It currently consists of 25 members: the mayors of Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon, eleven councillors from Mississauga, six councillors from Brampton, four additional councillors from Caledon, and the regional chair, who is appointed by council members. These members are elected via double direct election.

  • Caledon Councillors Wards 1-4 and Mayor
  • Brampton Councillors Wards 1-10 and Mayor
  • Mississauga Councillors Wards 1-11 and Mayor

A list of past and present chair (or chairmans of Peel Council):

  • 1973-1979 Chairman Lou H. Parsons (GO Transit Chair and Mississauga City Councillor)
  • 1979-1991 Chairman R. Frank Bean (former Mississauga City Alderman)
  • 1981 Acting Chairman Peter Robertson (Mayor of Brampton)
  • 1991 Acting Chairman Frank Russell (Brampton)
  • 1991 Acting Chairman Edward (Ted) Southorn (Mississauga Ward 7 Councillor)
  • 1991 Acting Chairman Rhoda Begley (Regional Councillor and Brampton City Councillor)
  • 1992-2014 Chairman Emil Kolb (Mayor of Caledon)
  • 2014 Chair Frank Dale (Mississauga Ward 4 Councillor)


The Peel wards are based on the ward system of each city, so there are repeated ward numbers:

  • Caledon Wards 1-4 and Mayor
  • Brampton Wards 1-10 and Mayor
  • Mississauga Wards 1-11 and Mayor

County Buildings/Peel Centre[edit]

In 2014 the inaugural meeting of council met at Mississauga Convention Centre.[1]


Current Council[edit]

Council elected in the 2014 municipal election:

Regional Councillor Municipality Notes
Frank Dale Mississauga Regional Chair
Allan Thompson Caledon Mayor of Caledon
Johanna Downey Caledon Caledon Ward 2 Councillor
Annette Groves Caledon Caledon Ward 5 Councillor
Jennifer Innis Caledon Caledon Wards 3 & 4 Councillor
Barb Shaughnessy Caledon Caledon Ward 1 Councillor
Linda Jeffrey Brampton Mayor of Brampton
Grant Gibson Brampton Brampton Wards 1 & 5 Councillor
Martin Medeiros Brampton Brampton Wards 3 & 4 Councillor
Gael Miles Brampton Brampton Wards 7 & 8 Councillor
Elaine Moore Brampton Brampton Wards 1 & 5 Councillor
Michael Palleschi Brampton Brampton Wards 2 & 6 Councillor
John Sprovieri Brampton Brampton Wards 9 & 10 Councillor
Bonnie Crombie Mississauga Mayor of Mississauga
George Carlson Mississauga Mississauga Ward 11 Councillor
Chris Fonseca Mississauga Mississauga Ward 3 Councillor
Nando Iannicca Mississauga Mississauga Ward 7 Councillor
John Kovac Mississauga Mississauga Ward 4 Councillor
Matt Mahoney Mississauga Mississauga Ward 8 Councillor
Sue McFadden Mississauga Mississauga Ward 10 Councillor
Carolyn Parrish Mississauga Mississauga Ward 5 Councillor
Karen Ras Mississauga Mississauga Ward 2 Councillor
Pat Saito Mississauga Mississauga Ward 9 Councillor
Ron Starr Mississauga Mississauga Ward 6 Councillor
Jim Tovey Mississauga Mississauga Ward 1 Councillor

Past Councils[edit]

Council elected in the 2010 municipal election:

Regional Councillor Municipality Notes
Emil Kolb Regional Chair (1991 - 2014)
Hazel McCallion Mississauga Mayor (1978 - 2014)
Jim Tovey Mississauga (Port Credit)
Patricia Mullin Mississauga (Clarkson, Lorne Park) VP of Peel Housing Corporation
Chris Fonseca Mississauga (Rathwood, Applewood) Management Committee Vice-Chair
Frank Dale Mississauga (City Centre) Mississauga Ward 4 Councillor
Eve Adams Mississauga (Britannia Woods, Malton) Resigned in early 2011 to run in the 2011 federal election.
Bonnie Crombie Mississauga (Britannia Woods, Malton) Won by-election on September 19, 2011.[2]
Ron Starr Mississauga (Erindale) Public Works Committee Vice-Chair
Nando Iannicca Mississauga (Cooksville)
Katie Mahoney Mississauga (Erin Mills)
Pat Saito Mississauga (Meadowvale)
Sue McFadden Mississauga (Lisgar, Churchill Meadows)
George Carlson Mississauga (Streetsville)
Susan Fennell Mayor
Elaine Moore Brampton (Ward 1 and 5) Health Services Committee Chair
Paul Palleschi Brampton (Ward 2 and 6) Human Services Committee Chair and President of Peel Housing Corporation
John Sanderson Brampton (Ward 3 and 4)
Gael Miles Brampton (Ward 7 and 8) Human Services Committee Vice-chair
John Sprovieri Brampton (Ward 9 and 10)
Marolyn Morrison Caledon Mayor
Richard Paterak Caledon (Ward 1) Health Services Committee Vice-Chair
Allan Thompson Caledon (Ward 2) Public Works Committee Chair
Richard Whitehead Caledon (Ward 3 & 4) Management Committee Chair
Patti Foley Caledon (Ward 5)

Other Officials[edit]

Executive Leadership Team[edit]

  • David Szwarc, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Gayle Bursey, Acting Commissioner of Human Services
  • Lorraine Graham-Watson, Commissioner of Corporate Services
  • Dan Labreque, Commissioner of Public Works
  • Gilbert Sabat, Commissioner of Service Innovation, Information and Technology
  • Janette Smith, Commissioner of Health Services
  • Steven VanOfwegen, Commissioner of Finance and Chief Financial Officer

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