Peel Slowly and See

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Peel Slowly and See
Box set by The Velvet Underground
Released September 26, 1995 (1995-09-26)
Recorded July 1965 – August 23, 1970
Genre Rock, protopunk
Length 379:34
Language English
Label Polydor
Producer Geoff Haslam, Shel Kagan, The Velvet Underground, Andy Warhol, Tom Wilson
The Velvet Underground chronology
Another View
Peel Slowly and See
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 5/5 stars[1]
Rolling Stone 5/5 stars[2]

Peel Slowly and See is a five-disc box set of material by The Velvet Underground. It was released in September 1995 by Polydor.


The name of this box set comes from the instruction presented on vinyl copies of the band's debut album to peel back the banana sticker featured on the cover. The set includes all four studio albums by the Lou Reed-era line-ups of the Velvet Underground, alongside demo recordings and live performances, some of which were bootlegged, and some of which were never released. Squeeze, recorded after Reed's departure from the band, is not included. The Velvet Underground, the band's self-titled third album, uses the "closet mix", Lou Reed's mix of the album that gives more emphasis to the vocals, and was the mix used on the original release.[3] The band's fourth album, Loaded, is presented with "full-length versions" of three of its tracks, "Sweet Jane", "Rock & Roll" and "New Age".

Rolling Stone journalist David Fricke wrote extensive liner notes in an accompanying booklet, which also pictured many items of Velvet Underground memorabilia from the collection of guitarist Sterling Morrison.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Lou Reed except as noted.

All tracks performed by The Velvet Underground except † by The Velvet Underground & Nico; and ‡ by Nico.

With the exception of "Prominent Men", the tracks on Disc One feature multiple takes of each song.

Disc one
No. Title Writer(s) Original release Length
1. "Venus in Furs (demo)"   Previously unreleased 15:33
2. "Prominent Men (demo)" Reed, Cale Previously unreleased 4:53
3. "Heroin (demo)"   Previously unreleased 13:34
4. "I'm Waiting for the Man (demo)"   Previously unreleased 9:50
5. "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (demo)"   Previously unreleased 15:50
6. "All Tomorrow's Parties (demo)"   Previously unreleased 18:26
Disc two
No. Title Writer(s) Original release Length
1. "All Tomorrow's Parties (single version)†"   Single A-side 2:49
2. "Sunday Morning†" Reed, Cale The Velvet Underground & Nico 2:54
3. "I'm Waiting for the Man"   The Velvet Underground & Nico 4:38
4. "Femme Fatale†"   The Velvet Underground & Nico 2:37
5. "Venus in Furs"   The Velvet Underground & Nico 5:10
6. "Run Run Run"   The Velvet Underground & Nico 4:19
7. "All Tomorrow's Parties†"   The Velvet Underground & Nico 5:58
8. "Heroin"   The Velvet Underground & Nico 7:10
9. "There She Goes Again"   The Velvet Underground & Nico 2:39
10. "I'll Be Your Mirror†"   The Velvet Underground & Nico 2:12
11. "The Black Angel's Death Song" Reed, Cale The Velvet Underground & Nico 3:12
12. "European Son" Reed, Cale, Morrison, Tucker The Velvet Underground & Nico 7:47
13. "Melody Laughter (live edit)†" Reed, Cale, Morrison, Tucker, Päffgen Previously unreleased 10:43
14. "It Was a Pleasure Then‡" Reed, Cale, Päffgen Chelsea Girl 8:02
15. "Chelsea Girls‡" Reed, Morrison Chelsea Girl 7:24
Disc three
No. Title Writer(s) Original release Length
1. "There is No Reason (demo)" Reed, Cale Previously unreleased 2:12
2. "Sheltered Life (demo)"   Previously unreleased 2:52
3. "It's All Right (The Way That You Live) (demo)" Reed, Cale Previously unreleased 2:48
4. "I'm Not Too Sorry (Now That You're Gone) (demo)" Reed, Cale Previously unreleased 2:17
5. "Here She Comes Now (demo)" Reed, Cale, Morrison Previously unreleased 2:46
6. "Guess I'm Falling in Love (live)" Reed, Cale, Morrison, Tucker Previously unreleased 4:10
7. "Booker T. (live)" Reed, Cale, Morrison, Tucker Previously unreleased 6:30
8. "White Light/White Heat"   White Light/White Heat 2:45
9. "The Gift" Reed, Morrison, Cale, Tucker White Light/White Heat 8:17
10. "Lady Godiva's Operation"   White Light/White Heat 4:54
11. "Here She Comes Now" Reed, Cale, Morrison White Light/White Heat 2:02
12. "I Heard Her Call My Name"   White Light/White Heat 4:46
13. "Sister Ray" Reed, Cale, Morrison, Tucker White Light/White Heat 17:27
14. "Stephanie Says"   VU 2:49
15. "Temptation Inside Your Heart"   VU 2:30
16. "Hey Mr. Rain (version one)" Reed, Cale, Morrison, Tucker Another View 4:40
Disc four
No. Title Writer(s) Original release Length
1. "What Goes On (live)"   Previously unreleased 5:34
2. "Candy Says"   The Velvet Underground "Closet Mix" 4:04
3. "What Goes On"   The Velvet Underground "Closet Mix" 4:35
4. "Some Kinda Love"   The Velvet Underground "Closet Mix" 3:39
5. "Pale Blue Eyes"   The Velvet Underground "Closet Mix" 5:42
6. "Jesus"   The Velvet Underground "Closet Mix" 3:24
7. "Beginning to See the Light"   The Velvet Underground "Closet Mix" 4:47
8. "I'm Set Free"   The Velvet Underground "Closet Mix" 4:04
9. "That's the Story of My Life"   The Velvet Underground "Closet Mix" 2:02
10. "The Murder Mystery"   The Velvet Underground "Closet Mix" 8:55
11. "After Hours"   The Velvet Underground "Closet Mix" 2:09
12. "Foggy Notion" Reed, Morrison, Yule, Tucker, Weiss VU 6:47
13. "I Can't Stand It"   VU 3:22
14. "I'm Sticking with You"   VU 2:28
15. "One of These Days"   VU 4:00
16. "Lisa Says"   VU 2:57
17. "It's Just Too Much (live)"   Previously unreleased 2:59
18. "Countess from Hong Kong (demo)" Reed, Cale Previously unreleased 3:17
Disc five
No. Title Writer(s) Original release Length
1. "Who Loves the Sun"   Loaded 2:45
2. "Sweet Jane (full-length version)"   Loaded 4:06
3. "Rock & Roll (full-length version)"   Loaded 4:43
4. "Cool It Down"   Loaded 3:04
5. "New Age (long version)"   Loaded 5:07
6. "Head Held High"   Loaded 2:56
7. "Lonesome Cowboy Bill"   Loaded 2:43
8. "I Found a Reason"   Loaded 4:15
9. "Train Round the Bend"   Loaded 3:21
10. "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'"   Loaded 7:25
11. "Satellite of Love"   Previously unreleased 2:58
12. "Walk and Talk"   Previously unreleased 2:23
13. "Oh Gin"   Previously unreleased 2:44
14. "Sad Song"   Previously unreleased 3:30
15. "Ocean"   Previously unreleased 5:43
16. "Ride into the Sun" Reed, Cale, Morrison, Tucker Previously unreleased 3:20
17. "Some Kinda Love (live)"   Previously unreleased 10:22
18. "I'll Be Your Mirror (live)"   Live at Max's Kansas City 2:06
19. "I Love You"   Previously unreleased 2:03


The Velvet Underground
Additional musicians
  • Nico – lead vocal on "All Tomorrow's Parties" (both single and LP versions), "Femme Fatale", "I'll Be Your Mirror", "Melody Laughter", "It Was a Pleasure Then" and "Chelsea Girls"; backing vocals on "Sunday Morning"
  • Adrian Barber – drums on "Who Loves the Sun" and "I Found a Reason"
  • Tommy Castanaro – drums on "Cool It Down" and "Head Held High"
  • Billy Yule – drums on "Lonesome Cowboy Bill", "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'", "Ocean", "Some Kinda Love" (live) and "I'll Be Your Mirror" (live).
Technical staff
  • The Velvet Underground – producers (disc 1; disc 3: 1–7, 14–16, disc 4, disc 5: 17–18)
  • Andy Warhol – producer (disc 2: 1–12)
  • The Velvet Underground & Nico – producers (disc 2: 13)
  • Tom Wilson – producer (disc 2: 14–15, disc 3: 8–13)
  • Geoff Haslam, Shel Kagan and The Velvet Underground – producers (disc 5: 1–10, 15–16)
  • Adrian Barber – producer (disc 5: 11–14, 19)
  • Brigid Polk – engineer (disc 5: 17–18)


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