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The Peelennium was a selection of songs by BBC Radio DJ John Peel from 1900 to 2000 in order to celebrate the last 100 years of music leading up to the millennium. It was carefully timed to play out over the 100 remaining shows of 1999, starting with Thursday 13 May.


For the Peelennium John Peel and his producers selected at least four tracks from each year of the last century. Thus stretching from 1900 to the millennium, it was broadcast during the last hundred shows of John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show in 1999.

Peel's musical history knowledge and record collection were used, along with research to find the most interesting tracks from a particular year. BBC Archive and Information and BBC Music Library were involved extensively in finding the necessary tracks and making sure that they actually were original recordings.

The idea of the Peelennium was conceived as a musical way to celebrate the millennium, but also to illustrate how popular musical styles had changed over the century, and shaped the music we listen to today.

The Peelennium began on Thursday 13 May 1999 with the year 1900.

List of presented records[edit]

No. Artist Title Composer Year
1 Louis Bradfield "I Want To Be A Military Man" Leslie Stuart/Owen Hall 1900
2 Gus Elen "If It Wasn't for the 'Ouses in Between" Edgar Bateman/George Le Brunn 1900
3 Albert Christian "Soldiers of the Queen" Leslie Stuart 1900
4 Peter Dawson "The Miner's Dream of Home" 1900
5 Jack Morrison & The Variety Singers "Wot Cher! Knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road" Albert Chevalier 1901
6 The Variety Singers "Beer, Beer, Glorious Beer"
"Ask a P'liceman"
Harry Anderson, Steve Leggett, Will Godwin,
A E Durandeau, E W Rogers
7 Parlophone Quartet "Why Did I Leave My Little Back Room?"
"Our Lodger's Such A Nice Young Man"
F Murray/L Barclay 1901
8 Herbert Darnley "My Next Door Neighbour's Garden" 1901
9 Lionel Monckton "Under The Deodar" 1902
10 The Florodra Girls "Tell Me Pretty Maiden" Boyd-Jones/Rubens 1902
11 Edna Thornton with Orchestra "Land of Hope and Glory" Edward Elgar 1902
12 Arthur Collins "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey?" Hughie Cannon 1902
13 Marie Lloyd "That's How The Little Girl Got On" 1903
14 Hamilton Hill "A Bird in a Gilded Cage" Arthur J. Lamb and Harry Von Tilzer 1903
15 Vesta Victoria "Riding on a Motor Car" 1903
16 Jack Pleasants "I Shall Sulk" C. W. Murphy and Dan Lipton 1903
17 Ernie Mayne "I Can't Do My Bally Bottom Button Up" 1904
18 Isabel Jay "My Heart's at Your Feet" Monckton 1904
19 Isabel Jay "Poor Wand'ring One" Gilbert and Sullivan 1904
20 Albert Sandler Trio "Kashmiri Song (Four Indian Love Lyrics)" Amy Woodford-Finden 1904
21 Winnie Melville "The Pipes of Pan" Lionel Monckton 1905
22 Robert Tear "Cigarette" Herbert Haines/Charles Taylor 1905
23 Isabel Jay "You And I" Monckton 1905
24 George Baker with Orchestra and Male Quartet "If Those Lips Could Only Speak" Charles Ridgewell & Will Goodwin 1905
25 Harry Lauder with Orchestra "Stop Your Tickling Jock" Harry Lauder 1906
26 Victoria Monks with Orchestra B "Give My Regards To Leicester Square" William/Hargreaves 1906
27 Miss Florrie Forde "Waltz Me Round Again" 1906
28 George Alexander "I Want What I Want When I Want It" Victor Herbert 1906
29 Florrie Forde "I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside" John H. Glover-Kind 1907
30 Derek Oldman "I Know A Lovely Garden" Lamber/D'Hardelot 1907
31 Gerald Adams & The Variety Singers "By The Side of the Zuyder Zee" Bennett Scott/ AJ Mills 1907
32 Eleanor Jones Hudson "Rose in the Bud" Dorothy Foster/P J Barrow 1907
33 Grace Cameron "Adam and Eve" Klein/Strong/Burnside 1908
34 Maude Raymond "Goodbye Molly Brown" Jerome/Madden 1908
35 George M. Cohan "The Small Town Gal" Cohan 1908
36 Maude Raymond "The Dusky Salome" Jerome/Madden 1908
37 Gertie Miller "Moonstruck" Lionel Monckton 1909
38 George Grossmith, Jr. "Yip-I-Addy-I-Ay" Flynn/Grossmith/Cobb 1909
39 Phylis Dare "Bring Me A Rose" Ambient/Thompson/Wimperis/Monckton/Talbot 1909
40 George H. Chirgwin "The Jocular Joker" Coborn 1909
41 Stanley Kirkby and Orchestra "Don't Go Down The Mine" 1910
42 Columbia Light Opera Company "Tony From America" Lionel Monckton, Arthur Wimperis 1910
43 Harry Champion & Orchestra "Ginger You're Barmy" Fred Murray 1910
44 Ella Retford "Molly O'Morgan" Letters/Godfrey 1910
45 Jack Pleasants "I'm Shy Mary Ellen, I'm Shy" Charles Ridgewell, George Stevens 1911
46 Billy Merson "The Photo of the Girl I Left Behind" Billy Merson 1911
47 Nora Bayes & Jack Norworth "Turn Your Light Off Mister Moon Man" Bayes/Norworth 1911
48 Charles King "Let Me Stay And Live in Dixieland" King/Brice 1911
49 Jack Pleasants "I'm Twenty-One Today" Alec Kendal 1912
50 Mark Sheridan "Who Were You With Last Night" Sheridan/Godfrey 1912
51 Vesta Victoria "Look What Percy's Picked Up in the Park" Castling 1912
52 Bert Williams "My Landlady" Williams/Mierisch/Brymm 1912
53 Chauncey Olcott "I Love the Name of Mary" Richard Oldham/Helen Taylor 1913
54 Harry Lauder "It's Nicer to Be in Bed" Harry Lauder 1913
55 Chauncey Olcott "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" Ball/Olcott/Graff 1913
56 Harry Fragson "Hello! Hello! Who's Your Lady Friend?" Harry Fragson and words by Worton David and Bert Lee 1913
57 Harrison Latimer "Are We Downhearted? No!" Lawrence Wright, Worton David 1914
58 Basil Hallam "Gilbert The Filbert" Herman Finck 1914
59 Violet Loraine and Ambrose Thorne and Orchestra "When We've Wound Up The Watch on the Rhine" F W Mark, H E Darewsk 1914
60 Clarice Mayne and 'That' (James W Tate) "I Was A Good Little Girl Till I Met You " Clifford Harris, James W Tate 1914
61 Jack Normoth and Orchestra "Kitty The Telephone Girl" AJ Lawrence/Huntley Trevor/Tom Mellor/Harry Gifford 1915
62 Marie Lloyd "A Little of What You Fancy Does You Good" Fred W. Leigh and George Arthurs 1915
63 Vesta Tilley with Ray Wallace & Orchestra "Jolly Good Luck to the Girl Who Loves A Soldier"
"Following in Father's Footsteps"
"The Seaside Sultan"
Fred W. Leigh/Kenneth Lyle 1915
64 Debroy Somers Band "It's A Lovely War" medley:
"Here We Are Again"
"Sister Susie Sewing Shirts For Soldiers"
"Never Mind"
"Army of Today's Alright"
"We Haven't Seen The Kaiser"
R P Weston/Herman Darewski 1915
65 Walter Jeffries "Everybody's Crazy on the Foxtrot" Bennett Scott 1916
66 Al Jolson "A Broken Doll" Joseph W Tate/Clifford Harris 1916
67 Jack Pleasants "Watching The Trains Come In" Frank Leo 1916
68 Ella Shields "Burlington Bertie from Bow" Hargreaves 1916
69 Walter Glynne "I Passed By Your Window" May Brahe 1917
70 Josie Collins "Love Will Find A Way" Harold Fraser-Simpson/Graham 1917
71 Florrie Forde "Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty" AJ Mills/Fred Godfrey/Bennett Scott 1917
72 The Six Brown Brothers "Smiles And Chuckles" Klickmann 1917
73 George Robey, Clara Evelyn "First Love, Last Love, Best Love" Nat D Ayer, Clifford Grey 1918
74 Courtland and Jeffries "Good-bye-ee!" R. P. Weston, Burt Lee 1918
75 Harry Weldon "What Do You Want to Make" Foley 1918
76 Dorothy Ward "I Want a Girl" Dillon/Tilzer 1918
77 Mayfair Dance Orchestra "Omaha" Horoatio Nicholls, Worton David 1919
78 Master Thomas Criddle "That Old Fashioned Mother of Mine" David Nicholls 1919
79 Lilly Morris "Don't Have Any More Mrs. Moore" Castling/Walsh 1919
80 Original Dixieland Jass Band "Tiger Rag" D J LaRocca 1919
81 Waller Williams & Vaudeville Theatre Orchestra "I Know Where The Flies Go in Summertime" Sam Mayo 1920
82 Mayfair Dance Orchestra "Wyoming Lullaby" Gene Williams 1920
83 George Formby, Sr. "Sailing" Formby 1920
84 Art Hickman's Orchestra "Avalon" Composer: Al Jolson, Vincent Rose 1920
85 Richard Crooks "Arise O Sun" Lockton/Wood 1921
86 Patrick Waddington "Night May Have Its Sadness" Ivor Novello 1921
87 Alfred Lester "Ours Is A Nice 'ouse Ours Is" Herbert Rule, Fred Holt 1921
88 Paul Biese Trio "Canadian Capers" Chandler/White/Cohen 1921
89 Ernest Hastings "My Word You Do Look Queer" R. P. Weston, Bert Lee 1922
90 Al Jolson "Toot, Toot, Tootsie (Goo' Bye!)" Gus Kahn, Ernie Erdman, Danny Russo 1922
91 Pianola Roll "The Sheik of Araby" Ted Snyder 1922
92 Fred Barnes Baritone With Orchestra "Sally (The Sunshine of Our Alley)" W Stanley/A Allen 1922
93 Melville Gideon "Horsey Keep Your Tail Up" Melville Gideon 1923
94 Will Fyffe "I Belong to Glasgow" Fyffe 1923
95 I V "Bud" Sheppard "Rose of the Rio Grande" Warren/Gorman 1923
96 Louis Armstrong with King Oliver "Dipper Mouth Blues" Oliver/Armstrong 1923
97 Anne Ziegler & Webster Booth "The Second Minuet" Maurice Besly 1924
98 Bert Firman "Pasadena" Leslie/Warren 1924
99 Arcadian Serenaders "Bobbed Haired Bobby" Ford/Ward 1924
100 Bix Beiderbecke "Fidgety Feet" La Rocca/Shields 1924
101 Cyril Norman & Herman Darewski "When Sergeant Major's on Parade" Longstaffe 1925
102 Savoy Havana Band "Ogo-Pogo" Strong 1925
103 Sir Harry Lauder "Keep Right on to the End of the Road" Lauder/Dillion 1925
104 Savoy Orpheans "Charleston" Cecil Mack/James P. Johnson 1925
105 Blind Blake "Come on Boys Lets Do That Messin' Around" Blind Blake 1926
106 Johnny Hamp's Kentucky Serenaders "Blackbottom" De-Sylva/Brown/Henderson 1926
107 Henry Hall And His Gleneagles Hotel Band "Bird Song at Eventide" Coates 1926
108 The Happiness Boys "She Knows Her Onions" Yellen/Ager/Pollack 1926
109 Louis Armstrong "Struttin' With Some Bar-B-Q" Hardin 1927
110 Duke Ellington & His Orchestra "Black and Tan Fantasy" Ellington/Miley 1927
111 Nat Shilkret & His Victor Orchestra "Flapperette" Greer/L Wright 1927
112 Blind Willie Johnson "Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground" Blind Willie Johnson 1927
113 George Metaxa with Carroll Gibbons & his Orchestra "Sweet Sue, Just You" Harris/Young 1928
114 Harold Collins & His Orchestra "Fashionette" Glogan/King 1928
115 Ukulele Ike AKA Cliff Edwards "Just Like A Melody Out of the Sky" 1928
116 Blind Willie McTell "Statesboro Blues" McTell 1928
117 Peter Dawson "The Admiral's Broom" Bevan 1929
118 Ambrose & His Orchestra "Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me" Al Dubin and Joe Burke 1929
119 Stanley Lupino & The Gaiety Theatre Orchestra "I Lift Up My Finger And I Say Tweet Tweet" Leslie Sarony 1929
120 King Oliver "New Orleans Shout" King Oliver 1929
121 Van Phillips "I'm in the Market For You" McCarthy/Hanley 1930
122 Fred Astaire "Puttin' on the Ritz" Irving Berlin 1930
123 Jack Payne "My Baby Just Cares For Me" Walter Donaldson and Gus Kahn 1930
124 Leslie Sarony with novelty accompaniment "Bunkey-Doodle-I-Doh" Sarony 1930
125 Layton & Johnstone "Oh Donna Clara" Peterburski/Kennedy/after Beda 1931
126 Al Bowlly with Ray Noble & His Orchestra "Goodnight Sweetheart" Ray Noble, Jimmy Campbell and Reg Connelly 1931
127 Bing Crosby "Just a Gigolo" Casucci/Caesar 1931
128 Ruth Willis, Blind Willie McTell "Experience Blues" Willis 1931
129 Pat O'Malley "Goopy Geer" Herman Hupfeld 1932
130 Unknown with Ray Noble "Try a Little Tenderness" Jimmy Campbell and Reg Connelly, and Harry M. Woods 1932
131 Ambrose & His Orchestra with Elsie Carlisle "The Clouds Will Soon Roll By" Woods/Dixon 1932
132 Charlie Kunz Kunz Solo Medly - "Lovely To Look At"/"Some Gets in Your Eyes"/"Night & Day" 1932
133 BBC Dance Orchestra "The Wedding of Mister Mickey Mouse" 1933
134 Frances Langford "Stormy Weather" Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler 1933
135 Spike Hughes & His All American Orchestra "How Come You Do Me Like You Do" Austin/Bergere 1933
136 Joe Venuti & His Blue Six "Jazz Me Blues" Delaney 1933
137 Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers "Hawkin's Rag" 1934
138 Scott Wood & His Orchestra "I Only Have Eyes for You" Al Dubin and Harry Warren 1934
139 Chick Webb "What A Shuffle" Kirkpatrick 1934
140 Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra "Stratosphere" Lunceford 1934
141 George Formby "Fanlight Fanny" George Formby, Harry Gifford, Fred E. Cliffe 1935
142 Sleepy John Estes "Stop That Thing" 1935
143 Western Brothers "We're Frightfully BBC" Kenneth and George Western 1935
144 Bunny Berigan & His Blue Boys "Chicken & Waffles" Berigan 1935
145 Andy Kirk "Lotta Sax Appeal" Williams/Williams 1936
146 Leslie Hutchinson "These Foolish Things" Eric Maschwitz and Jack Strachey 1936
147 Robert Johnson "32-20 Blues" Johnson 1936
148 Carroll Gibbons "I've Got You Under My Skin" Cole Porter 1936
149 Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys "Steel Guitar Stomp" Wills 1937
150 Frances Langford "Once in a While" Edwards/Green 1937
151 Benny Goodman & His Orchestra "Sing, Sing, Sing" Prima 1937
152 Robert Johnson "Hellhound on My Trail" Johnson 1937
153 Kokomo Arnold "Goin' Down in Galilee" 1938
154 Tommy Trinder "I Don't Do Things Like That" Trinder 1938
155 Andy Kirk "Twinklin'" Williams 1938
156 Count Basie "Panassie Stomp" Basie 1938
157 Fats Waller & His Rhythm "Your Feet's Too Big" Fred Fisher and Ada Benson 1939
158 Cripple Clarence Lofton "I Don't Know" 1939
159 Chick Henderson with Joe Loss & His Band "Begin the Beguine" Cole Porter 1939
160 King George VI King George VI's Christmas Message 1939
161 Joe Loss & His Band "The Spitfire Song" HM King 1940
162 Bukka White "Special Stream Line" White 1940
163 Nat Gonella & His New Georgians "I'm Nobody's Baby" Davis/Ager/Santly 1940
164 The Ink Spots "When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano" Leon René 1940
165 Al Bowlly & Jimmy Messene "When That Man Is Dead And Gone" Berlin 1941
166 Joe Loss & His Band "'V' Stands For Victory" Horatio Nicholls 1941
167 Washboard Sam "She Belongs to the Devil" 1941
168 Jay McShann "Vine Street Blues" McShann 1941
169 Ukulele Ike (AKA Cliff Edwards) "It Had To Be You"/"Paddlin' Madelin' Home" Woods 1942
170 Billie Holiday vocals; Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra "Travellin' Light" Young/Mundy/Mercer 1942
171 The Royal Air Force Dance Orchestra - Sergeant Miller "Jersey Bounce" Plater/Bradshaw/Johnson/Wright 1942
172 Harry Roy & His Band, vocals: Renee Lister "Chattanooga Choo Choo" Gordon/Warren 1942
173 New Mayfair Dance Orchestra "Pedro The Fisherman" Purcell/Parr-Davies 1943
174 Ambrose & His Orchestra, vocals: Anne Shelton "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To" Cole Porter 1943
175 Dinah Washington "Evil Gal Blues" Leonard Feather 1943
176 Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters "Pistol Packin' Mama" Al Dexter 1943
177 Tampa Red "Lula Mae" 1944
178 Charlie Barnet "Skyliner" Dale Bennett 1944
179 Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive" Johnny Mercer 1944
180 Mills Brothers "Till Then" Wood/Seller/Marcus 1944
181 Frank Sinatra "Nancy (With the Laughing Face)" Van Heusen/Silvers 1945
182 Big Maceo "Chicago Breakdown" Maceo Merryweather 1945
183 Jimmie Lunceford "Rhythm Is Our Business" Cahn/Chaplin/Lunceford 1945
184 Coleman Hawkins "Rifftide" Hawkins 1945
185 Jack McVea and His Band "Open the Door, Richard!" "Words by Dusty Fletcher and John Mason, music by Dusty Fletcher and Don Howell" 1946
186 Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra "Hamp's Walkin' Boogie" Hampton 1946
187 Carroll Gibbons, vocals: Rita Williams "Chickery Chick" Dee & Lippman 1946
188 Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup "That's All Right (Mama)" Crudup 1946
189 Lester Young "Jumpin' With Symphony" Young 1947
190 Frank Sinatra "Try a Little Tenderness" Jimmy Campbell and Reg Connelly, and Harry M. Woods 1947
191 Nat King Cole Trio "There I've Said It Again" 1947
192 Wynonie Harris "Good Rockin' Tonight" Brown 1947
193 Pee Wee Hunt & His Orchestra "Twelfth Street Rag" Bowman 1948
194 Ella Fitzgerald; The Songspinners "My Happiness" Bergantine/Peterson 1948
195 Russ Morgan "So Tired" Morgan/Stuart 1948
196 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson & His Orchestra "Some Women Do" Robinson/Vinson 1948
197 Vaughn Monroe "Riders in the Sky" Jones 1949
198 Elton Britt with the Skytoppers "Candy Kisses" George Morgan 1949
199 Jo Stafford & Gordon MacRae "'A' - You're Adorable" Kaye/Wise/Lippman 1949
200 Stick McGhee "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee" McGhee 1949
201 Phil Harris "The Thing" Grean 1950
202 Eve Young "Silver Dollar" Hoffman Merril Watts 1950
203 Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers (Professor Longhair) "Baldhead" Byrd 1950
204 Anton Karas "Harry Lime Theme" Karas 1950
205 Winifred Atwell "Black And White Rag" George Botsford 1951
206 Tennessee Ernie Ford "The Shotgun Boogie" Ford 1951
207 Fats Domino "Rosemary" 1951
208 Elmore James "Dust My Broom" Johnson/James 1951
209 Percy Faith "Delicado" 1952
210 Muddy Waters "She's Allright" Waters 1952
211 Kay Starr "Wheel of Fortune" Bennie Benjamin and George David Weiss 1952
212 Rosemary Clooney "Half as Much" Curley Williams 1952
213 Earl Bostic "Sleep" Liebig 1953
214 The Orioles "Crying in the Chapel" Artie Glen 1953
215 Frankie Laine "Answer Me (Mutterlein)" Sigman/Winkler/Rauch 1953
216 Art & Dotty Todd "Broken Wings" John Jerome and Bernard Grun 1953
217 The Chordettes "Mr. Sandman" Pat Ballard 1954
218 Doctor Ross "Boogie Disease" Ross 1954
219 The Crew-Cuts "Sh-boom (Life Could Be A Dream)" Keyes/Feaster/McRae/Edwards/Feaster 1954
220 The Four Aces "Three Coins in the Fountain" Styne/Cahn 1954
221 Chris Barber & His Jazz Band "Wild Cat Blues" C Williams 1955
222 The Four Aces "Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing" Webster/Fain 1955
223 Bill Haley & His Comets "Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie" Bill Haley 1955
224 Elvis Presley "Baby Let's Play House" Arthur Gunter 1955
225 Lonnie Donegan "Lost John" Donegan 1956
226 Bill Doggett "Honky Tonk Pt 1 & 2" Doggett/Shepherd/Scott/Butler 1956
227 Gene Vincent "Race with the Devil" Davis/Vincent 1956
228 Little Richard "Long Tall Sally" Johnson/Penniman/Blackwell 1956
229 Buddy Holly & The Crickets "An Empty Cup (And A Broken Date)" Petty/Orbison 1957
230 The Coasters "Searchin''" Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller 1957
231 Modern Jazz Quartet "Golden Striker" Lewis 1957
232 Jerry Lee Lewis "It All Depends" Mize 1957
233 Link Wray "Rumble" Grant/Ray Sr 1958
234 Jerry Butler "For Your Precious Love" Brooks/Brooks/Butler 1958
235 Conway Twitty "It's Only Make Believe" Twitty/Nance 1958
236 The Symbols "Last Rose of Summer" Weiss/Pope 1958
237 Duane Eddy "Peter Gunn" 1959
238 Everly Brothers "Poor Jenny" B & F Bryant 1959
239 The Flamingos "I Only Have Eyes for You" Al Dubin and Harry Warren 1959
240 Sammy Turner "Lavender Blue" Daniel/Morey 1959
241 John Lee Hooker "No Shoes" Hooker 1960
242 Santo & Johnny "The Long Walk Home" Farina/Farina/Farina 1960
243 The Capris "There's a Moon Out Tonight" A Gentile/A Striano/J Luccisano 1960
244 Etta James "At Last" Mack Gordon and Harry Warren 1960
245 Shep & the Limelights "Daddy's Home" James "Shep" Sheppard, Clarence Bassett, Charles Baskerville 1961
246 Roy Orbison "Running Scared" Orbison/Melson 1961
247 Dick Dale "Let's Go Trippin'" Dale 1961
248 Don and Juan "What's Your Name" Claude Johnson 1961
249 Arthur Alexander "You Better Move On" Alexander 1961
250 Elvis Presley "Return To Sender" Otis Blackwell/Winfield Scott 1962
251 Marvin Gaye "Stubborn Kind of Fellow" Marvin Gaye, William "Mickey" Stevenson and George Gordy 1962
252 Cliff Richard & The Shadows "We Say Yeah" Bruce Welch, Hank Marvin, and Peter Gormley 1962
253 Del Shannon "Hats Off to Larry" Shannon 1962
254 Jimmy Reed "Too Much" O Boyd 1963
255 Bern Elliott and the Fenmen "Money" Bradford/Gordy 1963
256 The Beatles "I Saw Her Standing There" Lennon–McCartney 1963
257 Lonnie Mack "Memphis" Chuck Berry 1963
258 Rolling Stones "Carol" Chuck Berry 1964
259 The Mighty Avengers "So Much in Love" Jagger/Richards 1964
260 The Escorts "The One To Cry" Weiss/Schlaks 1964
261 Roy Orbison "It's Over" Orbison/Dees 1964
262 Chuck Berry "No Particular Place To Go" Berry 1964
263 The Velvelettes "Needle in a Haystack" William Stevenson/Norman Whitfield 1964
264 The Shangri-Las "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" Shadow Morton 1964
265 The Kingsmen "Louie Louie" Richard Berry 1964
266 The Shadows "The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt" Welch/Marvin/Rostill/Bennett 1964
267 Bob Dylan "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry" Dylan 1965
268 The Hollies "Look Through Any Window" Gouldman/Silverman 1965
269 Otis Redding "Ole Man Trouble" 1965
270 John Fahey "Sail Away Ladies" Fahey 1965
271 Leonard Cohen "Sisters of Mercy" Leonard Cohen 1966
272 The Beatles "And Your Bird Can Sing" Lennon–McCartney 1966
273 The Misunderstood "I Can Take You To The Sun" Hill/Brown 1966
274 Jimi Hendrix "Red House" Hendrix 1966
275 Otis Redding "Try a Little Tenderness" Jimmy Campbell and Reg Connelly, and Harry M. Woods 1966
276 Country Joe & The Fish "Pat's Song" McDonald 1967
277 The Beatles "I Am the Walrus" Lennon–McCartney 1967
278 The Who "I Can See for Miles" Pete Townshend 1967
279 Rolling Stones "She's a Rainbow" Jagger/Richard 1967
280 Blue Cheer "Summertime Blues" Eddie Cochran, Jerry Capehart 1967
281 The Purple Gang "Granny Takes A Trip" Beard/Bowyer 1967
282 Captain Beefheart "Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do" Don Van Vliet/Herb Berman 1967
283 Love "The Castle" Arthur Lee 1967
284 Pink Floyd "Arnold Layne" Syd Barrett 1967
285 James Carr "The Dark End of the Street" Chips Moman/Dan Penn 1967
286 Cream "Crossroads" Robert Johnson 1968
287 Buffalo Springfield "Expecting to Fly" Neil Young 1968
288 Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band "Canyons of Your Mind" Viv Stanshall 1968
289 "Tyrannosaurus Rex" "Salamanda Palaganda" Marc Bolan 1968
290 Captain Beefheart "Pachuco Cadaver" Captain Beefheart 1969
291 Andy Capp "Popatop" Capp 1969
292 Family "Hung Up Down" Whitney/Chapman 1969
293 Mike Hart "Almost Liverpool 8" Hart 1969
294 Rod Stewart "An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down" Stewart 1970
295 Tim Buckley "Song to the Siren" Buckley 1970
296 Michael Chapman "Postcards of Scarborough" Chapman 1970
297 James Brown "Lowdown Popcorn" James Brown 1970
298 Rod Stewart "Maggie May" Stewart/Quittenton 1971
299 The Tams "Hey Girl Don't Bother Me" Whitley 1971
300 Nilsson "Without You" Pete Ham/Tom Evans 1971
301 Al Green "Let's Stay Together" Green/Jackson/Mitchell 1971
302 Captain Beefheart "Big Eyed Beans From Venus" Don Van Vliet 1972
303 Family "My Friend The Sun" Whitney/Chapman 1972
304 Matching Mole "O Caroline" Dave Sinclair/Robert Wyatt 1972
305 Mel & Tim "Starting All Over Again" Phillip Mitchell 1972
306 Thin Lizzy "Whiskey in the Jar" Lynott/Bell/Downey 1973
307 Stealers Wheel "Stuck in the Middle With You" Joe Egan/Gerry Rafferty 1973
308 The Wailers "Duppy Conqueror" Bob Marley 1973
309 The Allman Brothers Band "Jessica" Dickey Betts 1973
310 Status Quo "Down Down" Rossi/Young 1974
311 Don Covay "It's Better To Have (And Don't Need)" Covay/Watts 1974
312 Ann Peebles "I Can't Stand the Rain" Peebles/Bryant/Miller 1974
313 Richard & Linda Thompson "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight" R Thompson 1974
314 David Bowie "Fame" Bowie/Lennon/Alomar 1975
315 Burning Spear "Slavery Days" 1975
316 Little Feat "Long Distance Love" Lowell George 1975
317 Millie Jackson "Loving Arms" 1975
318 Racing Cars "They Shoot Horses Don't They?" Mortimer 1976
319 Jackson Browne "Here Come Those Tears Again" Jackson Browne, Nancy Farnsworth 1976
320 The Upsetters "Croaking Lizard" Lee "Scratch" Perry 1976
321 Ramones "I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You" Ramones 1976
322 Eddie and the Hot Rods "Do Anything You Wanna Do" Douglas/Hollis 1977
323 The Slits "Shoplifting" Pollitt/Albertine/Forster/Romero 1977
324 The Motors "Dancing the Night Away" Andy McMaster, Nick Garvey 1977
325 The Damned "Stretcher Case" Rat Scabies/Brian James 1977
326 Magazine "Shot By Both Sides" Howard Devoto/Pete Shelley 1978
327 The Rezillos "I Can't Stand My Baby" John Callis 1978
328 Culture "See Them A Come" Culture 1978
329 The Undertones "Teenage Kicks" John O'Neill 1978
330 Gang of Four "At Home He's A Tourist" Allen/Burnham/Gill/King 1979
331 The Quads "There Must Be Thousands" S Jones/J Doherty 1979
332 Misty In Roots "Man Kind" Misty in Roots 1979
333 The Freshmen "You Never Heard Anything Like It" Brown 1979
334 Joy Division "Twenty Four Hours" Joy Division 1980
335 The Fall "Totally Wired" Riley/Scanlon/Hanley/Smith 1980
336 Sheena Easton "9 To 5" Florrie Palmer 1980
337 Golinski Brothers "Bloody" Gibbs/Golinski/Harries 1980
338 Birthday Party "Release The Bats" Nick Cave/Mick Harvey 1981
339 The Specials "Ghost Town" Dammers 1981
340 Heaven 17 "(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang" Glenn Gregory, Ian Craig Marsh, Martyn Ware 1981
341 Altered Images "Dead Pop Stars" Altered Images 1981
342 Culture "Lion Rock" Joseph Hill 1982
343 Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five "The Message" Fletcher/Glover/Chase/Robinson 1982
344 Robert Wyatt "Shipbuilding" Langer/Costello 1982
345 Artery "Into The Garden" Gouldthorpe/Fidler/Wilson/Hinkler/McKenzie 1982
346 The Fall "The Man Whose Head Expanded" Hanley/Scanlon/Smith 1983
347 The Fall "Kicker Conspiracy" Smith 1983
348 New Order "Leave Me Alone" New Order 1983
349 This Mortal Coil "Song to the Siren" Tim Buckley 1983
350 Mighty Wah! "Come Back" Wylie 1984
351 The Fall "Lay of the Land" M E Smith/B Smith 1984
352 Half Pint "Money Man Skank" 1984
353 The Smiths "Reel Around The Fountain" Marr 1984
354 The Jesus and Mary Chain "Never Understand" William Reid and Jim Reid 1985
355 Billy Bragg "Between The Wars" Bragg 1985
356 Roxanne Shante "Queen of the Rox" 1985
357 Wedding Present "Go Out And Get 'Em Boy" 1985
358 Salt-N-Pepa "Tramp" 1986
359 Half Man Half Biscuit "The Trumpton Riots" Blackwell/Crossley 1986
360 Billy Bragg "Levi Stubbs' Tears" Bragg 1986
361 Culture "Capture Rasta" Hill/Walker/Dayes 1986
362 Eric B & Rakim "I Know You Got Soul" Eric Barrier, Rakim Allah 1987
363 Big Black "L Dopa" Big Black 1987
364 Barmy Army "Sharp As A Needle" Maxwell 1987
365 The Fall "Hit The North" Smith/Rogers/Smith 1987
366 Carcass "Cadaveric Incubator of Endo Parasites" Carcass 1988
367 My Bloody Valentine "You Made Me Realise" K Shields 1988
368 Mudhoney "Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More" Mudhoney 1988
369 Humanoid "Stakker Humanoid" Brian Dougans 1988
370 The Pixies "Wave of Mutilation" Black Francis 1989
371 New Order "Vanishing Point" New Order 1989
372 Pocket FishRmen "The Leader Is Burning" Brant Bingamon 1989
373 Moloko "In the Midnight Hour" Pickett/Cropper 1989
374 The Would Be's "I'm Hardly Ever Wrong" M Finnegan/E Finnegan 1990
375 Nirvana "Sliver" Nirvana 1990
376 Pavement "Summer Babe" Stephen Malkmus, Scott Kannberg 1990
377 Babes in Toyland "House" Babes in Toyland 1990
378 The Fall "A Lot of Wind" M E Smith 1991
379 PJ Harvey "Dress" PJ Harvey, Rob Ellis 1991
380 Wayne Wonder & Cutty Ranks "Lambada" Thomas 1991
381 Diblo & Le Groupe Loketo "Joie De Vivre" Diblo 1991
382 Dr Devious & His Wisemen "Cyberdream" Dr Devious 1992
383 Anthony Red Rose "Tempo" 1992
384 The Wedding Present "Silver Shorts" Gedge 1992
385 Sonic Youth "Sugar Kane" Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Steve Shelley 1992
386 New Decade "Statue of Gold" New Decade 1993
387 Elastica "Stutter" Frischmann/Elastica 1993
388 New Bad Things "I Suck" New Bad Things 1993
389 Shaba Kahamba "Bitumba" Gustave/Apatout 1993
390 Stereolab "Ping Pong" Gane/Sadier 1994
391 Inspiral Carpets feat Mark E. Smith "I Want You" Inspiral Carpets 1994
392 Orbital "Are We Here (Industry Standard mix)" P&P Hartnoll 1994
393 Canopy & Matrix "Arkines Lost" Canopy & Matrix 1994
394 Dreadzone "Zion Youth" Dreadzone 1995
395 Pulp "Sorted for E's & Wizz" Cocker/Mackey/Senior/Banks/Doyle 1995
396 Long Fin Killie & Mark E. Smith "Heads of Dead Surfers" 1995
397 Safe Deposit "You Can't" Safe Deposit 1995
398 Dick Dale "Nitrus" Dale 1996
399 Belle & Sebastian "The State I'm In" Stuart Murdoch 1996
400 Kenickie "Come Out 2 Nite" Lauren Laverne 1996
401 DJ Kaos "Hold Me Now" DJ Kaos 1996
402 Inter "Happy Ending" Boylan/Bray/Gill/Stovold 1997
403 Clinic "IPC Subeditors Dictate Our Youth" Clinic 1997
404 Helen Love "Does Your Heart Go Boom" Helen Love 1997
405 The Delgados "Pull The Wires From The Wall" The Delgados 1997
406 Derrero "Radar Intruder" Derrero 1998
407 Entity Squad "Du fährst mich verrückt" 1998
408 Half Man Half Biscuit "Turn A Blind Eye" Half Man Half Biscuit 1998
409 Boards of Canada "Aquarius" Michael Sandison, Marcus Eoin 1998
410 Cay "Princes & Princesses" Cay 1999
411 Yo La Tengo "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry" Bob Dylan 1999
412 Monkey Steals the Drum "Injured Birds" Monkey Steals The Drum 1999
413 Princess Kaiulani "Alamoana Fade Away" Princess Kaiulani 1999
414 Brian and Tony Gold "Not Perfect" Morrison/Thompson/Bryan 1999
415 New Order "Brutal" New Order 2000
416 Cinerama "Manhattan" Gedge/Cleave 2000
417 Kid Koala "Music For Morning People" Kid Koala 2000
418 Alfie "Sure & Simple Time" Alfie 2000