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Peene river near Jarmen
Country Germany
State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Source Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
 - location Gnoien
 - elevation 28 m (92 ft)
 - coordinates 53°56′0.4″N 12°41′0.8″E / 53.933444°N 12.683556°E / 53.933444; 12.683556
Mouth Peenestrom
 - location Anklam
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 53°51′46″N 13°48′52″E / 53.86278°N 13.81444°E / 53.86278; 13.81444Coordinates: 53°51′46″N 13°48′52″E / 53.86278°N 13.81444°E / 53.86278; 13.81444
Length 143 km (89 mi)
Basin 5,110 km2 (1,973 sq mi)
 - average 20.6 m3/s (727 cu ft/s)

The Peene (German pronunciation: [ˈpeːnə]) is a river in Germany. The Westpeene, Kleine Peene and Ostpeene flow into the Kummerower See, and from there as Peene proper to Anklam and into the Oder Lagoon.

The Peene Valley is the largest contiguous fen region in Europe.[1] Thanks to its wilderness and intact nature, the river Peene and its valley is often referred to as "the Amazon of the North".[2]

The western branch of the Oder River, which separates the island of Usedom from the German mainland, is often also called Peene, but actually is considered a part of the Baltic Sea called Peenestrom. It is one of three channels connecting the Oder Lagoon with the Bay of Pomerania of the Baltic Sea. (The other channels are the Świna and the Dziwna.)

Major towns at the Peene river are Wolgast, Teterow, Demmin and Anklam.


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