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Peer or peeress may refer to:



  • Peer learning, an educational practice in which students interact with other students to attain educational goals
  • Peer education, an approach to health promotion


  • Peer, one of several functional units in the same layer of a network; See Peer group (computer networking)
    • Peer (networking), a computer system connected to others on a network
    • Peer, a computer network in a voluntary interconnection of administratively separate Internet networks in peering



Given name[edit]

  • Peer Åström (born 1972), Swedish composer, lyricist, musician and record producer
  • Peer Guldbrandsen (1912–1996), Danish screenwriter, actor, film director and producer
  • Peer Hultberg (1935–2007), Danish author and psychoanalyst
  • Peer Joechel (born 1967), German bobsledder
  • Peer Lisdorf (born 1967), Danish footballer and coach
  • Peer Lorenzen (born 1944), Danish jurist and judge and section president of the European Court of Human Rights
  • Peer Mascini (1941–2019), Dutch actor
  • Peer Moberg (born 1971), Norwegian sport sailor
  • Peer Nielsen (born 1942), Danish sprint canoer
  • Peer Qvam (1911–1977), Norwegian architect
  • Peer Raben (1940–2007), German composer born Wilhelm Rabenbauer
  • Peer Smed (1878–1943), Danish-American silversmith and metalworker
  • Peer Steinbrück (born 1947), German politician
  • Peer Stromme (1856–1921), American pastor, teacher, journalist and author


  • Elizabeth Peer (1936–1984), American pioneering woman journalist
  • Ralph Peer (1892–1960), American talent scout, recording engineer, record producer and music publisher

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