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Peer39 by Sizmek

Online Advertising

Semantic Advertising
Founded 2006
Founder Amiad Solomon
Headquarters New York, NY
Herzliya, Israel (R&D Center)
Key people
Neil Nguyen (CEO),
Products Channels, Brand Protection, Knowledge Base
Services Programmatic Data
Parent Sizmek

Peer39 is an online semantic advertising service developed by Sizmek, Inc., an Austin, TX based-company with operations based in New York City, NY and research and development facilities in Israel. Sizmek claims Peer39 improves the relevance of advertising on Internet publisher websites. Sizmek has developed proprietary semantic-advertising technology that provides page level intelligence that matches online ads to content.[1] Sizmek does not use cookies or web beacons in deriving their attributes.[2]

Sizmek uses Peer39 technology to analyze web pages and return attributes that determine what each page is about. They then classify these attributes into three channels: quality, safety and category. These attributes work together to define the meaning of a page.[3] Peer39 can be used to target away from various types of content such as unverified content, unaligned content that doesn’t match the advertiser’s message, and objectionable content which includes web pages that contain negative or mature sentiment.[4] Sizmek claims it provides its attributes to 60 billion ad impressions a day.[5]

In April 2011, Peer39 partnered with MediaMath. Peer39 has begun to integrate real-time capabilities into TerminalOne, MediaMath's demand-side platform (DSP). This allows buyers to buy audience data, and also understand the content on a page when buying and real-time bidding across all sources of available inventory on publisher sites.[6]

Founders and financing[edit]

Peer39, Inc. was founded in early 2006. The company has raised venture financing from Canaan Partners, Evergreen Venture Parters, JPMorgan, Dawntreader Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank.[7] Members of the company’s advisory board include David Rosenblatt, former President of Display Advertising at Google; Gordon Crovitz, a former publisher of the Wall Street Journal and executive vice president of Dow Jones & Company; and Eytan Elbaz, a founding member of Applied Semantics. Peer39 was founded by Amiad Solomon. Prior to founding Peer39, Solomon was a sales and business development executive at IDX (acquired by GE). Andy Ellenthal, a former CEO of quadrantONE, joined Peer39 as CEO in April 2010.[8] Peer39 was acquired by DG (company) for $15.5 million in April 2012 with its operations and R&D merged into DG's MediaMind business.[9] DG later spun out MediaMind and Peer39 into Sizmek in February 2014.


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