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Peer Augustinski (25 June 1940 – 3 October 2014) was a German actor and voice actor from Berlin. He was best known as a cast member of Klimbim (de) (English: Odds and Ends), one of the first successful comedy shows in Germany, and as the official German dub-over artist of Robin Williams. With the exception of The Peddler in Aladdin, Augustinski dubbed all of Williams' film and television roles from late 1986 (starting with Seize the Day) to 2004.[citation needed]

He suffered a debilitating stroke in 2005 which prevented him from working as actively as before, but he was eventually able to dub Williams in a few more projects, the last being Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian in 2009. Augustinski died less than two months after Williams, on 3 October 2014, aged 74, after complications from epilepsy.[1][2][3]

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