Peer Jamaat Ali Shah

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Haji Hafiz Pir Syed Jamaat Ali Shah
Religion Islam, specifically the Naqshbandi Sufi order
Born Alipur Sharif Sialkot, British India (Present Day Pakistan)
Senior posting
Based in Alipur Syedan Sharif
Title Ameer-e-Millat
Tomb of peer Jamaat

Ameer e Millat Al Haj Hafiz Pir Syed Jamaat Ali Shah Sahib Muhaddith Alipuri ( 1834–1951) born in Alipur Sharif Dist, Sialkot, Pakistan was a Naqshbandi Sufi Saint and mass leader of traditional Barelvi Muslims of south Asia. He was President of Sunni Barelvi organisation All India Sunni Conference and was main leader in Shaheed Ganj Mosque. Through his standing among the Sunni Sufi followers he gave his open support to Pakistan Movement and therefore one of the prime religious leader of Pakistan Movement[1][2]

A book "Seerat e Ameer e Millat" is written to enlighten Biography.


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