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Peery Foundation
FounderRichard Peery[1]
Typeprivate foundation
Area served
Bay Area (primarily) and global
Key people
  • Dave Peery (Managing Director)

The Peery Foundation is a private foundation based in Palo Alto (near San Francisco), California, US, that focuses on high impact philanthropy. According to its website, it "primarily invests in early to mid-stage social entrepreneurs who are effectively addressing the issues of poverty."[2] It funds local organizations in the Bay Area as well as organizations working to combat poverty and its ill-effects worldwide.


Criteria for funding organizations[edit]

The Peery Foundation has four portfolios of grantees: Local, Regional, Global, and Ecosystems. According to their website, they use different criteria for grantees in each portfolio. There are three broad aspects to the criteria used in all portfolios: people (the people running the organization being funded), idea (the relative importance of the idea, and whether the organization can pull it off), and impact (how many people will be impacted by the idea).[2]

Organizations funded by Peery Foundation[edit]

Here are some of the organizations in the Peery Foundation portfolios:[3]

Portfolio Organizations
Local East Palo Alto Charter School, Ravenswood Education Foundation, East Palo Alto Youth Court and others
Regional Build, Family Independence Initiative, Downtown Streets Team and others
Global Living Goods, One Acre Fund, Samasource, Vittana, and others
Ecosystems Brigham Young University,[4] Acumen Fund, New Profit, and others
Social investments E Health Point, Lumni, and SMV Wheels


Charity evaluator GiveWell described the Peery Foundation as an "impact-focused" grantmaker (alongside the Gates Foundation, Skoll Foundation, Children's Investment Fund Foundation, Jasmine Social Investments, and Mulago Foundation). GiveWell stated in 2011 that it would consider the list of Peery Foundation grantees as part of its list of charities to review to see if they qualified for GiveWell's highest ratings.[5]

Peery Foundation has also received mentions on a number of blogs/news websites such as the Huffington Post,[6] the Social Capital Markets blog,[7] and the Modern Giving blog.[8]

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