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Peeter Vähi in 2013

Peeter Vähi (born 18 May 1955, Tartu) is a classical Estonian composer. Vähi's work Relaxatio, written in 1992 and inspired by Asian intonal elements of Tibetan canticles, is considered a noted electronic work of psychotherapeutic music.[1]


  • MARIA MAGDALENA (Super Audio CD), Work: Mary Magdalene Gospel, Performed by: Peeter Volkonski, Sevara Nazarkhan, Priit Volmer, Mixed Choir Latvija, Riga Dom Cathedral Boys Choir, Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, Risto Joost, 2012 Estonian Records Productions ERP 5412
  • IN THE MYSTICAL LAND OF KAYDARA (DVD), Work: In the Mystical Land of Kaydara, an African initiation rite, Performed by: Tanel Padar, Mati Turi, Rauno Elp, Priit Volmer, Girls' Choir Ellerhein, Estonian National Male Choir, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Mihhail Gerts, video director Jüri Tallinn, 2017 Estonian Records Productions / SSI ERP 8816
  • A CHANT OF BAMBOO (Vinyl LP), Works: A Chant Of Bamboo, The White Concerto, Forty-two, Mystical Uniting, Performed by: Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, Slava Grigoryan, Neeme Punder, Nils Rõõmussaar, Andres Uibo, Risto Joost. Live in Estonia Concert Hall, March 16, 2006, 2006 ERP 1006
  • CHRYSANTHEMUM GARDEN (non-physical release), Works: Chrysanthemum Garden Chant, Green Tārā, Performed by: Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus, Matsubara Chifuru (Japan), Fujisaki Shigeyasu (shinobue-flute, Japan), Girl’s Choir Ellerhein, Tiia-Ester Loitme, Sevara Nazarkhan (vocal, Uzbekistan), musicians of Estonian National Opera, 2007 CCn’C Records (Germany)
  • TO HIS HIGHNESS SALVADOR D (CD), Works: To His Highness Salvador D, Mystical Uniting, Digital Love, Concerto Piccolo, Four Engravings of Reval, Performed by: Hortus Musicus, Camerata Tallinn, 1997 Antes Edition Classics BM CD 31.9086
  • SUPREME SILENCE (CD), Work: Supreme Silence, Performed by: Irén Lovász, Estonian National Male Choir RAM, English Handbell Ensemble Arsis, Konchok Lundrup and Kristjan Järvi, 1998 CCn’C
  • THE PATH TO THE HEART OF ASIA (CD), (based on oriental folk music), 1992 Erdenklang 20602
  • 2000 YEARS AFTER THE BIRTH OF CHRIST, Performed by: Kaia Urb, Hortus Musicus, The Bad Orchestra, 1995 Forte FD 0016/2
  • 2000 YEARS AFTER THE BIRTH OF CHRIST (CD), Performed by: Kaia Urb, Hortus Musicus, The Bad Orchestra, 1995 Antes Edition Classics BM-CD 31.9059
  • HANDBELL SYMPHONY (CD), Work: Handbell Symphony, Performed by: English Handbell Ensemble Arsis and Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, 1997 Antes Edition Classics
  • SOUNDS OF THE SILVER MOON (CD), Co-authorship: Abhay Phagre, Krishna Kumar Kapoor, 1996 Forte FD 0038/2
  • MUSIC FOR SYNTHESIZERS (vinyl LP), Works: Reverence, Evening Music, Concerto grosso, Gates, Performed by: Mati Kärmas, Ivo Sillamaa, Andrus Vaht, Peeter Vähi, 1989 Melodiya C60 28297 004
  • TAMULA FIRE COLLAGE (double CD), Works: Saatus / Fate, The Flutish Kingdom, Being and Nothingness in Kostabi’s Atelier, 2000 Years After The Birth Of Christ, Performed and/or co-composed by: Neeme Punder, Siiri Sisask, Kirile Loo, Hortus Musicus

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