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PT Pegadaian
Government-owned corporation
IndustryFinancial Services, Microfinance
Founded1 April 1901 (fiduciary nationalization)
HeadquartersJakarta, Indonesia
Area served
Key people
Sunarso; CEO
ProductsFiduciary service
RevenueIncrease Rp 10.5 trillion (2017)
Increase Rp 2.5 trillion (2017)
Total assetsIncrease Rp 48.7 trillion (2017)
OwnerGovernment of Indonesia
SubsidiariesPT Balai Lelang Artha Gasia

PT Pegadaian (Persero) is an Indonesian government-owned corporation which has a monopoly on fiduciary service in Indonesia.


The first Pegadaian building at Sukabumi

As a state-owned enterprise, Pegadaian has a long history which began in the 18th century when Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC), established Bank Van Leening, a credit institution extending on pawning system. Then the Dutch government issued Staadsblad no. 131 dated 12 March 1901 that principally govern that establishment of pawnshop was monopolized and only government runs such business. In accordance with this law, the first Pegadaian was established in Sukabumi, West Java on 1 April 1901.

In the early days of the government of the Republic of Indonesia, the office was moved to the Pegadaian Karanganyar, Kebumen because of the increasingly heated war. Dutch Military Aggression II forced office of Pegadaian moved again to Magelang. After the war of independence, Perjan Pegadaian back to Jakarta and Pegadaian run by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. In this period, Pegadaian has several times changed status, namely as a Perusahaan Negara (PN) since January 1, 1961, then by Regulation No.7/1969 a Bureau Company (Testament), and then based on Government Regulation. 10/1990 (as amended by Government Regulation No.103/2000) changed again into Perusahaan Umum (Perum). Later in 2011, the status change occurred again from Perum to the PT as set out in Government Regulation (PP) No.51/2011 which was signed on December 13, 2011. However, the change is effective after the base budget is submitted to the authorities on 1 April 2012.


Pegadaian old logo

Until now there are many people who know Pegadaian from its core business, fiduciary. And in addition, the product is actually quite a lot. Here are some of the Pegadaian's services.



KCA is based on the law of mortgage credit services with a loan ranging from 20.000 Indonesian rupiah to 200.000.000 IDR. Security its-kind move, both jewelry gold and diamond, electronics, vehicle or other household appliance. The maximum loan term of 4 months or 120 days and returns made to pay the loan and capital leases.


This product is aimed at micro and small business loans as an alternative to collateral reg (fiduciary) and loan repayment through installments.


Krasida is lending to the micro-small entrepreneur on the basis of the return of mortgage loans through installments.


Krista is the provision of loans to micro households in need of funds in the form of working capital loans through the loan repayment installments.


Kremada is provision of loans to the low-income groups to build or repair housing with return in installments. Cooperate with the Ministry of Housing.


Kucica is money remittance service, and cooperate with Western Union.



Rahn is a product fiduciary services are based on the principles of Sharia with reference to the modern administrative system.


Arrum is a product of the construction guarantee micro-fiduciary for small businesses with Islamic principles.


Mulia is gold selling by Pegadaian to the public who are interested to invest in gold for cash and installment. Gold has been purchased from Mulia can be sold back at the Noble Exchange at a later date if the needed money in a short time.


The company slogan of Pegadaian is Mengatasi Masalah Tanpa Masalah (English: Overcoming Problems Without Problems).

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