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The Carrangers: (from left to right) Blue Racer, Pink Racer, Red Racer, Yellow Racer, and Green Racer.

The Pegasus Automobile Company (自動車会社ペガサス, Jidōsha Kaisha Pegasasu) is a fictional establishment were the five protagonists are served as employees in the Super Sentai series, Gekisou Sentai Carranger. They use Kurumagic Power (クルマジックパワー, Kurumajikku Pawā) to fight the Space Bosozoku Bowzock.


The Carrangers consist of five workers employed at the Pegasus Auto Garage. Advertisements for the series show that the first kana in the Carangers' names spell "automobile" (「じ・ど・う・し・ゃ」(自動車), "Ji-Do-U-Shi-Ya" (jidōsha)) in Japanese.

Kyosuke Jinnai[edit]

Kyosuke Jinnai/Red Racer (陣内 恭介/レッドレーサー, Jinnai Kyōsuke/Reddo Rēsā) is 23 years old. He is a test driver at the Pegasus Auto Garage, normally only assigned to do errands and aberrant jobs. Kyosuke was pristinely a selfish jerk, callous enough to abandon his team because he wanted to drive his authoritative figure's classic car. Soon, though, Kyosuke realized that he had a responsibility as the Carranger's bellwether and became very conscientious, albeit the role of bellwether sometimes gets to him and he is inundated by the stress of being responsible for the team. He fell in love with Zonnette, albeit at first she only loves his Red Racer alter ego, and is eventually able to confess his love to her. He is a very stouthearted, heroic man who was disposed to jeopardize his life to fight as Kyousuke and not Red Racer to prove his love for Zonnette.

  • Special attack: Driving Attack (ドライビングアタック, Doraibingu Atakku), Perfect Blow, Driving Slash

Kyosuke Jinnai is portrayed by Yūji Kishi.

Naoki Domon[edit]

Naoki Domon/Blue Racer (土門 直樹/ブルーレーサー, Domon Naoki/Burū Rēsā) is 17 years old (though he turns 18 during the series - he had his day of inception party early on in the series, but his partners unknowingly missed the date by a month) and very polite and shy. He works as a car designer at Pegasus Garage, and his aptitude had led him to be sought by car manufacturers before. Naoki is an animal lover.

  • Special attacks: Hairpin Kick (ヘアピンキック, Heapin Kikku), Hyper Hairpin Kick (ハイパーヘアピンキック, Haipā Heapin Kikku), Passing Flash (パッシングフラッシュ, Passhingu Furasshu), Extreme Car Wash

Naoki Domon is portrayed by Yoshihiro Masujima.

Minoru Uesugi[edit]

Minoru Uesugi/Green Racer (上杉 実/グリーンレーサー, Uesugi Minoru/Gurīn Rēsā) is the oldest of the team, 24 years old, and a bungling salesman at Pegasus. He once loses the bracelet portion of the Accel Changer (and thus the Green Racer powers) while practicing victory poses after a fight in episode 8. Minoru verbalizes with Osaka-ben and is a fan of the Hanshin Tigers.

  • Special attack: Pit-In Dive, Green Racer Naniwa Kick

Minoru Uesugi is portrayed by Yoshihiro Fukuda.

Natsumi Shinohara[edit]

Natsumi Shinohara/Yellow Racer (志乃原 菜摘/イエローレーサー, Shinohara Natsumi/Ierō Rēsā) is 19 years old. A genius mechanic at Pegasus Garage, Natsumi is able to fine-tune any machine in minutes. She utilizes a legendary wrench given to her by the owner of a garage she visited as a child, but later learns she can still fine-tune anything without the wrench. Her initial opposition to Kyosuke's relationship with Zonnette makes her one of two female warriors to oppose the red warrior.

  • Special attacks: Checker Chop, Violent Dash Mechanic Dismantling

Natsumi Shinohara is portrayed by Yuka Motohashi.

Youko Yagami[edit]

Youko Yagami/Pink Racer (八神 洋子/ピンクレーサー, Yagami Yōko/Pinku Rēsā) is 19 years old. She is the secretary at Pegasus Garage, calculating the expenses and payroll. Youko is very self-conscious about her weight because she loves to eat sweets, and frequently consults magazine fortune-telling articles to prognosticate her future. She dreams of becoming an idol someday and espousing an affluent husband, and has a terrible sense of direction.

  • Special attacks: Wheel Spin Kick (ホイルスピンキック, Hoiru Supin Kikku), Wheel Spin Shield (ホイルスピンシールド, Hoiru Supin Shīrudo), Pink Flying Attack (ピンクフライングアタック, Pinku Furaingu Atakku), Pink Giant Swing (ピンクジャイアントスウィング, Pinku Jaianto Suwingu), Pink Bomb Punch (ピンク爆弾パンチ, Pinku Bakudan Panchi), Bi Blade Returning Wiper (バイブレードおかえしワイパー, Bai Burēdo Okaeshi Waipā)

Youko Yagami is portrayed by Atsuko Kurusu.


Polician Intergalactic Robotic Police Officer Signalman (シグナルマン, Shigunaruman, 12–17, 20–28, 35–38, 42–44, 46–48) is a robotic being who was assigned to Earth, and something of a Sixth Ranger figure. He emanates from the Police Planet, where he left behind his wife Sigue, and son Sigtarou. To Gynamo, Signalman was space's number one worst person. He can sometimes be more of an obstruction than a help to the Carrangers, because of his excruciating training in the rules of traffic.

Signalman briefly left Earth and returned to his homeworld to spend time with his family only to find that it was polluted by five-colored exhaust engendered by Exhaus to warp Signalman's mind. Apostatized that the Carrangers were behind it, he went back to Earth to perform police brutality on them, and remotely became the new bellwether of the Bowzock. Fortunately, the Carrangers managed to restore their friend to normal by chicaning him into imbibing natural mineral dihydrogen monoxide.

Signalman kenned of the Carrangers true identities until episode 46 through Ichitarou.

Signalman can conventionally be optically discerned operating from the Kobaan Base (コバーンベース, Kōban Bēsu, Police box Base), a diminutively minuscule Police booth, which can be proximately everywhere in Japan (except places where people might actually pass it...).

Before entering battle, he verbalizes, "Upholding the traffic rules of justice! My name is...Signalman!" In the finale, Signalman returns to be with his family. He returns in the 199 hero team up.

  • Special attacks: Signal Kick, Signal Slash

Signalman is voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka.



  • Hazardian Dappu (ダップ, Dappu): One of the few survivors of planet Hazard, which was destroyed by the Bowzock after they ransacked it for its treasures, he took his mother's pendant as her final wish to find the Carrangers. Stalling away on the Barbariban, Dappu arrives at Earth to find the Carrangers-to-be. But when they refused to fight for frivolous reasons, Dappu fights Zelmonda himself and fakes being killed to give the gang incentive to fight. He is the keeper of the 'Carmagic' (a pun on Car" and Magic), thus the Carrangers' power is dependent on their friendship with him. Through about episode 18, he wore a cloak, until the events of that episode forced him into Earth-style clothes.

Dappu is voiced by Mari Maruta.

Tenma Family[edit]

A family involved in the Carrangers' lives. The father is the owner of the Pegasus Garage where the gang works, and his son befriended Signalman.

Souichirou Tenma[edit]

Souichirou Tenma (天馬 総一郎, Tenma Sōichirō, 2-48): Owner of the Pegasus Garage.

Souichirou Tenma is portrayed by Ed Yamaguchi.

Yoshie Tenma[edit]

Yoshie Tenma (天馬 良江, Tenma Yoshie, 3-48): Souichirou's wife.

Ichitarou Tenma[edit]

Ichitarou Tenma (天馬 市太郎, Tenma Ichitarō, 3-48): Souichirou's son, who is close friends with Signalman.


Sigue (シグエ, Shigue, 27, 28, 35, 36, 44 & 48) is Signalman's wife.


Sigtarou (シグタロウ, Shigutarō, 27, 28, 35, 36, 44 & 48) is Signalman's son.

Radietta Fanbelt[edit]

Radietta Fanbelt/White Racer (ラジエッタ・ファンベルト/ホワイトレーサー, Rajietta Fanberuto/Howaito Rēsā, 25, 34, 45 & 48): The younger sister of Zonnette, and a huge Carranger fan. With magic, she dons an outfit modeled after the Carrangers (to the point of having the number six as an identifier) and calls herself "White Racer". Before entering battle, she says "Dreamy traffic safety! Gekisou Shoujo White Racer!". She drives the Radiacar which can become a robot, but for only one minute. First aided Carrangers against the Zokurangers, able to shapeshift. Calls Red Racer "big brother" because of his love for Zonnette. Transforms by saying "Tiramisu, konjac, mille-feuille". Her name comes from the words "radiator" and "fanbelt," both of which are auto parts. She uses Riddle Bombs (謎々爆弾, Nazonazo Bakudan), volleyball-sized explosives that detonate if the enemy who catches it does not know the answer to White Racer's riddles.

Radietta Fanbelt is portrayed by Misaki Sudō.

VRV Master[edit]

Space Lone Wolf VRV Master (宇宙の一匹狼VRVマスター, Uchuu no Ippiki Ōkami Bui Aru Bui Masutā, 29–32, 41, 43, 47 & 48): A being in black armor who appeared suddenly while Dapp was in the hibernation that his race goes into. He gave the Carrangers the VRV Machines after the RV Robo had been stolen by Bowzock. It was later revealed that the VRV Master was Dapp's father. In order to save his son from Exhaus he apparently sacrificed himself so he could return to Earth. Later, however, through a Christmas gift from him, revealed he was alive. He returned to Earth once again to save the Carrangers and Dapp from being killed in a bombing of their work/base. He was addicted to coffee milk, which was the reason why he wasn't in hibernation himself. After the final battle, VRV Master is finally seen out of his suit and travels in Victrailer (out in space) with Dapp.

VRV Master is voiced by Kiyoshi Kobayashi.


The Gorotsukis helping the Bowzock out the best they could. At the finale, they are shown to be part of their own studio.

  • Zoku Blue (ゾクブルー, Zokuburū): A Gorotsuki who fought with Blue Racer. He fought with a butcher's knife hooked with a chain to a sickle and later wielded two guns similar to Blue Racer's weapons.
  • Zoku Green (ゾクグリーン, Zokugurīn): A frog-like Gorotsuki who fought with Green Racer. Originally, he was the bartender of BB Saloon. He first wielded an axe, and later fought with a musket-like cannon.
  • Zoku Yellow (ゾクイエロー, Zokuierō): A bird-headed Gorotsuki who fought with Yellow Racer. He fought with a lance-like weapon, but later with two round knives similar to Yellow Racer's weapons.
  • Zoku Pink (ゾクピンク, Zokupinku): A feline female Gorotsuki who fought with Pink Racer. She fought with a rake originally but later fought with a bow similar to Gorenger's Momorenger. She and Zonnette were the only female regulars in the BB Saloon.


President Gynamo (総長ガイナモ, Sōchō Gainamo) is the leader of the Bowzock who is madly in love with Zonnette, targeting Earth on her whim. Though he makes an idiot of himself in front of his posse during his attempts to woo Zonnette, Gynamo maintained his intimidation of the other Bowzock to maintain his power. Arriving to Earth, Gynamo uses his power to have Earth's vehicles go on a riot until the Carrangers arrive. The next time Gynamo arrived on Earth was when RitchRitchiker used his secret savings for marrying Zonnette to buy off Zelmonda and Grotch, getting work at an arcade's Yakiniku stand. But upon learning of RitchRitchiker's death, Gynamo resumes his position as Bowzock leader. At the end of the series, he re-opened the yakiniku restaurant that he set up while Ritchiker took over the Bowzock.

Gynamo is voiced by Hiroshi Ōtake.


Deputy Leader Zelmoda (副長ゼルモダ, Fukuchō Zerumoda) is Second-in-command of the Bowzock, and Gynamo's friend. Unlike comical other members, he is kind of cold-blooded as he only betrayed Gynamo after being offered a large sum of money by RitchRitchiker. His main weapon is a sword made up of playing cards and he carries an octopus jar, that usually holds Wumpers or cash. Zelmonda suffered astraphobia when he was screwing around during a thunderstorm as a kid, and was hit by lightning. However, he mustered up enough will to overcome his fear so he can move out of Gynamo's shadow. Zelmoda summons Elekinta, who temporarily powered-up his ride. At the end of the series, he and Grotch help work at Gynamo's restaurant while going to elementary school for education.

Zelmoda is voiced by Kyōsei Tsukui.


Inventor Grotch (発明家グラッチ, Hatsumeika Guratchi) is Bowzock's genius inventor, responsible for many of the weapons used by the Bowzock such as the Fattening Spray and Forgetfulness Water-Gun. Forced to flee to Earth for laughing at Guynamo's expense, a starved Grotch holds Ichirou hostage to force Yoshie to buy him lots of food. Among them was Imocho-brand Imoyoukan, causing him to enlarge as he unintentional causes city wide damage. He attempted to take advantage of his new size to kill the Carrangers, as their current arsenal has no effect. Fortunately, the imo-youkan he ate had expired and wore off before either could do harm to the other. He is also saved by Zelmoda before the Carrangers could do him harm. After the incident with MM Mogu, Grotch would usually accompany a Gorotsuki to Earth and purchase Imocho-brand imo-youkan. At the end of the series, he and Zelmoda helped work at Gynamo's restaurant while going to elementary school for education.

Grotch is voiced by Takashi Nagasako.


Beauty Zonnette (美女ゾンネット, Bijo Zonnetto, 1–45) is an obedient member of Bowzock who uses her feminine wiles, and Gynamo's crush on her, for her own selfish pleasures. Zonnette drives a pink convertible called the Zonnecar. Arriving with a bandaged up Wurin in the guise of "Zonko" (in episode 13), she tricks Signalman into thinking the Carrangers are lawbreakers. However, as her plan failed, Zonnette fell madly in love with Red Racer after seeing him in action. However, she loved only Red Racer and not Kyosuke, who unitentionally broke her heart during the GG Goki-chan incident. As time passed she also fell for the man behind the mask. She is Radietta's big sister and the princess of planet Fanbelt.

At the end of the series, she becomes "purified" and resumed her true form, Vanity Mirror Fanbelt (バニティーミラー・ファンベルト, Banitī Mirā Fanberuto, 45, 47–48) by saying "Ravioli, Kishimen, Linguini!", returning to her home planet for an arranged marriage, though she turns them all down since Red Racer is still in her heart. She returned during the finale and talked Gynamo into teaming up with the Carrangers, which they did.

Zonnette is portrayed by Rika Nanase.


Goki-Chan (ゴキちゃん, Goki-chan) was originally an ordinary cockroach that is made large during Grotch's experiments with Imo-youkan, becoming large enough to threaten Zonnette before she could subdue the insect and turned it into her servant and a general background member of the Bowzock. After another experiment where it was enhanced by another of Grotch's machines, Goki-Chan became Bowzock's most powerful dancer GG Goki-Chan (ゴーゴーゴキちゃん, GōGō Goki-chan, 15), able to create earthquakes with his dancing as long as its tape deck continued to play. Zonnette brings Goki-Chan with to Earth in hoping to use it to cause enough chaos to bring Red Racer to her to confess her feelings. In the midst of a battle with both RV Robo and Sirender, its tape ended up getting tangled and warped, making Goki-Chan finally shrink back down into its normal size before being spirited off by Zonnette. Goki-chan is later outfitted with special Carmagic-draining lips to go after the Carrangers as II Goki-Chan (イケイケゴキちゃん, IkeIke Goki-chan, 41 & 43). It was successful at disabling the entire team until Dapp's wish for victory gave a fresh supply of Carmagic to the Carranger, allowing them to drive Goki-Chan back.

  • KK Esu (Ku Ku Esu, 9): Bowzock's best dish washer. He could blast lasers from his oversized eye and create an ear-piercing "squeaky clean" hurricane. In reality, KK Esu is really the Speed King Max (Supido O Makkusu), brainwashed and deformed by a super-soaker created by Grotch. Once he returned to his original self, he died protecting Dapp from Zelmoda.


  • Accel Changer (アクセルチェンジャー, Akuseru Chenjā): The transformation device of the Carrangers. It is a brace that uses an Accel Key (アクセルキー, Akuseru Kī) to activate, like an automobile ignition switch. The transformation call is "Gekisou! Accel Changer" (激走!アクセルチェンジャー, Gekisō! Akuseru Chenjā).
  • Auto Blaster (オートブラスター, Ōto Burasutā): The Carrangers' standard sidearm. When a catch is pulled, it expands out and generates stronger shots, becoming the Auto Punisher (オートパニッシャー, Ōto Panisshā).
  • Viblade (バイブレード, Baiburēdo): A sword that all the Carrangers possess. The handle on the hilt can be pulled, giving the sword additional power through rapid vibration.
  • Speeder Machines (スピーダーマシン, Supīdā Mashin): Go-karts that serve as transportation for the Carrangers before the Legendary Cars arrived. They are docked inside the Ranger Vehicles, to serve as cockpits.
    • Red Speeder 1 (レッドスピーダー1, Reddo Supīdā 1): Red Racer's Speeder Machine. Was equipped with the Speeder Gun (スピーダーガン, Supīdā Gan).
    • Blue Speeder 2 (ブルーススピーダー2, Burū Supīdā 2): Blue Racer's Speeder Machine. Was not equipped with a weapon, but was the fastest of the Speeder Machines.
    • Green Speeder 3 (グリーンスピーダー3, Gurīn Supīdā 3): Green Racer's Speeder Machine. Was equipped with the Speeder Missile (スピーダーミサイル, Supīdā Misairu).
    • Yellow Speeder 4 (イエロースピーダー4, Ierō Supīdā 4): Yellow Racer's Speeder Machine. Was equipped with two sawblades called the Speeder Cutters (スピーダーカッター, Supīdā Kattā).
    • Pink Speeder 5 (ピンクスピーダー5, Pinku Supīdā 5): Pink Racer's Speeder Machine. Was equipped with the Speeder Radar (スピーダーレーダー, Supīdā Rēdā).
  • Fender Sword (フェンダーソード, Fendā Sōdo): Red Racer's Formula Weapon.
  • Muffler Guns (マフラーガン, Mafurā Gan): Blue Racer's Formula Weapon.
  • Engine Cannon (エンジンキャノン, Enjin Kyanon): Green Racer's Formula Weapon.
  • Side Knuckles (サイドナックル, Saido Nakkuru): Yellow Racer's Formula Weapon.
  • Bumper Bow (バンパーボゥ, Banpā Bō): Pink Racer's Formula Weapon.
  • Giga Formula (ギガフォーミュラー, Giga Fōmyurā): Made from their individual weapons, it initially appears as a car, and can transform into the Formula Nova (フォーミュラーノバ, Fōmyurā Noba), the team's finishing cannon.
  • Signizer (シグナイザー, Shigunaizā): Signalman's badge, has three modes, a recording device, Police Baton Mode (ポリスバトンモード, Porisu Baton Mōdo) that doubles as a taser, and Gun Mode (ガンモード, Gan Mōdo), in which form he uses the Smash Beam (shoots a yellow beam at enemies in the knees to incapacitate them without using lethal force), or Heat Beam (shoots a red beam at the enemy).
  • Signal Whistle (シグナルホイッスル, Shigunaru Hoissuru): Signalman can use this whistle for 3 things; 1 - to stop civilians (or Carrangers) to stop going any farther; 2 - to call on the PoliSpeeder; 3 - to also call on Sirender.
  • Polispeeder (ポリスピーダー, Porisupīdā): Signalman's personal police bike. It can travel through outer space, and has some degree of intelligence.
  • Wild Cars (野生の車, Yasei no Kuruma): Two vehicles that once roamed the galaxy with no one able to tame them. However, the act of nearly running down Orihime and Kengyuu in midst of their yearly reunion resulted with the cars sealed within an asteroid by God. Freed by WW Waritcho as part of Ritchihiker's plan to use them against the Carrangers, the cars end up becoming the Sentai team's new means of transportation.
    • Pegasus Thunder (ペガサスサンダー, Pegasasu Sandā): A red fourth generation Chevrolet Camaro that originally was wild before Kyosuke manages to tame it and win its respect. Able to fly, Pegasus Thunder can use its Pegasus Laser (ペガサスレーザー, Pegasasu Rēzā) for its Pegasus Final Burning (ペガサスファイナルバーニング, Pegasasu Fainaru Bāningu) attack.
    • Dragon Cruiser (ドラゴンクルーザー, Doragon Kurūzā): A blue Jeep Wrangler that originally was wild before Naoki attempt to protect it from being tortured by the Bowzock wins its respect. Armed with the Dragon Claw (ドラゴンクロー, Doragon Kurō) winch, the Dragon Cruiser also has a mount for the Giga Booster.
  • Car Navick (カーナビック, Kā Nabikku): Used to find something. Can transform into a gun, Navick Shot (ナビックショット, Nabikku Shotto), which fires homing blasts.
  • Navick Blaster (ナビックブラスター, Nabikku Burastā): A combination of the Auto Punisher and Navick Shot. Its shots seek out their target, and are three times more powerful than the Auto Punisher.
  • Radiacar (ラジエッカー, Rajiekkaa): Radiatta Fanbelt/White Racer's buggy-like cat-motif vehicle. After returning to Earth a second time it had the ability to change into RadiaCar Robo (ラジエッカーロボ, Rajiekkā Robo). Its head somewhat resembles Hello Kitty, and various parts of the robot retain a car-like motif, with the dashboard and steering wheel displayed on the waist, while wheels axle details are visible on the limbs. At first it could only transform into human size then later grow into a larger form (similar to the transformation sequence of Ultraman). The Radiacar Robo can only retain this form for one minute.
  • Giga Booster (ギガブースター, Giga Būsutā): The Carrangers' auxiliary weapon. It initially appears as a car, and can transform into a cannon, Booster Cannon (ブースターキャノン, Būsutā Kyanon), or a jet, Booster Jet (ブースタージェット, Būsutā Jetto). It can be attached to the Dragon Cruiser.


Some of the mecha in the series were created by Dappu, while some were brought to Earth by Signalman and VRV Master.

Ranger Vehicles[edit]

Ranger Vehicles (レンジャービークル, Renjā Bīkuru): Car-like mecha created by Dappu when he infused his Carmagic power into the Carranger's dream cars. They are normally stored at Pegasus Garage until the command "Ranger Vehicles!" is given.

  • Red Vehicle (レッドビークル, Reddo Bīkuru): Piloted by Red Racer, a sports car.
  • Blue Vehicle (ブルービークル, Burū Bīkuru): Piloted by Blue Racer, a pickup. Its attack is Regulus Beam.
  • Green Vehicle (グリーンビークル, Gurīn Bīkuru): Piloted by Green Racer, a Minivan.
  • Yellow Vehicle (イエロービークル, Ierō Bīkuru): Piloted by Yellow Racer, an SUV.
  • Pink Vehicle (ピンクビークル, Pinku Bīkuru): Piloted by Pink Racer, a Compact car.

RV Robo[edit]

The Ranger Vehicles link up to form Gekisou Fusion RV Robo (激走合体RVロボ, Gekisō Gattai Aru Bui Robo), who uses the RV Sword (RVソード, Aru Bui Sōdo) as its primary weapon in its RV Sword Gekisou Cut (激走斬り, Aru Bui Sodo Gekisō Giri), where the robot "spins" while dashing towards the enemy, slashing though it repeatedly and destroying it, posing as it explodes in the background (making it the first Sentai Robo Sword Attack that does not involve an aura of energy). Red Vehicle forms the head and chest; Blue Vehicle forms the body and upper legs; Green Vehicle forms the lower right leg; Yellow Vehicle forms the lower left leg, and Pink Vehicle forms the arms. First change from a sort of tank mode into Battle Mode by the command "Battle Mode, change up!". Also able to use the tire-shaped Radial Shield (ラジアルシールド, Rajiaru Shīrudo) and Plagnade Spark (プラグネードスパーク, Puragunēdo Supāku) energy blast from headlights on the chest. Other attacks include Yellow Vehicle Kick, Yellow Vehicle Spin Kick (イエロービークル回転キック, Ierō Bīkuru Kaiten Kikku), Pink Vehicle Punch (ピンクビークルパンチ, Pinku Bīkuru Panchi), and RV Naniwa Kick. Limbs are interchangeable with VRV Robo in order to become the Scramble Intersection Robo.

It was stolen by the Bowzock when Ritchhicker defeated and captured it with Braking during Dappu's hibernation. This leaves the Carrangers without the means of countering Braking until VRV Master provides them with the VRV Machines. After VRV Robo defeated Braking, the RV Robo was outfitted with a special giant battery allowing the Bowzock to gain control of it. As the battery would explode if it attacked too much, the Carrangers could not fight back with VRV Robo. Once Red Racer heads to the RV Robo and removes the battery, the Carranger are able to reclaim their mecha. RV Robo was badly damaged in the finale, but when the heroes had their party, RV Robo was shown repaired along with VRV Robo.

It also appeared again for Megaranger vs. Carranger, and its power helped to power up GaoKing in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.


Sirender (サイレンダー, Sairendā): Signalman's personal police cruiser that transforms into a law-enforcement robot when Signalman says "Stand up! Sirender!" (スタンドアップ! サイレンダー, Sutando Appu! Sairendā). Comes (amidst regular-sized police cars) when Signalman uses the Signal Whistle. In its robot mode it is armed with the Siren Vulcan (サイレンバルカン, Sairen Barukan), a powerful laser gun, the Wappagun (ワッパガン, Wappagan), a handcuff that shoots off on a chain, Siren Daggers (サイレンダガー, Sairen Dagā), blades that extends from the wrists, and Siren Shield (サイレンシールド, Sairen Shīrudo), a riot squad shield. Another weapon is the Signal Flash (シグナルフラッシュ, Shigunaru Furasshu) energy blast, an attack similar to the RV Robo's Plagnade Spark attack, can be used in either vehicle or robo mode. The front end becomes the lower legs (with the windshield as the feet), the rear end becomes the forearms (with the back wheels in front of the lower arms), and the back window becomes the upper back which reveals the head. Though it is not destroyed, Sirender can also be seen in the heroes party at the finale.


Victrailer (ビクトレーラー, Bikutorērā): A three-trailer vehicle transport that holds the VRV Machines (some sources say that it can alternatively carry the Ranger Vehicles) until the command "Victrailer Go!" is given. After releasing them, Victrailer "stack-transforms" into a giant robot (The tractor forms the top, the first trailer becomes the middle section, and the second trailer forms the arms and the bottom section), Victrailer Battle Mode (ビクトレーラーバトルモード, Bikutorērā Batoru Mōdo), who serves to provide its arms for VRV Robo to use as weapons in its finisher. They are called the V Bazooka (Vバズーカ, Bui Bazūka) and the V Vulcan (Vバルカン, Bui Barukan). Despite having an appearance similar to the "base-robos" of old, and clearly having the weaponry to hold such a position, it never directly enters combat. Victrailer is stored in VRV Master's headquarters underneath Tokyo Dome when not in use. In the finale, Victrailer is seen flying in space, with VRV Master (out of his suit) and Dappu riding inside.

Victory Ranger Vehicles[edit]

Victory Ranger Vehicles (ビクトリーレンジャービークル, Bikutorī Renjā Bīkuru): New vehicles provided by VRV Master when the RV Robo was abducted by Bowzock during Dapp's hibernation. They normally stay in Victrailer until they are needed. They are initially vehicles, the VRV Machines (VRVマシン, Bui Aru Bui Mashin) can turn into individual robots, called VRV Fighters (VRVファイター, Bui Aru Bui Faitā), by the command "Fighter Change!".

  • V-Fire (Vファイヤー, Bui Faiyā): Piloted by Red Racer. Fires high-pressure water from its nozzle. After being damaged in the finale, VRV Robo was shown repaired in the party. It appeared in Gaoranger vs Super Sentai. V-Fire's front end forms Fire Fighter (ファイヤーファイター, Faiyā Faitā)'s chest, revealing the head, and the rear end forms the legs, revealing the arms. Stored in Victrailer's tractor. V-Fire appeared in Gaoranger vs Super Sentai.
  • V-Police (Vポリス, Bui Porisu): Piloted by Blue Racer. Fires a supersonic beam called Police Siren Sonic (ポリスサイレンソニック, Porisu Sairen Sonikku) and does the Police Fighter Kick (Porisu Faita Kikku). V-Police's front end becomes Police Fighter (ポリスファイター, Porisu Faitā)'s chest, revealing the head. The front wheel areas form the arms, and the rear end forms the legs. Stored in Victrailer's second trailer, to V-Dozer's right.
  • V-Dump (Vダンプ, Bui Danpu): Piloted by Green Racer. The bucket carries large iron balls, which are dumped in front off enemies to make them slip and fall. V-Dump's cabin end forms Dump Fighter (ダンプファイター, Danpu Faitā)'s back, the bucket forms the feet, and the front wheel forms the arms. Stored in Victrailer's first trailer, to V-Rescue's left.
  • V-Dozer (Vドーザー, Bui Dōzā): Piloted by Yellow Racer. The spoilers on the back can change into a bulldozer bucket. V-Dozer's front end forms Dozer Fighter (ドーザーファイター, Dōzā Faitā)'s chest, the front wheel areas become the arms, and the rear end becomes the legs with the Dozer buckets as the feet, and the cockpit turns sideways. Stored in Victrailer's second trailer, to V-Police's left.
  • V-Rescue (Vレスキュー, Bui Resukyū): Piloted by Pink Racer. Fires a giant hypodermic needle. V-Rescue's front wheel areas form Rescue Fighter (レスキューファイター, Resukyū Faitā)'s arms, the rear end forms the legs, and the entire vehicle slits to reveal the head. Stored in Victrailer's first trailer, to V-Dump's right.

VRV Robo[edit]

Certain Victory Fusion VRV Robo (必勝合体VRVロボ, Hisshō Gattai Bui Aru Bui Robo) is the combination of the five Victory Ranger Vehicles. Fire Fighter forms the chest and head; Police Fighter forms the torso and upper legs; Dump Fighter forms the lower right leg; Dozer Fighter forms the lower left leg; Rescue Fighter forms the arms.

VRV Robo uses Victrailer's arms as its twin cannon weapons to perform the Victory Twister (ビクトリーツイスター, Bikutorī Tsuisutā) finishing attack where it fires both cannons at a monster. Also armed with the rarely used V Guns (Vガン, Bui Gan), small laser guns. Limbs are interchangeable with RV Robo in order to become Scramble Intersection Robo.

VRV and RV Robo also have a combo final attack called the RV Sword Twister Cutter (RVソードツイスターカッター, Aru Bui Sōdo Tsuisutā Kattā), VRV Robo fires the Victory Twister, which is split into three by RV Robo's Violent Dash Cut.

VRV Robo was brutally broken in the finale but when the heroes had a party, it was shown repaired along with RV robo.

Scramble Intersection Robo[edit]

Super Emergency Fusion Scramble Intersection Robo (スーパー緊急合体スクランブル交差ロボ, Sūpā Kinkyū Gattai Sukuranburu Kōsa Robo): The RV and VRV Robos can interchange their limbs. The robot formed with the RV Robo's torso and the VRV Robo's limbs. Can use the RV Sword, and its own version of the Victory Twister finishing attack (with the addition of Blue Vehicle's Plagnade Spark).

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