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Pegasus Networks
IndustryInternet provider
FoundedSeptember 14, 1989; 30 years ago (1989-09-14) in Australia

Pegasus Networks was set up in 1989, and became Australia's first public Internet provider. It acted as a "gateway" to emerging online networks working the fields of environment, labour, peace, women's and the human rights movement. It offered Australia wide access via X25 networks and initially used UUCP dial up connections to USA to exchange mail and newsgroup content .

Pegasus Networks commenced operations in June 1989. Its formal launch on September 14 1989 at Terania Creek was covered by ABC TV's 7.30 Report. The launch video features early use of mobile phones for internet access and solar powered computer facilities.

Pegasus Networks was active in establishing connectivity to countries in South East Asia and Indo-China with partners such as Pactok, Sarawak Access and the Email Centre in the Philippines.

Australian projects included the national sub-networks CouncilNet, ArtsNet and International Education and Resource Network (iEARN).

APC, trading as Community Communications Online (c2o) of Australia, founded in 1997, was founded "to continue support for progressive networking activities in the Australasia region after the closure of Pegasus Networks." [1]

Pegasus Networks was a founding member of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC).