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Pegasus in Flight (1990) is a science fiction novel by Anne McCaffrey set in her "Talents Universe". It is the sequel to a 1973 collection of short stories, To Ride Pegasus, and its 2000 sequel Pegasus in Space completed a trilogy.[1]

Pegasus in Flight continues the story of the Talents, a group of powerful psychics whose abilities have become vital to the Earth's economy. Unfortunately, the same abilities that make them so valued, also make them targets of exploitation; and the world's most ambitious project, the Padrugoi space station, requires the Talents to make great sacrifices for the good of the entire planet.


This novel introduces several characters:

  • Rhyssa Owen: Head of the Parapsychic Center, a powerful telepath who will stop at nothing to protect her people's rights.
  • Boris Roznine: Chief of the LEO (Law Enforcement and Order) organization, a by-the-book cop and skilled telepath as well.
  • Sascha Roznine: Boris' twin, he shares a strong mental link with his brother—but their loyalties sometimes conflict.
  • Tirla: Illegal street-child and expert survivor, Tirla uses her hidden Talent for communication to make herself useful to the criminals who run the Linears—the overcrowded housing projects of the mega-city of Jerhattan.
  • Peter Reidinger: A teenage boy trapped in a paralyzed body, but with the most powerful mental abilities on Earth.
  • Ponsit Prosit: A self-proclaimed "reverend" and con artist who uses religion to stir up the masses for his own gain- and hides a dark secret.
  • Prince Phanibal Shimaz: Traffic engineer and Prince of Malaysia West. Closely involved in the project. An expert in Josephson junctions.
  • Ludmilla Barchenka: Fanatical head of the Padrugoi project, she sees all people—Talent or otherwise—as resources to be used up and cast aside.


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