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Peggy is a character used in ads for the Discover Card. In the ads, Peggy is a bearded man with an Eastern European accent and a moth-eaten sweater. Peggy answers the phone for "USA Prime Credit," for whom he gives evasive or unhelpful customer service. For example, in one advertisement, he is called by a woman who states that it is the third time she's called and that it's time she spoke to a supervisor. Peggy responds by stating "Supervisor is genius. I transfer." He then shouts "Transfer!" and passes the phone (a rotary phone with a long cord) to a co-worker, and it is repeatedly passed until it returns to him. He then states "Hello, my name is..." only for the woman to shout "Peggy!" and then bury her head in frustration.[1] One early commercial implies he is perennially in danger of professional reprimand, which may take the form of physical discipline. He works in an unspecified frozen location, and his call center is a jumble of rubbish, outdated electronics, and stray personal effects.

The character of Peggy was created by the Martin Agency of Richmond, Virginia.[2] He is played by actor Tudor Petrut, who was born in Romania and uses his native accent in portraying the character. On the agency's site, Peggy has given personal acknowledgments to several fans, up to and including voicing one fan's proposal to his girlfriend. The page's owners stopped maintaining the page in April 2013, having discontinued the character.


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